Orloff: "I wasn't ready for the atmosphere!"

Iowa commitment Mike Orloff saw his first game at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday. What were the senior's thoughts? HI's Josh Harvey caught up with the projected linebacker.

Iowa commitment Mike Orloff is ready to put his shoulder pads on for more than just a practice. The Lawrence Academy product's 1st game is not for another two weeks. Seeing high school football on ESPN and reading about other players has made Orloff a little antsy.

"I was ready for Iowa to give me shoulder pads and a helmet on Saturday when I visited," said the senior to HawkeyeInsider.com on Monday night. "We haven't even played our first game yet. I can't wait....we are stacked this year. We already have four kids committed to BCS schools and we went undefeated last year. I think we really only lost two guys from last season's squad, so we shouldn't lose to anybody this year."

While the future linebacker is anxiously waiting for his season to start, the late start is somewhat of a blessing. Orloff was able to take his official visit this weekend, a chance to see the Hawkeyes up close and personal for the very first time.

"The atmosphere was crazier than I expected. I wasn't ready for how crazy they get up there on game day. All I have to say is that it was really cool," said Orloff. "We (fellow commitment/teammate Marcus Grant) had pretty much done the tours the first time when we visited in March, so this time it was just meeting with the coaches and the players. Obviously the game day feel was amazing."

His thoughts on the rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State?

"It's going to be cool to be part of a rivalry like that," the senior said with a laugh. "I thought they played really well. Obviously I was looking at the defense, trying to see what I'm going to be getting myself into, but they looked pretty solid. Iowa State played what like three offensive plays in the 1st quarter?

"I always thought that I made the right decision, I haven't second guessed myself once, but it made me even more excited and after I got to talk with the coaches in person and see how everything goes down at Iowa."

Orloff plays quarterback for the Spartans, but his offers came on the defensive side of the football. Iowa would like to see the 6-foot-2, 212-pounder player linebacker at the next level.

"Before this summer, in the off seasons I mostly focused on quarterback. But, when my D-1 interest started to come in, I figured I needed to work on the defensive side of the ball. I really haven't played linebacker before," said Orloff. "I spent much of the summer working on it. I got to go to the "Top Gun" and I worked linebacker there. It was a good experience for me because I was playing alongside some of the best in the country. I think I did really well there."

Orloff doesn't expect to make any more games this season, but is planning visit later this fall/winter. His parents have yet to see the campus or meet the coaching staff.

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