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Hawkeyeinsider.com Publisher Rob Howe and premium members of the site chatted on Thursday night about all things Iowa football and more. The following is a complete transcript from the chat.

Now talking in iowa

You are now a Room Moderator in iowa

Sorry, just got back from dinner

No baby yet then?

Rob what do you think of the whole DJK texting thing?

No baby.

I just posted that Wade tweeted me and said all Derrell said was that he was ready to play.

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Who do you think will start at RG? Will Gettis play?

Wade told DJK he was too

pretty innocent and respectful

MacMillan will start, I think. Gettis will play if healthy.

8,1I think our offense will be ok, we put 27 on them last year with a Stanzi pick six.

8,1Our D will be the key, and I like that

I think we're the better team.

I just don't like how this game sets up.

And I'm still not completely sold on the O-Line.

8,1I agree the game situation sucks...especially the late start...I don't see why it HAD to be 9:30

8,1I do like playing a game like this rather than a cupcake...this will be a good test

8,1And even if we drop this one, we still have a lot to play for the rest of the year.

Definitely. And I think it's a toss-up game.

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8,1I just don't know what to make of ISU...

8,1Arizona hasn't played anyone...we know that...but you could argue the same about Iowa, unless you think ISU is any good.

I think ISU is better than people think. if nothing else, at least they play in the Big12.

ISU beat Northern who beat North Dakota in Week 2 who got killed 47-0 at Idaho. Hard to say

I also believe we get ISU's best game every year.

8,1That wasn't ISU's best game...

8,1At least they should hope not

8,1ISU > the Citadel? ;)

Rob, what is with this DJK tweeting stuff? Something doesn't add up.

89, yeah, ISU>Citadel

I'm quietly optimistic about this weekend 2-3 TD win will not surprise me.

To the best of my knowledge, D sent Wade a text that said he was ready to play. Wade said the same thing, but made a big deal out of it on his twitter as did some of the AZ players

Ok, I was missing the part about the text. What is the DJK connection to Wade? KF probabl won't like to hear this story.

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8,1Sounds like something thats not a big deal

Not sure about the connection. I don't think it's person to person from the tweets I read. And I agree, KF wouldn't like it. But again, seemed pretty innocent.

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8,1 89s gameplan....run the ball early, maybe mix in a little PA to TE. As their DL starts to wear down, open up the passing game 8,1a bit and stretch the field. I think we really need to run early and often to establish the line of scrimmage.

I have Iowa with the advantage at QB, WR/TE, D-line, Saftey. Arizona gets the edge at RB, and Corners. LB and OL are probably a push. K - I haven't got a clue.

8,1Arizonas OL is huge, thats one of the areas that really concerns me.

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8,1most of their OL is around 320

their RB's against our DL? not sure they have an advantage there.

Hey Dewey

Good call 89. I think we want our O to run the clock.


Are you only coming back for the OSU game?

Our DL be fine against their RBs. I was comparing positions to positions.

dewey - gotcha. but their RB production won't match our's, i don't think.

Yea, we're coming back for OSU. You should hear these OSU fans out here. Local talk radio had the qusetion - who is OSU's biggest competition to the Big10 and NC? The answer = OSU.

I bet

I watched last year's game the other night. I was surprised how tight their coverage was. Could lead to some big plays

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they were taking a lot of chances, I would think that would leave them susceptible to some good double moves

Flyhawk, A-Rob is growing on me. he's sneaky and I haven't seen Hampton enough yet, so I'm cautious.

89 suggested PA and I think it will set up nicely for the longer pass plays in the 2nd half.

just my gut feel. been wrong before! A-Rob looks really good right now, so does the line

i just hope DJK didn't put himself in the doghouse again.

8,1I think if you're going to win on the road, you HAVE to run the ball. My only worry is that AZ is thinking the same thing I am, 8,1and they'll be ready for the run.

How big is their DL? Isn't their D mostly new?

In my opinion, the line already looks better this year then it ever did last year.

8,1Not that big

8,1one kid around 300

Their ends are very good. New DTs and all new LBs from last year

Two of the LBs are JC transfers

8,1Their ends are small

Good DE should allow us to run in-side. Maybe a reverse to slow them down or the screen pass to the outside?

Bring in the tight end and run A-Rob over them. Worked well last week

8,1 255 and 260 are their DE's

Then you have Hampton for the cut back zone runs to expose the DT's. Sounds like a plan to me

Elmore led the PAC-10 in sacks last year. He a sack and a half against us.

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Zusevics will be tested

8,1I'm confident in our OL considering who they've been practicing against.

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So Rob, does this DJK twitter thing seem real?

His communication with Wade was thru text. The twitter stuff was overblown.

so Rob, you think DJK is in the doghouse???

Hard to say, Joe. I'm sure Kirk isn't thrilled if he knows. It is pretty innocent. Not sure if coach has zero tolerance with him though

Stanzi has looked real sharp. Let's hope he can keep it up.

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so far so good, dewey. but he got my hear rate up on the near pick6 last weekend

heart rate

hey guys


hey bluz!

Can't stay long, but I had to pop in for a bit

How's your wife doing, Rob? Any change?

bluz, get your self up here for PSU, I got a ticket or two for ya. Join me and Seth. :-)

She's stable, Bluz. Thx for asking.

PSU is on 10/2, right?


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I am actually going to be in IOWA that day for my cousin's memorial service, but I don't know if there is any way I can make it to Kinnick.

8,1Just read that Arizona Stadium only seats 58,000

8,1Thats not very big...

8,1Isn't that about as big (or small) as Jack Trice?

Forgot about that the new addition soon to come to the Howe household. Congrats Rob.

night game bluz. if that helps.

Thx, Dewey.

over under 10,000 Iowa fans?

8,1I think so dewey, if not more

8,1Sounds like theres already a lot down there

I'm not

Man, I will have to see. I have to leave to drive home that night, too, because of jury duty on Monday morning.

Jury duty

invite stands bluz. think about it and let me know.

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4,0I will check more into the schedule of events and let you know. I really appreciate the offer and hope I can swing it!

From Notes: AZ has averaged 52,830 in Stops' six seasons

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I gotta say, 10:30 EST kick off sucks. I'm getting old

8,1So probably around 48,000 AZ fans

They've averaged 50,000 during each of the last six seasons, the longest stretch in school history

Stanzi will be tested this week. They will play very aggressive. Decision-making will be very important

8,1Yeah, its only 8:00 right now, and it seems late for some reason. Not looking forward to 9:30

This ZonaZoo think seats more than 10,000 on first come first serve basis. Maybe some Hawk fans can get into that bad boy.


4,0I am going to go riding that day because if I sit around waiting for a 10:30 kickoff, I will go crazy

Never heard of a football student section being named. Normally thats a BB thing, rightr?

8,1Its a knock off of Oregons

What do the Ducks call theirs?

Phil Knight Zone

Did anyone see they have "HawksNest" on the Iowa Student section now

8,1Autzen zoo, I think

C-Low, did they ahve that their last year? I don't remember seeing at at the Minny game.

8,1At its pretty legit


I don't think so, I think it is new

I hate the name Hawks Nest. It's probably an Alford thing.

Rob, anything new on Norm? Think this will be his last year?

come on C-Low, I thought you were a Stevie Golden Boy fan club member

4,0Well, fellas, Mama's serving up dinner so I need to go


I'm hearing it's not good or getting better right now. I heard this would be his last year before the season. I still feel that way.

c ya bluz


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Who ends up as DC?

So will Wilson take over?

8,1Phil Parker

8,1Or Wilson

I wonder if Ron Aiken would come back

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Rob Howe = DC

8,1Agreed, How for DC

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I'd just blitz every down

A blitz would be something new. HA!

I do think Kirk stays in house

8,1How old is Mike Stoops?

Seriously, I never thought abuot Aiken. I've assumed it was set up for one of teh current guys.

Stoops is probably late 40s

I've heard people throw McCarney's name out. I don't see that.

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8,1I know people don't like to think about this (nor do I) but could Stoops take over for KF some day?

Bobby? I don't see that.

It's a great question. If Kirk stays until 2020, I don't think so because of age

8,1I think the ship has sailed on Bob Stoops and Iowa, and obviously that would be a step down.

Does it set up for the young Brian F to come back to coach at Iowa?

8,1I believe Brian Ferentz is in coaching too

8,1Patriots, I think

I was just thinking about Brian as we talked about this. He is with the Pats

Coach K might be an option

so much depends on ***when*** anything would happen. a lot changes in the next 8-10 years.

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8,1I'm out fellas

c ya 89

8,1Lets hope for a big Hawkeye W on Saturday!

8,1Go Hawks!

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This NC State Cincy game is terrible

BF is an Offensive Assistant with the Pats. He joined them last year as a scout.

Yeah, I need to drop out too. Go Hawks!

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rob agree. what was the over/under on fumbles in this game?

Rob did you like that last punt in the Cincy game?

I think it went 6 yards

8 so far

It seems like every other play is a mess


That was nice

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hawkjoe - you were right - 8 fumbles in a half WOW

rob, do you think we are going to get to see the bubble screen this year?

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I sure hope so. Would nice to see Chaney get a shot at it.


Fly- any injuries during the week?

what about keenan davis running it? they need to find a way to get him into games

Rob- any names yet?

just my feelings. i got yelled at today.

Haven't heard of any injuries.

I'm surprised we've really only gone with three WRs

Thought we would use our depth more.

Where's Chaney?

agree-however offensively we really haven't done anything in the 2nd half of either game

haven't had to

We decided on Audrey, which according to Lucas80 will get her ass kicked in school. ;-)

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saturday will be different though

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nice - i've got a girl due in January. We're going with Ainsley.

Chaney is just buried in 2 deep right now

Like it fsball

right during the middle of bb season - so that should make my season really challenging this year

And congrats

My wife used to care for a kid named Audrey, loudest footsteps I've ever heard come from a toddler. Hope you don't have hardwood floors, Rob.


we do have wood floors

had lunch with KM #3 the other day, he said MP enjoyed his visit last weekend

Get carpet..tommorrow

I hope we can land him but he's really blown up

being a grampa now, i just smile when i hear about these new baby stories. :-)

1,0damn, i forgot about the chat. Has Coker already been discussed?

MacMillian over Gettis this week, Gettis plays half next week...thoughts?

yeah the roy williams stop was cool for him to meet him

When KU and UNC are involved, I worry.

I think we might see Gettis this week. Mac gets the start thought


FACT! Both have tremendous tradition and good programs and coaches

76, what were you asking about Coker?

1,0just thoughts on him traveling to AZ. any chance he will see the field either at RB or special teams?

I'd be surprised. Kirk said they're probably done playing true freshmen unless there's an injury.

He usually likes to bring some of the true freshmen on road trips to give them a feel for what it's like.

I did hear he looked good in practice this week, which was his first full week.

1,0thanks Rob

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I hate to ask, but any news on the BW front? Still in school?

the CR Gazette had a story about it today


his dad said YES he is at Iowa

and he's not going to SD

thanks...just being a smart arse

but he hasn't talked to Brandon in 3 weeks


that seemed strange to me, that a dad hasn't talked to his son in 3 weeks, but who knows

every relationship is different

maybe they've texted, or maybe momma has been talking to him


three weeks...the kid could be in Katmandu by now ;)

also true

what conference they in?

Fly- the old days would have been the North Central Conference, IIRC

oh sure. bet they were the "wildkats", eh?

Ok since BW was brought up - i do have a ? in regards to position wise next season

say BW, ARob and Jewel are all back

rob do you think BW would move to WR-play the slot, sort of like a welker type?

A Tim Dwight type?

that too - better example He may have too

Possible. I still have my doubts that he comes back to us.

i just can't see iowa playing 3 rbs, but that's next year i guess

down that road when/if it happens

I'm not sure all of his teammates appreciate how he's handled the situation.

Dr. Lou

Me too...just don't understand this protracted situation?

Dr. Lou - I sat i nthe front row at NIACC back in 1996 and listened to him


you got wet


real wet, but he was good.

You're naughty

what he just said there was EXCELLENT - hold people accountable

...and don't get caught.

like himself???

best ? ever - is mark may annoying? LOVE IT!!!

He's a KF butt sniffer...I love him

Dang...time to be a father again...later...Hawks 31-10


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I'm out, too, guys. Thanks

c ya ROb. Go have a baby. :-)

thanks - GO HAWKS!!! 27-13 Iowa

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28-10 I'm out

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