Big numbers through five games for Bernstine

If teams had forgotten about Lincoln 2012 running back Keevon Bernstine coming into the season, they are remembering him now.

After a strong freshman season where he rushed for over 500 yards and five touchdowns, Bernstine was hampered by injuries in 2009.

Now back and 100% healthy, Bernstine is working on another great season through five games.

"I lead the Metro in rushing yards, I think I have 671 yards and nine touchdowns. It's shaping up to be a good season for me," said Bernstine. "As far as safety, I'm second in my team in tackles. I have forty so far. No interceptions, but I have a couple nice hits over the middle."

Keevon is the younger brother Jordan Bernstine, who set numerous records for the Railsplitters and is currently a member of the Iowa secondary.

"They are doing pretty good. They have one loss to Arizona, but they bounced back. That is how top teams do it," said Keevon. "Iowa sends me a lot of letters on how they put guys into the NFL. Also a lot about how their program is one of the top in the nation. I like their gradation rate among student athletes."

Besides for the Hawks, schools like Iowa State, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Tulsa, and Kentucky have all showed interest in the junior.

"I get letters here and there, but really I'm not trying to focus on it. I like it, but want to pay attention to my team," said Bernstine. "Kentucky and Notre Dame have invited me for unofficial visits to one of their games."

Lincoln is off to a 3-2 start, losing to S.E. Polk and Sioux City East in close games.

"It's shaping up really good. I think we are improving each and every week. It's all you can ask for. It's a process and it's coming along," said Bernstine. "We need to improve and be playing our best football in the playoffs. It's all I can ask for....I think we need to win the rest of the games out to make the playoffs. No sense not to."

The two biggest things that the junior prepared for this summer was the extra workload in the offense and move into a leadership type role. Through five games, the Des Moines product is noticing both.

"I can handle the extra reps. I like to carry the ball. The more carries the better if you ask me (laughter)," said Bernstine. "I think my team looks up to me on both sides of the ball. I have become a better leader in all aspects of the game. But, we have a lot of guys stepping up, the younger guys are really coming through. They are doing their job."

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