Speedy Nebraska WR picks Iowa State

Omaha (NE) Central High School's Ted Lampkin knew what he wanted a while back but he decided to follow his parents advice before making his final decision.

"I committed to Iowa State last night," said Lampkin. "Iowa State has always been my favorite but my parents wanted me to see all my options. So I checked out some other schools and soon realized that Iowa State was the place for me."

So what did Lampkin like so much about Iowa State?

"The first thing is that they run the spread offense and as a wide receiver that's definitely the type of offense that I want to be a part of in college," said Lampkin. "The next thing would be my relationship with the coaches. I feel like I have a built a really solid relationship with guys like Coach Rhoads and Coach Wells. I also have been to Ames twice and there is just a really nice family atmosphere that made me feel like home."

The 5-foot-7, 160-pound wide receiver who runs a 4.37 forty will also return punts and kicks for Iowa State. He chose Iowa State over Kansas State, Iowa, Nebraska, and Stanford. For Lampkin, the chance to play in the Big 12 is a dream come true.

"It's the conference that I grew up watching every week," he said. "I'm excited that now with only ten teams we will get to play every team in the conference each year."

Teddy is also excited to have his decision over with so that he c an just focus on the future.

"I enjoyed the recruiting process but I'm relieved to have it over with," he said. "Now I can just focus on my senior year and getting better so that I'll be ready when I get to Ames to get to work. I'm also excited to see the Cyclones play this year. My dad and I plan on going to all the home games."

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