Iowa State-Texas A&M Quotebook

Dallas, TX -- Iowa State head coach Larry Eustachy and his players weighed in on Thursday afternoon's 27-point victory over Texas A&M in the opening round of the Big 12 Tournament in Dallas. Here are their comments. The Cyclones advanced to play Kansas in the second round on Friday.

Larry Eustachy:

"I really have an empty feeling. I can't tell you how many times I thought of Pete Taylor during this game and past games. I just wish he was here to experience this. He's been here during the good and bad. I know he was watching."

"I felt we played our toughest mentally for long periods of time. Our team was very determined. It's a good win for us."

"We thought the start would determine the game, all the way from the jump ball. Our practice went into the game. We wanted to get the ball and get them on their heels. When you make some shots, it really helps. I thought we were very determined. The start was the game."

"The team is young and it's new to them. What we have to do is quickly put this game behind us. It was a great win and we'll get probably get some high-fives from fans back at the hotel, but we've got to play probably the best team in the country tomorrow. We've got to contain them. They're a runaway freight train and it can get out of control. They're unbelievably coached and talent. We're anxious for the challenge."

"A couple of things were critical and one of those was rebounding. We had to out rebound them and keep them off the boards. We had to be more determined than them and get all of the loose balls. I thought we did all three of those well."

"It really is amazing when you make baskets how the game goes right. You've got to give those guys credit. They were locked in at the hotel last night and when they were practicing in the gym. They were focused. The problem with this team is when they lose that. We're totally on edge with how we have to play."

"Our defense overall really broke down and fouled way too much. We struggled to guard penetration and that's their strength. But it wasn't for lack of effort, so I was happy with how hard we played."

"We couldn't seem to get it right on the bench how many fouls we had. That's why it took seven timeouts to figure it out."

"We're most happy for our fans, because the last two years we have disappointed them. We have such a great following. It's neat for them."

"This is all about building for the future. We're in the infant stages of rebuilding this program. It was a good step in what we're trying to do."

Tim Barnes:

"I really don't know how long it took me, but I felt comfortable out there as soon as I stepped on the court. It was never a matter of me going out there not being confident, because if you do that you won't play well."

Jake Sullivan:

"It's been two years for me of disappointing losses and going home. We're eating good food here and having a good time. We want to keep it up as soon as possible."

"It's all about team play. When you play that well as a team and everybody contributes, it's tough to be beat. A couple of us got off to quick starts and the rest of the guys finished it off. If you do that your chances of winning are pretty good."

"Fast starts would be nice every day. When you get up by 20 early, your chances of winning are pretty good."

"We had a lot of confidence. I saw a lot of people making a big deal out of being 0-and-8. I know it's not Kansas and Missouri, but we did win two games on the road this year at UNI and Iowa. We have blown a lot of games on the road, so we know we can play well. It's just a matter of playing well as a team and with a lot of energy."

Jackson Vroman:

"It's not quite a road win, it's on a neutral court, but I'll take it. It's closer to a road game, though, than playing at Hilton. We'll definitely take it."

"We really did a good job of checking our man and going to get the ball. Our guards rebounded down really well. A lot of the extra boards we got came from hustling more to the loose balls. They got about nine out of 10 loose balls down the stretch at Texas A&M, so doing that today helped a lot."

Marcus Jefferson:

"We really focused last night and knew this game was big for continuing to play the rest of this season. I don't think anybody's ready to throw the towel in yet."

"I think they went on an 11-0 run on us after that. We knew we had to go out and play defense. We had enough points."

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