Iowa State-Kansas Quotebook

Dallas, TX -- Shortly after Kansas defeated Iowa State in Friday's first Big 12 quarterinal game, players and coaches from both teams addressed the media. Here are their comments.

Roy Williams:

"We were into the game early and made baskets on the offensive end. We had trouble stopping them today as much as I wanted to. They missed some shots, and yet at times defensively we were really good. We got good production out of all five of our starters. This was Jeff Graves' best game since he's been at Kansas. Aaron Miles was really good and so were Keith (Langford) and Nick (Collison)."

"I don't think Kirk Hinrich gets enough credit for what he does on the defensive end of the floor."

"Vroman was tough for us to handle from the get go and Jefferson played very well. On the perimeter we tried to make it difficult for Jake and Tim Barnes to get their shots. Keith, Aaron and Kirk did some nice things defensively and helped us out there."

"All three of those guys, when the shots are going in for them, you have to guard all five of our guys. The times that we've struggled this year is when they haven't made as many shots and then they could gang up on Nick and Kirk. When we had Wayne Simien, they had to play Nick honestly. Since then they haven't played us honestly."

Aaron Miles:

"I think Iowa State was concerned about our other players, because they're such great players. But it gave me a lot of opportunities to drive on my man, because they didn't want to help off their man. I was able to create and get some good shots. My confidence has been up for quite a while."

Larry Eustachy:

"I just thought we met a team that has a chance to win a national championship. I was proud of our guys. For the most part, they tried real hard. They just overpowered us throughout the game."

"We're really into executing and playing the game a certain way. We're into what we call breakdowns. If you miss a block out it would be a breakdown. We had a lot of breakdowns today because of who we were playing. They're a potential national championship team. The poise that those two seniors show is impressive. It was who we were playing that had a lot to do with it."

"I was proud of our team. I didn't think we started very well, but tied them in the second half with scoring. That wasn't what we were trying to do, and wanted to keep the score in the 60s and control the tempo. It just got away from us. At 89 points we had no chance."

"We're not sure of who, where or when, but I think it's going to happen. I think we know that. Some teams look at it like it's a disappointment, but we look at it as a positive and step in the right direction."

"When you talk about Miles and Hinrich, you're talking about Quannas White and Hollis Price. Those pairs are as good as any in the country, defensively. Everybody wants to talk about offense, but Kirk Hinrich is a fantastic defender and Miles is right there with him. Roy does a great job of getting them to put pressure on you."

"Kirk and Nick are very impressive. They play like they've been there 10 years. They play so hard and keep coming at you. Hinrich is really underrated with his speed and ability to defend. He just took our guys out of it, particularly Jake."

Jackson Vroman:

"I knew he was a good player and was an All-American in junior college. We didn't do a very good job of keeping him off the glass. It's more disappointing than surprising."

"We didn't limit their catches very well, which is one of our goals. I didn't do a great job of that myself. But it's also very hard to defend from the backside or double down when they've got shooters out there like Hinrich."

Tim Barnes:

"It's very tough to guard any team when they've got everybody on the same page like they did. They had an inside-outside presence. They fed off the play of Collison inside and just kind of took the game over."

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