Game Review: Iowa-Arizona

Hawkeye Insider Publisher Rob Howe looks over the Iowa-Arizona game replay, pointing our the nice and the naughty.

-On the punt block, it looked like Andrew Schulze released to early to cover after snapping the ball. That's why there was one rusher unaccounted for.

-On Arizona's first touchdown, Tyler Sash was trailing David Douglas, who made a nice catch on a ball that was thrown behind him by Foles. Iowa was in a base defense against four-wide. The front had no chance to get pressure on Foles. Sash did not get a bump on Douglas.

Note: Those were the only two plays were saw before the 9:43 mark of the first quarter due to overtime in the Auburn-Clemson game. Then we saw some replays.

-On the pick-6, Ricky Stanzi fired it in on the quick slant, but that's on Marvin McNutt. He's got to come down with that catch. Brad Herman couldn't get there in time to tackle and Wade was off to the races.

Following Drive for Iowa:

Third and three, 8:16 to play in the first quarter, Arizona has eight in the box (something they did most of the night), Riley Reiff called for a false start. Stanzi flushed out of pocket by Brooks Reed and runs for first down.

Short pass to Allen Reisner followed by Adam Robinson getting stuffed. Reisner was a waggle play with eight in the box. He's a mismatch against some teams but Arizona's speed negated that. Eight in the box on A-Rob's run with the strong safety dropping in as soon as he saw the formation.

Third and seven, Iowa goes three wide with DJK, McNutt and Koulianos. Pressure from Markus Zusevics' side on four-man rush. Stanzi misfires to DJK with three defenders around him.

Punt by Donahue 36. Micah Hyde runs into Buc Wright on fair catch. Called for interference. Fifteen yard penalty. Bad luck for Hyde. The ball sailed. Still, a special teams gaff that was costly.

Following Drive for AZ starts at Own 29:

2nd and 7 and Tyler Nielsen makes a great play closing on the tight end in the flat.

3rd and 6, Iowa comes with base defense, no pressure from front as Foles takes advantage of almost five seconds to survey the field and hits his roommate Douglas on an underneath crossing route for a first. LB Jeremiha Hunter was in coverage for too long. No pass rush and a LB on a wide receivers is a battle you won't often win.

AZ comes right back with a play action pass from Foles to Juron Criner for 46 yards on an inside post. Hyde gave a very large cushion and Criner ran right past him. Sash bit hard on the play fake, Greenwood also was out of position and there was absolutely no help for Hyde. Again, not pressure from front. More than four seconds to survey the field. No one close to Foles.

Delayed handoff to Grigsby goes for eight. Really nice strip by Jeff Tarpinian. Hunter recovers.

Next Iowa drive starts at its own 7:

First play, Iowa runs Jewel Hampton over right side despite there being nine guys in the box, six on the line of scrimmage. He manages three yards, bringing up another second and long. Again, nine guys in the box, Jewel over right side for four. Brings up third and three.

Hawkeyes go empty backfield, shotgun with four wide and Reisner up. Arizona five in the box. Straight four-man rush. Nice job by Iowa's line and McNutt makes circus catch over Wade. Would have been a PI anyway, but Hawks take the play for 37 yards to AZ 48. Aggressive play call that paid off.

Iowa keeps the pressure on with Hampton as the lone set back, Reisner in motion, Stanzi drops back, nice protection against four-man rush. Stanzi overthrows open Keenan Davis who had beat Robert Golden one-on-one. It was just a poor throw as he had time and an open man.

Iowa lines up three wide, Stanzi plenty of time against four man rush, overthrows receiver, Wade called for PI on pump and go to DJK. Mark Jones calls Mike Stoops, Bob Stoops for second time in first quarter. Close call. Tough to say whether or not ball was in the air during contact.

Nine guys in the box with Iowa in the I. Stanzi rolls right and completes for first down to McNutt with rusher in his face.

Stanzi getting frustrated with what he perceives as plays coming in late from the sidelines. Not quite a Drew Tate freak out, but definitely annoyed.

Out of the pro set again, two tights, one WR, nine in the box, Stanzi gets time to find DJK on skinny post for first down to the AZ four.

First and goal, Iowa inserts Gimm as third TE from the I. AZ everybody in the box. Hampton stuffed over right side.

Second and goal, Hampton lone set back, three wide, double TE, play fake, Stanzi locks on DJK and misfires into triple coverage. On a side note, Hampton blew up LB Paul Vassallo, who was lifted off his feet and need help getting off the field. If Jewel had the ball, it would have been six.

AZ takes timeout.

Iowa again, Hampton alone in backfield, three wide, double tight. Stanzi hits Hampton on underneath pass for TD. Really nice job by Iowa's right side of guard Adam Gettis and tackle Zusevics holding blocks. AZ linebacker Jake Fischer blew the assignment on Hampton, who strolled into his route and the end zone.

Mike Meyer kicks off as Bob Davie says, "This is an area where Iowa has struggled this year - kickoff coverage." Travis Cobb field it about a yard deep in the end zone.

Sometimes when there's a long return, it can be attributed to a muff or indecision on the returner's part that creates over pursuit by the coverage team. Cobb stopped for a split second, but not enough to throw off the coverage.

The right side of the coverage - gunner William Lowe and Paki O'Meara - over pursued. James Morris got too deep. Nick Nielsen did the same and missed a tackle. Bruce Davis, who was put back on coverage after the team struggled last week, was out of his lane. Plenty of blame to go around here.

Cobbs takes it 100 yards, untouched, and kills the momentum that Iowa gained in its last drive which followed the Grigsby fumble. We then hear Davie talk about PAC-10 speed when in reality it was blown assignments. Most BCS teams have fast kick returners.

Iowa starts next drive on its own 24:

First and ten, eight in the box and Robinson picks up two over left side. Eight in box on second, Stanzi play action, waggle right, off target to McNutt. Third and eight. Four wide, AZ goes nickel, covers well, Stanzi incomplete to Robinson on short pass that wouldn't have been a first down if completed. Punt.

Arizona takes over deep in own end:

Iowa shuts down bubble screen to Criner then stops Keola Antolin for gain bringing up third and five. Shotgun. Four wide. Iowa base defense with Nielsen and Tarpinian on receivers. Foles plenty of time as no pressure from front four. Foles overthrows open Douglas on what would have been about 20-yard gain. Punt.

Iowa takes over at own 44 after short punt and Sandeman return:

Arizona plays straight up on defense. Stanzi hits Davis on comeback route for first down across midfield. From the AZ 43, Two wide to left, offset I. DJK gets behind secondary. Stanzi overthrows him. Would have been six. DJK could have made catch. He probably would say he should have made the catch. But it could have been thrown better. Nice job by Reiff and Zusevics holding blocks for play to develop. Big missed opportunity, though.

Draw to Hampton out of three-wide formation with one tight end and no fullback. Nothing.

Third and 10. Four man rush by AZ. Three wide. Single back. Swing pass to Hampton for four yards. Very questionable play call. Punt.

Ryan Donahue hit's a beauty that bounces at the five. Lots of hang time. Crowd of Hawkeyes standing around. It bounces into end zone for touchback.

Arizona starts from own 20:

Antolin for five on a run. Foles hits TE AJ Simmons underneath for first down. This is where AZ begins to pick up yards sitting their receivers down in soft spots in the Iowa zone. Wright then makes a grab behind the Iowa linebackers and ahead of the secondary for 17. Sash dinged up on the play and replaced by Nick Nielsen.

Greg Nwoko then adds insult to injury by going right up the gut of the Iowa defense for a 16 yard run. Klug was doubled. Ballard was stood up. Tarpinian got caught up in the Klug block, way out of position. Hunter went with the motion. Well designed play.

After a short run, Mike Daniels break through the line to pressure Foles to throw it away. Daniels uses a left to right stunt to break free.

Az lines up four wide, receivers take linebacker down field, draw to Grigsby as front four and Hunter gets caught up field. 18-yard gain. Greenwood misses tackle. Sash still out of game at this point.

After short run, Iowa calls timeout. Sash returns.

Short completion and then a short incompletion forces 22 field goal from Alex Zendejas. Could have been worse. Not a very good series at all from Iowa defense until the red zone. And some of that could be attributed to some conservative play calling from the Wildcats.

Iowa starts on its own 20 after DJK's knee touches down in end zone while catching ball:

Iowa goes four wide on first, empty backfield, shotgun. Stanzi hits Sandeman underneath for first down.

Iowa four wide and Reisner in slot. Stanzi shot gun. Flushed and runs for first. Takes a shot to the head. Go down. Slide. Run out of bounds.

Iowa three wide, single back, Herman in motion to backfield. Stanzi complete to Sandeman for 11.

Three WR, single back, Stanzi throws to DJK in double coverage. Should have been picked. Nice job by O-Line. Poor throw.

Second and 10, box loaded, handoff right to Robinson who loses two. Poor blocking. Questionable play call.

Again, single back, three wide, Stanzi off the mark to McNutt on crossing route. Tipped and almost picked. Punt. Donahue blasts it out of the back of the end zone. Special teams continues to be an issue in this game.

AZ takes over at own 20:

Arizona four wide single back. Foles has time, finds Wright underneath in soft zone middle for first down.

Antolin runs 12 for the first on draw. Klug pushed back out of the play. Ballard also caught up field.

Foles again all day to throw, hits Wright for first in zone middle. Three incompletions leads to 47 field goal from Zendejas.

Half mercifully comes to end.

AZ starts second half on own 20 after touchback kickoff from Meyer:

TE Jack Baucus catches first down pass from Foles on 2nd and long. Tarpinian out of position.

Iowa goes 3-4 on second and long. Nice job by Binns breaking around left side for sack after Foles stepped up in pocket.

Nice stunt by Ballard on third and long to pressure Foles out of pocket and into incompletion. Punt.

Iowa begins first drive of second half at own 34:

Hawkeyes burns a timeout before running a play. That's just not a good sign for a disciplined team. You just came off halftime and had a defensive possession to get things figured out. Then they run a play action boot that Stanzi throws to no one.

Reiff gets blown up by Reed, who levels Stanzi for a sack. Very poor footwork by Reiff. Reed has a great motor, but that was just poor technique by the Iowa sophomore. Third and 16 and Stanzi throws to Sandeman underneath for a completion nine yards short of the first down. Makes no sense to throw a pass nine yards short of the first. Punt.

Arizona starts drive at own 13:

Second and long, Foles again has all day to throw. Hyde called for PI on deep ball intended for Douglas. Looked like a bad call.

Nielsen does good job containing end around by Cobb. Grigsby runs a yard short of first. Great push by AZ O-line. Nielsen reads run and comes up to stop Grigbsy for loss on third down. Punt.

Iowa starts drive AZ 48:

Iowa lines up in power I formation with one wide and two TEs. AZ stacks box. Robinson loses a yard. Second and lone, Stanzi complete to DJK on crossing route for 11 and first.

Play action on first down, Stanzi finds DJK behind two DBs on post for TD. Good sell by Stanzi. Good blocking, especially Gettis and Zusevics,

AZ starts on its own 20:

Douglas again from Foles on skinny post through soft spot in zone. First down. After five -yard run, Douglas again same play for first. Hyde giving huge cushion. Nielsen in front of play. Douglas again on second and long. Skinny post inside of Hyde in front of LBs and safeties. First down.

False start followed by Tarpinian blitz. Tarp misses sack because of hand wrap but Daniels picks it up. Daniels stunt and nails Grigsby for a loss. Punt.

Iowa takes over on own 27:

Hampton gains four but comes up with left leg injury. Tough to tell what happened.

Short completion to Reisner off of three wide formation. PI on Vassallo. First down. Power I with one wide, give to A-Rob loss of four. Box loaded up. Three wide on second, play action, flushed, throw to McNutt, who has helmet ripped off. PI on Wade. First down.

Short gain for A-Rob off pro set. Arizona up in box on all power and pro set formations.

End fourth quarter.

False start of Reiff. Ferentz writes it down on note card.

AZ blitz. Sack. Zusevics moves over to pick up blitzing LB, A-Rob slides over to help, DE Elmore comes in untouched. Bad breakdown on well conceived blitz by AZ. Punt.

AZ starts at own 23 after block in the back:

Swing pass to Nwoko picks up six. AZ again neutralizing Iowa D-line with quick pass.

Four wide spreads field. Underneath to Grigsby for first down. Short run by Grigsby. Tarpinian blitzes and gets sack. Offset by dumb personal foul penalty on Clayborn for punching Foles in the head as he was headed to the ground. Kirk wrote that one down.

AZ gives back on next play when Wright is whistled for personal foul. Sets up second and 27. Wright called for block in back on next play after a nice gain by Cobb on receiver screen.

And, my DVR goes off. Forgot to set it to record show after the game. That's the end of the review. Sorry. We know how it ends.

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