CSR talks with Chris Allen

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Michigan State transfer Chris Allen on why he chose Iowa State and what he hopes to accomplish during the next two years.

Cyclone Sports Report: What led to you getting in contact with Iowa State once you had decided to leave Michigan State?

Chris Allen: Well my teammate at Michigan State Korie Lucious is good friends with Diante Garrett from Iowa State and they talked and then I got in contact with the Iowa State coaches. Once I talked with Coach Hoiberg I just felt that him and Iowa State would be the right fit.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why do you feel its the right fit with Coach Hoiberg?

Chris Allen: Just talking with him I could tell he really knows a lot. He's a guy who played in the league for close to ten years and he even told me how he wasn't the tallest or fastest guy but he just knew how to play to stay in the league that long. That's my goal to play in the league and I think he will really help me trying to accomplish that goal.

Cyclone Sports Report: Was staying in the Midwest a factor in your decision?

Chris Allen: No, I actually thought I would end up down south but after talking with Coach Hoiberg I just felt playing at Iowa State would help me the most in the long run.

Cyclone Sports Report: How will you use your playing experience at Michigan State to help the Cyclones even during your transfer season next year?

Chris Allen: I think the key is showing the players my work ethic and just overall showing them what it takes to get to places like the Final Four. I just want to contribute in any way I can. I have gained a lot of confidence going to two Final Fours at Michigan State and I definitely think I can be a true factor at Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: Coach Izzo had very nice things to say about you to Coach Hoiberg. How does that make you feel about your former coach?

Chris Allen: I think it shows my character as a person. We had disagreements at times over the little stuff but nothing major. We might fight each other on the court at times but off the court we got along well and would sit down and eat and talk many times.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you know former Penn State guard and new teammate Chris Babb personally?

Chris Allen: No I don't but it's kind of funny because last year he was guarding me and I was guarding him and now we're teammates at Iowa State. I don't know him but I look forward to playing with him.

Cyclone Sports Report: What kind of role does Coach Hoiberg seeing you playing at Iowa State?

Chris Allen: I think he looks at me as a versatile player that can bring the ball up the court at times and at other times be a guy who can make shots. I think it will be about 50-50 in regards to playing the point guard and shooting guard.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are you looking to improve on over the next year before you play for the Cyclones during the the 2011-12 season?

Chris Allen: I really just want to work on everything. I want to improve my ballhandling and keep developing my body. I also want to make sure I get stronger and quicker over the next season.

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