Hawkeye Insider Thursday Chat Transcript

A complete transcript of Hawkeye Insider's Thursday night chat. Publisher Rob Howe and members discussed a wide array of topics, including injuries, recruiting, Iowa State and much more.

Pretty quiet in here.

now moving computer in front of tv

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Rob and recruits coming in this weekend for football?

meant any

big one is Anthony Zettel, lineman from Michigan on an official

Football, right?

yeah. What about the RB Miller?

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What are your thoughts on Zettel?

I don't think Darrian has set any visits yet. I think Iowa will get one, though.

I think Zettel ends up at Michigan. That said, I like that he's coming here for a visit. And this will be a great atmosphere.

Listening to your new podcast. Holy cow, how long is this???

Do you think Prater starts on Sat? What about Gettis? DJK?

Skip through to the middle, Joe. Marv comes in around that point and then Pat and I are after a Big Ten update. It's long. I think our segment was like a half hour.

I'm not sure Prater will start. I'm a bit skeptical he'll play a lot. Hammy injuries are not to be messed with.

DJK will start.

yeah, I jumped ahead. I like Marv, and will probably go back later.

Gettis has a high ankle. I think we might see him for a series or two. I think Tarp will play quite a bit.

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Marv and Pat have done this the last few years. They asked me to join up this year and I think it's a good deal...all I have to do is talk. ;-)

Were you suprised at how many true freshman played? I was thinking they would play a freshman D-lineman.

I like hearing you on these shows, but then I usually am in complete agreement. :-)

Joe. You've been by my side since the switch. I know we're good. Been almost a year since I took over. Crazy.

We should have a party! An H.I. tailgate!!!

I was surprised about how many played, South. I think Lowery playing might be an indication of Prater's health. I also thought we'd see Carl Davis.

Are they still allowing tailgating at Kinnick?

naw, gotta go across the street.

I think there are some true freshmen that might have played if the depth of their respective positions wasn't what it was.

Martin-Manley is one of those under the radar guys. I think he's got a big future.

Tanner Miller also would fall into the category.

Although he played

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c'mon Brett. Time to march down the field

I'm watching Auburn. LOL

who is Auburn playing? i have 4 tvs in my basement. i'll put that game on one of them

1,0Was anyone else disappointed we didn't see more of Keenan Davis?

Miss State

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I was. I'm expecting big things from Keenan

I'd like to see more Keenan, but he's got to get past some established guys

i think we will, but we just didn't go downfield much last week

1,0How many snaps did CJ play?

too bad he didn't redshirt last year. not that he didn't contribute, but he was never the difference between a W and a L

CJ probably played five to eight snaps. He came in after Zach Derby

Herman looked very good.

herman did look good. he's bigger than i thought

I think ISU is going to make us beat them down the field. They're going to jam the box and blanket the Tes

Big week for DJK and McNutt

we gotta have the best TE quality depth in D-1

They're certainly capable

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prater 100 percent?

Sounds like ISU maynot have their #2 CB for this weekend. At least what I saw on CF

I don't think so, Cub

Rob, did you think castillo played well?

8,1Ter'ran Benton is out for ISU

Yeah, talk of Sims playing CB

Albert Young a catch\

has Sims played CB previously?

8,1Sims at DB seems like a desperate move

Not at ISU

could be an adventure

Rob, I predicted Iowa wins 24-20. Is there any way ISU scores 20 points without a special teams TD or a pick 6?

8,1I don't care how good of an athlete he is...just stepping into the CB spot against very talented WR's is desperate to me

He's a talented kid, though. I think he's more if a pain in the ass for us at SS.

I don't see ISu putting 20 up against this defense myself

I don't either, but weird $hit happens when we play the clowns

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I don't think their O scores more than 1 TD on our defense. I got us winning 24-13.

8,1I do think people are under estimating ISU though. I think they'll be able to move the ball as long as Arnaud doesn't turn it over.

Well, hopefully it will be 18 quarters without an Offensive TD for ISU after Saturday

You know their kicker will be adam vinatieri against us.

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Robinson RB from ISU looked good last week. I was suprised to hear they ran for 190 yards last year. I was at the game and did not seem like they ran like that.

I got 21-10

I see it more like 45 - 6

Atta boy, jack

But that could be more of me just hating the Clones

man i hope you're right, jumpin

I think Arnaud gets pressure and makes many mistakes again.

my kid and i know their kicker, home town kid. i like him, but if he misses early, he's in trouble.

I don't think our offense is built to put up 45 without some fluke turnovers. (pick six)

did anybody else think that Ballard looked even more mobile than last year?

Ballard looked GREAT, I thought.

Ballard looked fast

think he liked it at DE? :-)

a very athletic looking 300lb man

I think he's going to be a real good pro.

He told me he likes tackle better, joe

mike daniels is a beast. no doubt our dline takes a big hit after this year, but Binns and Daniels will be solid guys to build around

Ballard is a second rounder at the latest.

looks like he was having fun

Sorry if I missed it, but Rob, what are youu hearing as far as Gettis, Prater and Tarp?

I spoke with Ballard's dad at the Orange Bowl, and he was a big dude. Anyone know if he played anywhere in college back in the day?

I thought Clayborn didn't have a great game until I watched it for a second time. He was a freakin' beast.

Tarp is in the best position health wise. Gettis I think is better, but they won't push his ankle if MacMillan plays well. I think we'll be careful with Prater.

Clayborn didn't light up the stat sheet, but he was a BIG factor in the game.

Gettis was so darn bad against UNI last year. He better be a ton better. He scares the hell out of me

I have a feeling that Jewel will have a monste game adn bust at least one 40+ yard run. The young man is hungry and seems the type that wants to be the starter and will work hard to get it

89, exactly

Jewel looked fast and very quick in the footage from the Big Ten Network at their practice

I think we see a ARob/Jewel 1-2 punch for the rest of the season unless one gets hurt.

Gettis is a bit of a mystery to me as well, I've seen him once, vs UNI and he really struggled.

Anything else on Wegher? Not to beat a dead horse, but just curious

I agree with that. Jewel is the lightning with a bit of thunder, while arob is just hard to bring down and runs hard

Gettis looked like he never played a down of football before against UNI

FWIW, I heard last weekend that Wegher is most likely done with football.

I felt the same way about Gettis until Kirk told us at Kids Day that he made more progress than anybody on the team and he had a chance to be one of the best guards in the Big Ten.

I heard that Wegher changed his last name to White. ;)

89, any reason why? Burnt out or because of what he has going on with his life?

If Wegher plays football again, I don't think it will be here.

Rob, would wegher leave on his own or kirk not want him back?

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maybe gray can transfer to wisconsin since he has the ssame tatoo as bielama

If he comes back, he needs to move to safety

I think Kirk would welcome him back if the kid's heart was in it.

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does he have something against iowa, or does he just need to be closer to home?

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I think he's overwhelmed with his personal life. But I also think that if he was the clear No. 1 back coming into this season, he'd be on the field.

That's opinion. I could be off.


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ARob continues to amaze me. Dude is slippery as hell

What abour Hundermark?

hey ppl

Doesn't have the same burst as Hampton though.


I love to watch ARob play. he never slows down,

I know if I were a 19-20 year old and had that situation I'd have to take some time to thnk of what is best for myself and those involved. I would just hope the later in his life he doesn't have any regrets about this decision.

I think Hundertmark was made he wasn't the starter after Gettis went down.

Is it me, or has the tailgaiting turmoil dominated what should have been a frothy week of Iowa/ISU talk?

ARob and Hampton will be a deadly 1-2 punch

I have a bad feeling we go 1-1 in our next two games

curse you cub!

your crazy cub

Eh... The tailgating deal is just noise tht hte local media loves to run with. I don't think it's that big of a deal. Thn again, I'm not a drunk lol

Cub I agree


I've said a long that Arizona and Michigan are two sleeper games for a possible loss.

of course if i was a cubs fan id think negativly too

Well, I have a good feeling that we'll go 11-0 in our next 11 games. ;)


1,0Stanzi has always played fairly well on the road. I think it will be a great game in Arizona.

Denard Robinson will be on crutches after the MSU game. We won't face him.

Rob, I'm going to watch Nebraska commit Bubba Starlin tomorrow night. He plays for Gardner-Edgerton here south of KC, and he's damn good. I doubt he ever plays football for Nebraska. He throws 98, and should be a first round draft pick in baseball

I'm hoping the WR's get the ball more this weekend.

agreed 89

I felt like Keenan got a lot of PT, but didn't get many looks. I really think he can be a weapon this year.

McNutt and DJK too

is it true arnoud hurt his foot?

No, that was false

figured that

i still think they were waiting to see how the OL did

It is true he coughs up the ball.

Sorry. Tuckin in the kids.

to sash yes

thats true

I put my 18 month old down at 7:30 so I wouldn't miss the chat.

8,1I agree, I don't think we were going to open up teh entire playbook vs EIU.

or the game tonight\

lol cub

you da man, Cub

Actually , wife put him down but she knew I wouldn't win any "father of the year" awards after 7:30 tonight

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That's what the childrens cough syrup is for, right cub?

Hello folks. How everyone

i just had to let my kids in the back yard to go potty. ;-)\

I still haven't seen Keenan hit anyone yet...anyone else seen him? Am I the only one that thinks he's afraid of contact?

any good information on recruits?

jumpin, you're damn right. Our boy has slept from 8-8 since we was 7 weeks old. We got lucky

Anyone else think Clayborn is going to have a big game this weekend? Maybe not on the stat sheet, but he'll be in thebackfield a lot. Just seems like he has an edge to him about this game.

Clayborn will be a beast

I think Iowa's D-line will be the story of this game

Hey, Dr. Lou is on ESPN

in a good way, right rob?

Still pissed at that Hi-lo on AC in the EIU game.

KC, Keenan is a WR…\

Does our new stud QB recruit (ruduck i think his name is?) play in the DFW area? I may have to try to catch one of his games here this year.

Rob, I can't understand a word lou is saying,. the screen is covered in his spit

Dr.Lou needs to retire.

Yeah but watch him block. He's the lead blocker for DJK and he always pulls up short

AY with a carry for the Vikes

AY getting some work!

D-line is motivated by average game against ISU last year.

Uggh.... Dr. Lou.

i think you're right rob

cj blocked pretty well sat

another catch by AY...2 yard loss

I've never really looked for it so I couldn't tell ya...but I thought KF commented on his improved blocking this spring.

Rudock plays in South Florida, Jack.

AY is going to take over for Chester this year. He will get some playing time

I'm ready for Dr. Lou to let us hear all about ND this year...

St. Thomas Aquinas

Doh... I heard somewhere that he played here, must have been a national game over here then

My sense is that Holtz begins his prep when he gets in the cab from the hotel to the studio vikes draft gerhardt to be #2 RB but AY completely outplayed him. AY with 3rd catch

AY with another catch and facemask on him is called

jack, yes.

I think Michigan wins in South Bend this week.

Denard is scary fast

Michigan wins 8 games this year, IMHO

8 wins will save Rich Rods coaching career at Michigan

8,1I really like Brian Kelly...not gonna lie

if Mich can beat ND, I can see the 8, but otherwise I doubt it.

i hate brian kelly, and everyone else associated with ND

Happy as heck for Albert. Injuries really hurt his career here. He was awesome in '05 though

he was 1st team big ten his Soph year, right?

I hate ND too

wayzata, I think tht Lou starts his prep when they wake him up at the desk and he says "WHHHAAT? NOTRE DAMEEETHHHH"

Nah, he didn't get it. He should have though.

you sure?

AP is running like a man possessed

Yeah, he was second team by coaches.

OK, thanks.

And he led the conference in rushing

Alberts senior year sucked...(team wise) That Western Michigan game was horrible...I'll never forget walking out of the stadium that day

AP still not tucking the ball away any better

lucas80 Quit (Web Browser closed)

Not surprisde by AP running tonight. His last game was one to forget.

8,1Didn't the Vikes draft the kid from Stanford (can't remember his name)

I'll never forget waling out of The Other Place here in KC after that crappy showing against W. Mighigan. We got manhandled. Thank god Jake transferred


in the 2nd round

Did he make the roster?

Yes he did


I remember the look on the face of the bowl rep from the insight as he was leaving the press box. he was not happy

they do not cut 2nd round draft choices in the NFL

I read where they gave gerhart every opportunity to take the #2 spot away from AY, but couldn't do it.

He is a rookie and AY has put in his time. This is well deserved and earned

8,1Unless your the Chicago Bears...

who did bears cut?

They cut every draft choice they make...worst drafting franchise in the NFL

i hope lions beat bears Sunday

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Or their draft choices end up riding the bench...

Vikes have drafted well in Speilman/Childress era. Gerhart is an aberration.

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Rob, do you think Josh Keopple and James will alternate at center on Saturday?

James really struggled Saturday

Got pushed around a lot

I think they'll both play. No idea what the rotation will be.

He's only about 270...

I thought he played pretty well. I think alot of it had to do with McMillian not helping him on his double teams

But James is the future.

Who takes over the leadership role next year when Clayborn and Stanzi are gone? Sash for one, I'm sure. Who else?

I thought McMillian was solid for a first game


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If Sash doesn't go pro

McNutt would probably be a good leader too



Plenty of choices

maybe Nielson?

So do I - he played a good game. But they need to double team their tackles depending on what side we're running to

Leaders don't come much better than Stanzi and Clayborn?

Clayborn seems like a lead by example guy

James Morris will be a leader before long.

Yes James Morris

Rob, very true

How about Daniels

and Ferentz

James Morris moves really, really good. I watched him during the plays he was in

He'll have a chance starting next year? (Morris)

I think so.

Do we have a legitimate chance to land Arnett or Byrd?

He's playing behind Hunter this year

does Morris stay at MLB or take over for Hunter?

Vandy also

I think Byrd is ours

FanOHawk has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.desm.qwest.net)

We've had some well spoken players over the years, but Morris may be the best....and he's only a Fr.

Byrd? The WR?


Like our chances with Dbyrd

Our offense will be darn good next year, assuming JV is as good as we all think he can be

Darian Miller, Anthony Zettel, Marcus Grant and Cole fisher will all be at the game Saturday

Don't rule out Jewel as a leader

Grants teammate too, forgot his name


Ah, thats right

I think Zettells a longshot

Would love to see us get Miler

such a good class

Where did you hear about Miller? I thought he was looking at Oct

Are we done recruiting Cardale Jones?

Zettel will goto Michigan

hes goin to try n visit but his homecoming is sat night

I dont think Cardale thinks so. ;-)

still surprised jack allen didn't commit here

free board

Miller MIGHT visit this weekend unofficially

Gotcha. Thx

Who else are we looking at ol recurits?

If Jones has the ability to play other positions it might make sense


oh, darian

josh harvey said Rudock is 100% solid with his commitment. Is that true even if a big time souther school offers?

Well, after we get big Cyrus from Dematha, we'll probably be done.

any chance?

Cyrus, the #1 recruit in the nation???riiiiiiight



I think he might visit, though


Slim as in 0.5% :)

if he visits hes ours to lose

SO you're saying there's a chance!

Bama bound

so you're saying there's a chance?

hes been here b4

seantrel might transfer

from The U? serious?

I think Rudock is solid. I spoke with his dad. But nothing surprises me.


is seantrel starting?


2nd team?

i think so

I'm surprised he's eligible, really.

he shoulda been a hawk

According to Pat Hardy, Christian French will be there Saturday too

its the u, of course hes eligible

he shoulda went to unc ;]

French going elsewhere wouldn't be a big loss, would it?

8,1French says nice things about everyone

has seantrel played at all?

what is the story with French?

Heard that on French. Our ND talked with Christian, who told him ND will be one of his officials.

I think it COULD be a big loss

after watching his film i only see french as a wr

I think French could be a real, real good DE, OLB

I see him on D

it comes down to ND and Iowa, don' you think?

hes a very very poor tackler

not to bring him down

That's fair right now, dex

Nothing that Norm can't teach him how to be great at it

french didnt stand out to me at the xavier/kennedy game to me

Do we have anybody on the roster, besides Binns, that could be a solid DE next year?

I think French has gotten fried by all the recruiting

His form is poor

n he shys away from contact but this could all change with good catching

he's just a green football player

His speed size and stretch aren't.



I worry about DE next year as well

I think Daniel and Forgy will be good at De.

I'll be out to se French in a few weeks when they get mauled by City High. I'll also see him when they play IC West

Joe Forgy, Dominick Alvis,

Hope Mike Hardy of Trinca-Passat step up...or AJ Derby

I think Austin Vincent will be a real sleeper in this class

What has happened to Gaglione?


Alvis will be good

will AJ move?

How about Cover and Martin Hopkins? Heard NOTHING about either of them


we'll be downquite a bit next year on the DL

Have not heard real good things about Covert. Overmatched right now.

both coaches tonight went to eastern ill

Rob, how good is Nordmann? I see him on the 2 deeps

Covert hasn't gained a pound since HS

if his rivals profile is correct

Tough to say, Jack. I think he's got some positives, but we're deep at that position.

I guess 5 pounds...

Too bad Nordmann is a Sr. He could be solid next year

the DL will be way down next year

It looks that way when I see him, 89

bad INT

FanOHawk Quit (Web Browser closed)

c'mon favre


8,1Typical Favre

how will the dline play saturday..i think they will be really motiviated after last year

hope so

DLine better be motivated

they will be

I want to see the reverse to McNutt for a TD pass to DJK

89, that would be awesome

i like it

be cooler if he threw to stanzi

I'm sure that Kirk has made the Dline well aware of how they did last year against ISU. I think they'll give ISU all they can handle and then some

i like it

brad childress doesn't look like he would be enjoyable to play for

89 lets save that for the big 10 championship. but i agree - i have been waiting for that play for a long time

Does Stanzi throw any pick 6's this year?

how about just stanzi to djk and then stanzi to marvin and then.....

1,0childress has few friends at Vikings HQ

no cub


I'll say it again, I was really impressed with Herman...especially his size and speed

8,1Childress= TL Kirk mentioned on Tuesday his dline's inability to get off ISU's blocks last season.

That's as close as he gets to calling guys out.

sounds like a challenge! :-)

8,1I was suprised how much CJ played Saturday, although it was a blowout.

Rob, how did you think Nielson played?

Smarthawk Quit (Web Browser closed)

Speaking of Nielson, brother Nick was very solid on special teams

cj looked good blocking imo

I think Tyler looked pretty good in his first start. He was flying around. ISU's TEs will challenge him this week.

for some reason i have a good feeling about saturday. i think the team is really focused

I think Nielson runs like a deer. I think he's faster than AJ

CJ is a monster.

The Dline needs to keep hearing how big and strong the ISU OLine is and how bad they played last year

1,0With CJ's frame he should think hard about being a LT. Way more $$$$

I've heard other people say that, Way.

8,1CJ is a TE all the way

hes too talented at catching the ball

mjliving has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.icsincorporated.com)

1,0LT is the 2nd highest paid position in the NFL

1,0TE is almost last

rob, stay true to your word about the 2 chats/week....i really enjoy these

I'll do my best

haha, i know

Baby due tomorrow. ;-)



do one sun night?

8,1Sundays and Thursdays

Dang.. Guess I better go run to walmart now. Don't want to do it at 10pm.

you or wegher's two kids?

Yes. Our third...and LAST


that's awesome....congrats, rob. Boy or girl?

sound like "snip snip" time Rob.

1,0I enjoy chatting during the game

Thanks. Girl.

And congrats!

Congrats Rob!

take that back jump

isn't it tough for 50 year olds like yourself to pump out kids?

Went in for Big V consultation yesterday, no lie


did the snip right after my third. he's 24 now.

ur a brave man rob

We "pulled the goalie," so hopefully #2 will be around this time next year

good luck, cub

8,1I'm out guys, fingers crossed for a big win this weekend! Later

c ya 89

later, 89...go Hawks


Good luck cub, hope its a hockey player

iowahawkeyes89 Quit (Web Browser closed)

Iowa doesn't have hockey, so no way

jumpinjack Quit (Web Browser closed)

field hockey

they got a club team

good thinking

1,0nice blitz pickup by AY

I'm going to jump out, guys

spend some time with the wife

later, rob. best of luck tomorrow

thanks Rob, and best of luck!

Hawk1961 Quit (Web Browser closed)

gl rob

thanks, guys.

tell the wife congrats from Hawkeye insider

hawks401 Quit (Web Browser closed)

will do

i'll talk my friends into getting subscriptions. i know how expensive kids are

lets talk predictions.....24-20 Iowa

KCHawkeye55 Quit (Web Browser closed)


Favre still has it

andrewoso has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.dsl.iowatelecom.net)

andrewoso Quit (Web Browser closed)

anyone know if Andre Dawson is redshirting for UNI?

dexhawk4 Quit (Web Browser closed)

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