Minnesota Impresses Oglesby on Visit

2001 combo guard Josh Oglesby officially visited Minnesota over the weekend. Hawkeye Insider caught up with the Cedar Rapids product to see how it went and how it compared to his trip to Iowa a week earlier. Get the update right here.

Josh Oglesby is halfway home.

The 2011 combo guard from Cedar Rapids officially visited Minnesota during the weekend. It came a week after doing the same at Iowa. He's scheduled to leave for Arizona State on Thursday and has a trip set up for Illinois on Oct. 1.

"It went extremely well just like my Iowa visit went well," Oglesby said of Minnesota. "So many things have cross my mind as I've taken these two visits. I talked to my parents last night about how confusing it is and how much information I need to think over.

"A lot is going through my head right now. (Sunday) night I wrote down a list of pros and cons about Iowa and Minnesota. I want to make sure I have notes for after my last two visits so I can compare fairly. I'm stressed."

Oglesby said that Iowa and Minnesota are pretty close when comparing. He shared examples of pros and cons of the two schools.

"Iowa is close to home. Minnesota is not," the 6-foot-5, 180-pounder from Cedar Rapids Washington High said. "Iowa is rebuilding. Minnesota is not. I think they're a Sweet 16, Elite Eight type program this year. Those things kind of cancel each other out with the two schools."

Since setting up his official visit schedule in August, Oglesby has stayed committed to it. That hasn't changed.

"I know I said I was going to make a decision on Sept. 21 a while back, but that was before I had to reschedule Arizona State and Illinois to weekends that worked best for them so they could show me everything," he said. "I've said since Day 1 that I wanted to see this through and give my final four schools an equal chance. After all the visits, I'll sit down with my family and probably (Washington) Coach (Brad) Metzger and we'll decide. I know they'll support my decision whatever it is."

Oglesby arrived in Minneapolis Thursday night. He spent Friday evening with the Golden Gopher players and liked the vibe.

"They all hang out together," Oglesby said. "We were in one player's room and the whole team was there. Then we went out and the whole team was there.

"I really was impressed with that. That's how you build chemistry as a team. Everybody was comfortable with each other."

Oglesby really liked the academic presentation he received in Minnesota. He mentioned it several times in our interview.

"I also liked what I saw in their scrimmage," Oglesby said. "They're athletic and they have everything you need to win. They have three or four seven-footers. They have three or four kids that are 6-7 or so and athletic on the wings. And they have Blake (Hoffarber) to shoot it."

Oglesby paid special attention to Hoffarber.

"I was really impressed with Coach (Tubby) Smith," he said. "He gave me a great idea what I would be doing for them and why they wanted me. Blake is graduating after this season and Coach Smith sees me filling that role in his system.

"He thinks I can come off the same screens that Blake does and be a quick shooter. I like their point guards, too."

Oglesby is having to make up school work and basketball workouts after these official visits. He said it's worth it and prepares him for the future.

"This is what it's going to be like when I play college basketball and have to travel a lot," Oglesby said. "I've got to learn to manage my time."

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