Hawkeye Insider Thursday Night Chat

The following is a transcript from our weekly HI Thursday night chat. We chatted for almost two hours on various topics, including the Penn State game, football and basketball recruiting, the future of the Iowa men's basketball program, what happens next at LB, Randy Newman and much more.

CubHawk1237- I just hope like hell or special teams doesn't f up again

Iowahawkeyes89 - Arizonas DL > PSUs DL ?

Rob Howe - Their two O tackles have combined to start 4 games. They lost their starting LT to ACL last week

Iowahawkeyes89 - Yeah losing their LT was HUGE for them

CubHawk123 - Does Clayborn get his first sack Saturday?

Rob Howe - I think AZ's D is more aggressive and I think their LBs are inexperienced and suspect.

Rob Howe - PSU's LBs that is

Rob Howe - I think Adrian is ready to take off.

Iowahawkeyes89 - So you like AZ's D better?

CubHawk123 - I play bball over lunch with a KC Chiefs scout,and he just can't say enough good things about Moeaki

CubHawk1237 - He said he wasn't impressed with Sash. Said he expected a lot more out of him when he scouted him the last few games

Rob Howe - Overall, yeah, especially in that spot. Penn State D still pretty green and first B10 roadie.

iowahawkeyes89 - Sash has been quiet this year

CubHawk1237 - Also said Pioli and Ferentz are very, very tight. I knew they were close, but this guy said that I shouldn't worry about Ferentz bolting to the NFL if he told his good buddy Pioli no to the Chiefs job

Rob Howe - He's not had a great start, Sash.

CubHawk1237 - I also told him to keep an eye out for DJK...He said he is too stiff in his route running and is "knucklehead."

iowahawkeyes89 - I'm hoping Keenan can take what he did last week over to this weekend.

iowahawkeyes89 - If he gets the chance

Rob Howe - Kirk will retire here. Chiefs and Colts can fight over Hawks in the draft. ;-)

Rob Howe - Kirk talked about Keenan on his radio show last night

CubHawk1237 - The scout is impressed with Rieff. I told him he never played OLIne in his life until bowl preparation for South Carolina. He was shocked

iowahawkeyes89 - What did he say? (re Keenan)

Rob Howe - Said he needs to be more consistent and play faster, tempo thing. He'll be fine. I think he's starting to get it.

Rob Howe - Reiff will be a pro. I also think DJK will.

CubHawk1237 - Keenan has mad skills

iowahawkeyes89 - I think part of playing faster is feeling comfortable. People forget that this is only his second year in the program. I think he'll start to take off.

Rob Howe - Not only just his second year. He's been on campus like 15 months.

iowahawkeyes89 - A lot of times you can tell KD looks like he's doing a lot of thinking. fsball24 has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.23.126.208.dyn.southslope.net)

CubHawk1237 - When Pioli scouts a player, he interviews janitors to see how players treat them. He also interviews any female that may be in the football department to see how they treat her.

fsball24 - howdy ya'll - another great day to be a HAWKEYE!!!

iowahawkeyes89 - Thats interesting Cub, the female part isn't suprising though.

Rob Howe - I'd do my homework, too. Those guys usually dont keep those jobs for long.

Rob Howe - Howdy, fsball

CubHawk1237 - This scout is really cool....he tells it like it is. There is a mouthy Longhorn fan that plays ball, and last year he was asking the scout why Derrick Johnson didn't start. He just flat out said the Johnson doesn't work hard and he sucks

fsball24 - Rob you guys talk about any BB recruiting yet?

CubHawk1237 - he's made it through 3 Chiefs coaching staffs. He's a midwest scout, so he's real familiar with Ferentz and the hawkeyeys.

Rob Howe - No hoops yet.

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iowahawkeyes89 - Rob what do you tihkn about Tyler Harris? I really like what his dad had to say about the visit.

Rob Howe - Slim and none on Harris and slim has one foot on the bus

iowahawkeyes89 - Really?

iowahawkeyes89 - I felt really good after reading the article

Rob Howe - I hate to say that, but that's how I see it. His dad says nice things about everyone.

iowahawkeyes89 - Probably ends up at Louisville

fsball24 - i think iowa has a better shot at Adam White - down to final 2

Rob Howe - Harris to the ville or St. John's, I think.

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Rob Howe - Something is going on with White that he's not talking about.

Rob Howe - I'm hearing he's waiting on a better offer.

CubHawk1237 - Rob, what's your feeling on MacCaffrey? Can he get it done here?

IAHawk1934 - Is White a good fit with our new offense

fsball24 - Nothing wrong with kdis waiting - most of the time it doesn't get better than what they have offered to them in the early signing period

Rob Howe - I heard from a pretty solid recruiting analyst that White is not a Big Ten player.

Rob Howe - But that's just one scout's opinion

fsball24 - unless they really explode during the season, but by that time most schools know exactly who they are targeting

iowahawkeyes89 - See I think that White may not have an Iowa offer...I think he may be waiting for Kravish or Harris to make the call before he even has an offer...Just my thinking

CubHawk1237 - I think we could have had a decent team had Fuller stayed. Not NCAA good, but maybe NIT

iowahawkeyes89 - I think this year will be painful

fsball24 - I would think that recruiting analyst would know pretty good

CubHawk1237 - Real Painful

Rob Howe - Hearing Fran and the staff are beginning to realize how much of a rebuilding project they've got on their hands.

iowahawkeyes89 - Marcus Paige as big of a long shot as Tyler Harris?

Rob Howe - More of a long shot.

fsball24 - Woodbury has to be the prime target for the '12 class

fsball24 - paige is a stretch

CubHawk1237 - Does Paige end up 20 miles west of me in Lawrence?

iowahawkeyes89 - No Paige is #1 for 2012

Rob Howe - I think we get Woodbury.

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iowahawkeyes89 - Fran has to sell out for Paige

fsball24 - not if they can't get him

CubHawk1237 - We need a big guy in a bad way

CubHawk1237 - Will Woodbury be much of an offensive threat?

iowahawkeyes89 - We need a lot of things...

fsball24 - not if Kansas, UNC and other big time programs get involved - which they eventually will

Rob Howe - He can be. He's pretty agile for a big guy.

CubHawk1237 - Why does everyone think Woodbury ends up here? Did he grow up an iowa fan?

iowahawkeyes89 - I wwant Iowa basketball to matter again...this whole situation sucks

iowahawkeyes89 - Woodbury = huge Iowa fan

CubHawk1237 - Sweet

iowahawkeyes89 - Whole family are Iowa fans

IowaFallsHawk - Give Fran some time...he'll get it done here

Rob Howe - His dad was wearing Hawkeye gear and had a basketball signed by players on Adam's last unofficial.

CubHawk1237 - Life is better when Iowa basketball is good. Winter is depressing enough...makes it even more so when Iowa bball is the laughing stock of the Big 10

IowaFallsHawk - You can't fix 11 years of problems before you coach your first game.

iowahawkeyes89 - I would go as far to say that I'll be shocked if he's not a Hawkeye. Unless he gets a Kansas offer...

fsball24 - which he might

iowahawkeyes89 - Cub agreed...winters have been brutal when Iowa basketball is down

iowahawkeyes89 - I don't thin he gets a Kansas offer

iowahawkeyes89 - think*

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CubHawk1237 - I always wondered why Iowa's best head south to Lawrence....and then I married a KU grad and I now go to a few games a year. Freakin' unreal atmosphere.

fsball22 - rob have you heard anything about iowa doing a midnight madness?

CubHawk1237 - Although my wife said no KU game compared to the '04 Iowa-Wisconsin football game atmosphere

IowaFallsHawk - The same reason that 5* football players go to places like Ohio State.

IowaFallsHawk - Tradition

Rob Howe - Haven't heard on Midnight Madness

iowahawkeyes89 - I wish Iowa would do an event lke that

CubHawk1237 - They need to

iowahawkeyes89 - At least bring back the "blowout"

cmickle - I don't know, who doesn't like to win and play for championships?

Rob Howe - I'll give Alford credit, he had it rockin' at first.

fsball24 - it had been talked about during the summer, but i haven't heard anything recently

cmickle - Agreed

fsball24 -Agreed

CubHawk1237 - Don't bring up Alford. I almost barffed up my Bud Light Chelada

fsball24 - although I'm probably the only Alford fan on the board

IowaFallsHawk - Alford is coaching at the level he needs to be.

iowahawkeyes89 - Not an Alford fan, but i think he was under valued when he was here...and know people are realizing that

iowahawkeyes89 - now*

Rob Howe - As a media person, I miss Steve always putting his foot in his mouth.

CubHawk1237 - haha

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fsball24 - that happened quite a bit - he was always good for that

CubHawk1237 - Stevie is a grade A doucher

iowahawkeyes89 - I know he was a turd of a guy, but he had things rolling here for a few seasons.

fsball24 - him and I went round and round on brunner

CubHawk1237 - fsball, what are you talking about? you and alford?

Rob Howe - That '06 team was fun to watch. Freaking NW State.

CubHawk1237 - that game still makes me mad

IowaFallsHawk - That game was a microcosm of the Alford era.

CubHawk1237 - We had multiple chances to put that game out of reach and never did

fsball24 - that NW State changed a lot of things for the program - it hasn't been the same since before that game

SouthIowaHawk - Rob andy thoughts on maybe getting a FB commit this weekend?

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fsball24 - i remember talking to bru after that game and it was like teh end of the world - granted that was his and horner's last game

iowahawkeyes89 - I remember leaving a bar (where I was watching the game) we were up like 12 points with a few minutes left. Only to find out minutes later that we lost...

Rob Howe - Darrian Miller might be the best bet, but I think he waits a bit more.

CubHawk1237 - Rob, I might go to the Blue Spring - Ray-Pec game tomorrow night and watch Darrien Miller. Should be a great game.

Rob Howe - We'll need a scout on that, Cub

fsball24 - i remember the flight home - it was a real quite one - i don't think anyone said anything the whole flight

CubHawk1237 - Rob, I've seen Nebraska cQ

cmickle - That would be fun - please report if you do go.

iowahawkeyes89 - Anyone else think we have a great shot at Diemere Byrd?

CubHawk1237 - I've seen nebraska QB commit Bubba Starlin play multiple times.....kid is a stud MartyGallagher has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.216-16-92.iw.net)

IAHawk1934 - What are our chances with Coker hawks870 has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.roch.qwest.net)

CubHawk1237 - he throws 98 mph and will be a 1st round pick, so I'm sure he'll never end up playing ball for nebby

Rob Howe - Like Stalin as well.

IAHawk1934 - Cokers HS teamates?

cmickle - If he is visiting, we have a shot.

iowahawkeyes89 - I think Byrd is Iowa or South Carolina

Marty Gallagher - Hey Rob... Congrats on the new little one! How she's a good sleeper!

Rob Howe - Byrd always seems to say good things about us. He's from same hometown as Shonn Greene.

Marty Gallagher - Meant "Hope" she's a good sleeper!

CubHawk1237 - I'd love to have Byrd....seems like a Paul Chaney with football skills

iowahawkeyes89 - And I think Miller will be a Hawkeye sometime in October

cmickle - The toughest thing for Iowa seems to be getting the kids on campus for a vsit. I always like our chances if they do.

Rob Howe - Sorry, Marty. Thanks for the positive vibes, though.

hawks870 - First off. Congrats Rob on the new addition. Secondly Section 109 in black Cheering hard for HAWKS Saturday Night.

Marty Gallagher - Hang in there. It will get better!

IowaFallsHawk - Section 127 proudly wearing black 48 hours from now as well!

Rob Howe - This number 3 so I have it on auto pilot. :)

Rob Howe - Thanks, guys.

Marty Gallagher - Ha! When you go from 2 to 3 kids, I think you go from playing "man-to-man" to "zone."

iowahawkeyes89 - Whats everyone wearing Saturday night? Gold here

Zstatman - back to MBB, if the staff is now realizing what a tough rebuilding job they've got, what do they do? They don't give up hpefully

CubHawk1237 - I'll be cheering from my basement. I do have tickets for the Ohio State game, though

hawks870 - Marty when is your next Basketball Breakdown coming? jander5189 has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.client.mchsi.com)

Marty Gallagher - I think the Oglesby pickup is a good one, for a few reasons.

Rob Howe - I'll be wearing a jacket. Supposed to be chilly.

iowahawkeyes89 - I don't have a gold jacket either

CubHawk1237 - 89, i'll mail you mine

Marty Gallagher - Maybe not a "must have," but probably close to that.

iowahawkeyes89 - I'm wearing a gold sweatshirt over a jacket, so I'll be alright

IowaFallsHawk - Find a Century 21 agent or an NFL Hall of Famer.

iowahawkeyes89 - I'm out guys

cmickle - I am thinking the staff had a pretty good idea of what they were looking a long time ago.

Rob Howe - Late, 89\

iowahawkeyes89 - Later! Go Hawks!

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IowaFallsHawk - I hope the scoreboard and audio crew can get our entrance done correctly Saturday night.

Rob Howe - As I posted higher up in the chat, I think Fran and the staff are realizing they've got a big time project.

CubHawk1237 - Rob, from what you've seen of Bubba Starlin....is he like AJ Derby but a more polished QB? I've seen Bubba's game in person a lot, but not AJs

cmickle - They had to have had a pretty good idea of that from the get go.

Zstatman - What do they do with their big time project?

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Marty Gallagher - Paige and Woodbury are the ones that Fran is focusing on, I'm sure. I think Woodbury is probably a 70%+ chance to end up as a Hawk. Paige? Maybe much less of a shot, but still a possibility.

Rob Howe - Pretty good comparison, 89. Bubba is more athletic, more like Crouch, I think. Derby is trying to be more of a passer.

CubHawk1237 - A lot of people think Iowa has no chance at Paige. Where do people assume he will end up?

Marty Gallagher - For Iowa basketball to return to prominence in the Big 10, Fran has to win recruiting battles in his own backyard.

IowaFallsHawk - I think Kansas will be tough for Paige to turn down.

Rob Howe - The last staff was overwhelmed. It's really hard to know until you get a close look for a few months.

cmickle - KU

Zstatman - MBB needs to show some promise this year, with Fran's style, then they ned to keep recruiting high and low IMO

CubHawk1237 - Bubba juked a couple kids out of their jocks last Friday. I'd never seen the quickness and jukes before, just the straight ahead speed and toughness. He's the real deal. His coach said he could be a D1 basketball player if he wanted

fsball24 - I honestly think that Paige will come down to Kansas and Wisconsin. I've got a good feeling Bo and Gary Close are all over Marcus

Marty Gallagher - Far too many of the "elite" Iowa preps have gone out-of-state to play collegiately. Far too many. When you have kids like LaFrentz, Collison, Hinrich, Korver, etc. growing up in Iowa and then eventually playing in the NBA, you've got to land a greater percentage of them.

Rob Howe - Keep an eye on Virginia as well for Paige.

fsball24 - that is unless Roy Williams offers and if he does I believe he will end up there

fsball24 - Yeah Bennett is a hard recruiter

Rob Howe - Talked to Marcus about that unofficial. Really liked it. If you've been to UVA, you know why.

fsball24 - and he upped things at Washington State and will do the same at VA.

CubHawk1237 - What's it about UVA that's so special?

cmickle - Paige will be tough to land, how about Gessell? Has anyone seen him play?

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fsball24 - the campus is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

IowaFallsHawk - Speaking of the "last staff", as Lickliter said anything publicly in the last 6 months? Or even privately? Seems strange that he'd just disappear into thin air without a word.

fsball24 - beautiful part of the country


Marty Gallagher - Haven't seen Gesell in person, but I understand he has all the skills, but is just a little on the small side. What is he listed at? Six-foot?

Rob Howe - Haven't heard from Lick. I know a lot of Iowa reporters requested interviews.

fsball24 - yeah 6' but he had a really good summer on the AAU circuit

CubHawk1237 - Rob, do I have to have a twitter account to follow you during games on twitter?

jander5189 Quit (jander5189)

fsball24 - he definitely held his own in Florida against some of the top talent in the country

IowaFallsHawk Quit (IowaFallsHawk)

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Rob Howe - Like Gessel a lot.

Rob Howe - I don't think so, cub. You an just view my home page.

Marty Gallagher - Paige, Gesell and Woodbury are all prime targets, of course. It would also be great to land a "difference-maker" at the 3 spot...someone with some length who can run, shoot and take it to the rack. With Fran's style of play, these types of kids will definitely have more interest in Iowa than with the previous staff's more deliberate approach.

CubHawk1237 - cool, thanks. I'm probably the only 30 year old without a twitter account. Facebook if enough for me

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fsball24 - rob, about a week ago someone brought up walter pitchford - the former DePaul signee - now attending prep school. think iowa is interested in him?

hawks870 - Lickliter wants to forget about it Iowa and wants others to as well. It probably will take a couple years for him to return to coaching.

Rob Howe - I'm not much for FB anymore. I've gone Twitter. :)

fsball24 - that would be best for EVERYONE - Lick and Iowa fans if we all forgot about his three seasons

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fsball24 - Ok gotta head out - wife just got home - have a good one everyone and GO HAWKS!!!! fsball24 Quit (Web Browser closed)

CubHawk1237 - The things the really ticks me off about Lick is that he didn't even put out much of an effort. Didn't do squat in the recruiting department, and that's half of the battle right there

hawks870 - IMO Lickliter will never coach anywhere other than a mid-major.

Rob Howe - I blame Barta as well for not getting a better understanding of Lick before that hire.

CubHawk1237 - Rob, was there any real truth to Gatens tranferring if Lick were still coach?

CubHawk1237 - Rob, very true

hawks870 - Good point Rob

Marty Gallagher - hawks870... I thought about putting something together about the Oglesby signing and how important it is for the Iowa program to land its prime in-state targets. Historically, the program has done well when its landed kids like Bobby Hansen and Mark Gannon ... Dean Oliver, Ryan Bowen, Jess Settles, Russ Millard, Jeff Horner, etc. ... But it struggles a bit when it whiffs on guys like LaFrentz, Collison, Hinrich, Korver, etc. [msg continues in 22]

Rob Howe - I don't think Gatens would have left. Did hear that, though.

Marty Gallagher - Seems to come and go in waves. LaFrentz,4 [msg complete]

hawks870 - Thanks Marty I always enjoy your write ups.

Rob Howe - We always welcome your contributions Marty. Miss having you around but know life is busy, believe me. :)

Marty Gallagher - Obviously, Iowa kids can't do it "all" for the Hawkeye program, but when there is great in-state talent, Iowa needs to be in the hunt.

Marty Gallagher - Thanks Rob! Will try to contribute more in the coming months. You are doing a fantastic job with the site, by the way! Keep up the great work!

hawks870 - Your so right Marty. That is what has been lacking of late. Not being in the hunt. That hurts

Zstatman - IT will be interesting to see how competitive Fran'ws first team is.

Rob Howe - Brunner, Horner, Haluska. Sprinkle in some Doug Tnomas and Erek Hanson. Mike Henderson. It can be done.

CubHawk1237 - Did Fran get an honest opportunity to try and convice Fuller to stay, or was hid mind already made up?

Rob Howe - Thanks, Marty.

Marty Gallagher - Yep. Can you imagine if a kid like Harrison Barnes had graduated in the 1980s and Lute or George wouldn't have been in the mix? Yikes!

Rob Howe - I think Fuller was gone midseason last year.

HawkeyeJim75 has entered the room (hostname:

CubHawk1237 - Wow....and then he ends up at a scum bag school like USC.

Rob Howe - I used to see Aaron down on the ped mall and talk to him. He was ALWAYS alone. He just never fit in here. It happens.

Marty Gallagher - And sure, Iowa's gonna lose kids to ISU from time to time, like Hoiberg. Of course. But, the Hawks need to be in the picture and that probably won't happen consistently again until some victories are strung together and CHA is selling out.

Rob Howe - Fit in from a social point of view, that is.

CubHawk1237 - I'm surprised he came back for his Soph season if that was the case

Rob Howe - I'm not sure a lot of schools would have bit on him after his FR year

CubHawk1237 - very true

Marty Gallagher - Fuller was a very good player, for sure. But to be honest, I think he may be more "replaceable" than many people think. And that's not meant as a knock on him.

CubHawk1237 - I hope you're right, Marty. I was thinking losting him would cost us 5-7 games this year

Rob Howe - Agree, Marty. It would just be nice to have him for the recuilding project the next two years.

HawkeyeJim75 - Don't mean to but in but was there ever a chance that he might have considered going somewhere out West in the beginning

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Rob Howe - He was pretty lightly recruited out of HS, Jim.

hawks870 -Iowa BB has never been lower. I have a really good feeling about Fran and his staff. They are working very, very hard to turn this around.

Rob Howe - I don't think AZ schools gave him much of a sniff.

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HawkeyeJim75 - That is surprising!

Prhawk - Hello everyone.

Rob Howe - Pr

CubHawk1237 - Hopefully Fran can keep his head up....He's been scowering the country for talent, and keeps getting turned down. That's gotta be tough

Prhawk - Congratulations Rob, how is baby?

Zstatman - UofA and ASU didn't offer Fuller

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Rob Howe - Thanks. Awake too much. :)

dexhawk4 - hey ppl

Rob Howe - dex

HawkeyeJim75 - What is the latest on the Coleman kid from Philly?

dexhawk4 - whatd i miss

Marty Gallagher - If Fran doesn't land the kids he needs to get, it won't be because of a lack of effort.

Rob Howe - Nothin. We suck

dexhawk4 - i was off buyin a new grill for sat ;]

Rob Howe - Coleman had schollie pulled.

dexhawk4 - now rob

cmickle - It wasn't just Fuller that they lost though. It could be a pretty rough year again this year.

CubHawk1237 - Marty, completely agree. I've been saying the same thing since I saw his introductory press conference

Zstatman - Why wasschollie pulled?

cmickle - They need a little excitement to help recruiting of the 2012 in-state kids.

HawkeyeJim75 - I understand that part but because he was someone big at one time on our radar has someone else become a favorite for him?

CubHawk1237 - We need to get some bball recruits at an Iowa football game and see the crowd potential for basketball

Rob Howe - Good question. I hear they didn't like how he played this summer. I also heard they ran out of patience with him deciding. I also heard he was playing us and wasn't going to come to midwest.

Zstatman - Fran has to be comepetitve with lesser talent

Josh Harvey has entered the room (hostname:

cmickle - No doubt - and we have some great ones this year.

Prhawk - Will Iowa take Cougill back?

CubHawk1237 - Zstatman, Ferentz did that early on in his career at iowa

Rob Howe - I don't think so, PR.

CubHawk1237 - Oh $hit...I forgot Coughil flunked out

Marty Gallagher - I think Iowa fans, to a degree, because Lickliter has been viewed as such a poor recruiter, believe that Iowa's men's basketball coaches have been good recruiters prior to that. Actually, it's been a lonnnnnnnnnng time since Iowa had a coach that really got out there, busted his butt and aggressively recruited top-notch talent.

Zstatman - I"m not saying Fran can't do it but that's his challenge.

dexhawk4 - still is cub, beings we only get 2-3* white kids

dexhawk4 - ;]

Marty Gallagher - And recruiting is clearly the lifeblood of a college basketball program.

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Zstatman - I think Fran's staff is built for top notch recuriting

cmickle - no doubt.

CubHawk1237 - I do like Fran's staff

HawkeyeJim75 - Has every body seen that cool video "Boys of Fall"? It's like 8min long but awesome!

cmickle - It's a hard sell right now, but they sure don't seem afraid to chase the big fish

SDHawk25 Quit (Web Browser closed)

CubHawk1237 - haven't seen it yet. neighbor said it's cool

Marty Gallagher - Zstatman, I think that's what they're shooting for. The proof will be in the pudding, but we'll know a lot more within another 14 months.

Zstatman - I never hear anything about Speraw, what's he doing?

Marty Gallagher - I think Speraw might be working on Woodbury and Gesell as I think he's a Sioux City native.

Giggyman has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.client.mchsi.com)

Josh Harvey - they are showing the "Boys of Fall" at every high school game down in Texas...it's hard not to see it... :)

Prhawk - Rob, predict the starting LBs for next year, and do we have any chance of landing a guy that could come in and start? LB has me worried for next year.

Giggyman Quit (Web Browser closed)

CubHawk1237 - Prhawk, I think James Morris starts. I think he's the next great one

CubHawk1237 - Nielson, Morris, ?

Prhawk - Agree Morris will be good, but he needs to gain 20 to play the middle

Marty Gallagher - There's another big man at Sioux City East (with Woodbury) from the Sudan who has attracted coaches from the SEC and ACC to Sioux City, I believe.

CubHawk1237 - Bruce Davis is good on special teams and is good against the run, but our LBs need to be able to defend the pass, and he's shown me nothing in that department

IAHawk1934 - Is Kirksey at Will or Leo

cmickle - Nielsen, Davis and Morris???

Rob Howe - Nielsen and Morris.

Prhawk - We lose 4 of 6 lbs this year, I am not sure we have a lot of young depth

Rob Howe - Ideally, if Davis can make it back, I think he might be in the middle with Morris at Will.

HawkeyeJim75 - Perhaps someone like Tillison

CubHawk1237 - How has Poggi looked so far? Haven't heard anything about him

Prhawk - Tillison is done after this year

Rob Howe - Tillison is a senior

Marty Gallagher - I'm headed to Iowa City on Saturday. Anyone have a prediction? I'm assuming that Iowa will give PSU's freshman QB some fits. If the Hawks don't give up a defensive score or a special teams TD, I don't know how they won't win this one. Right?

CubHawk1237 - morris for sure has the athletic ability to play on the outside

Rob Howe - Kirksey is ahead of Poggi.

CubHawk1237 - Marty.....24-10 Iowa

Prhawk - Tillison is confusing as roster has him as a JR, but he is done

HawkeyeJim75 - That is what I thought

Marty Gallagher - Nielsen, Davis and Morris at LB.

Prhawk - Agree Marty, PSU shouldnt be able to move the ball

Prhawk - Any really good lbs left that are interested in Iowa?

Rob Howe - Shane DiBona also will be in the mix and don't rule out Dakota Getz. Kid is a freakish athlete

Marty Gallagher - Just hope Iowa's offense and special teams don't give PSU too many short fields to work with!

Zstatman - Nielsen, Morris and somebody that emerges; Kirksey, DiBona, Derby, Getz,etc

Rob Howe - Price from Pitt. It's us and OSU

Prhawk - I hope we dont need to kick FGs to win

CubHawk1237 - I'm out, people. Thanks for doing the chat, Rob

Prhawk - What is your feeling on Price?

Rob Howe - Derby is a QB :)

Marty Gallagher - I've been cringing about the kicking game all season. If it comes down to that ... uh oh.

CubHawk1237 Quit (Web Browser closed)

HawkeyeJim75 - I will go on a crazy prediction and say that Daniels will get 2 sacks this game

cmickle - PSU hasn't impressed me much so far this yeaar. So if they make it a game, then we will have learned something about our Hawks. If Iowa wins by 3 TDs - then????

Zstatman - There is alwas the Drby rumor!

Rob Howe - What Derby rumor?

cmickle - Yeah, yeah

Prhawk - Alabama 24 PSU 3 was the score, right?

dexhawk4 - i heard weghers back ;]

Marty Gallagher - Rob... great job telling Daniels about player of the week honors! He was clearly surprised...and trying to suppress his excitement a bit.

Rob Howe - Iowa 24, PSU 9

Zstatman - That he would switch to LB to get on the field. I'm just speculating. I know nothing.

Rob Howe - Yeah, Marty. That was classic.

cmickle - Unless one of the walk-ons is beating hom soundly, I doubt Derby is abything but a QB.

Josh Harvey - Iowa- 26 Penn State- 17

Zstatman - How about Zach Furlong at LB?

Rob Howe - Derby will need to make a lot of strides to be out Rudock down the line.

cmickle - Penn state scores 17????

CoreyHart has entered the room (hostname: XXXXX.hsd1.mn.comcast.net)

Prhawk - Josh, how many FGs in the 26?

Josh Harvey - three

Josh Harvey - excuse me...four

Prhawk - Or is that 2 missed extra points?

dexhawk4 - rudock is very very good

Zstatman - OK, throw in Ruduck and that'a another reason he switches.

Josh Harvey - Rudock is beyond good...I haven't seen Derby up close and personal, but Rudock will be the quarterback of the future.

dexhawk4 - 2 with 3 safties

Josh Harvey - lol dex

cmickle - Maybe, Rudock is only 63% passing, throwing to all world WRs........

IAHawk1934 Quit (Web Browser closed)

HawkeyeJim75 - It would make since that if rudock proves to be the better out of the two that next year would be the best time to make the switch

Rob Howe - Iowa coaches LOVE Rudock

dexhawk4 - rudocks also playing the best of the best in the country

Prhawk - IMO we need to recruit an entire secondary this year due to lack of numbers at those positions. Are there any more good corners out there?

cmickle - YEP!

Zstatman - Rudock seems to love Iowa

Marty Gallagher - Most important player to keep healthy through the Big 10 season: Stanzi, Reiff, Clayborn or Sash?

Josh Harvey - It doesn't matter who he is throwing to, but how he is throwing to them...it's all about ball placement...nobody ever stopped to think that maybe Rudock is making his "all world" receivers what they are

Prhawk - Reiff

HawkeyeJim75 - Is Sash NFL type player after this year or does another year really benifit him

Zstatman - Marty, your questions seems like it would be a good poll!

cmickle - Seems like we are ALWAYS worried about the DB/S recruiting.

Prhawk - We are very young and cant get younger in the o-line

Josh Harvey - Not quite the best Zstat...but one of the best

dexhawk4 - YOU TELL EM JOSH

Josh Harvey - lol

CoreyHart Quit (Web Browser closed)

Rob Howe - Reiff only because of Daniels emergence on the DL.

cmickle - No, the coaching staff was pretty conservative with letting him throw early on.

cmickle - They have a run 1st kind of team.

Prhawk - Hawk75, I am in the minority and think our safties are not up to past standards and have benefited from having a lot of NFL players in front of them

Prhawk - I dont like them in the run game very much

Prhawk - Obviously want them to do well

Marty Gallagher - OK, gotta run. Good stopping in for a bit. Go Hawks on Saturday night!

Zstatman - DB/S recruiting always seems to take a back seat

Rob Howe - Thanks, Marty. Come on back. We're here everything Thursday night.

cmickle - Sure seems to Zstat

Rob Howe - *every

Prhawk - Maybe we can move 1 of our 9 TEs to corner

cmickle - It seems to be a position they usually squeek one in at the end for

Zstatman - Zach Furlong to corner?

Prhawk - There you go

Rob Howe - I think Lowery is going to be a good one.

cmickle - I don't know about corner, but LB is an option.

MartyGallagher Quit (Web Browser closed)

cmickle - Or Furlong, to open scholie???

Prhawk - Agree Rob, but we dont have many in numbers and have 3 SRs next year at corner

Zstatman - It's amazing how they find guys like Lowery

Rob Howe - Castillo is decent

Rob Howe - Hyde has two more years.

cmickle - Lowery and Hyde - Castillo as next man in??

HawkeyeJim75 - Could Bernstein switch to saftey next year

Prhawk - Prater, Lowe and Bernstine next year are SRs

Rob Howe - I think we have a good shot at Tamani Carter, too.

Prhawk - That would be nice, what about the CR Wash kid whose name escapes me?

Zstatman - WE've got Campbell coming in, he'll be in Iowa City this weekend as well

Rob Howe - Alex Carr

Prhawk - Can he play corner?

Prhawk - D1?

Rob Howe - Yes. I think he's got a good chance to get an offer. Kid can fly. He's just small.

Rob Howe - More like Jovon

HawkeyeJim75 - I agree Rob Alex has some serious speed

Prhawk - I would love to have a guy like that as a punt returner

Zstatman - Short corners are at such a disadvantage

Prhawk - Yeah, Randy Newman was right

HawkeyeJim75 - makes you think that someone like Chaney would have switched to D to benifit his speed

Rob Howe - I like Randy Newman

Prhawk - Me too

Zstatman - What did RAndy say that ties in with Iowa football?

Rob Howe - He sang a diddy about short people

Zstatman - OK, now I remember but he wasn't singing about corners:)

Prhawk - Predicition, Miller commits this weekend

Rob Howe - Hope you're right. I think he waits a bit longer

Josh Harvey - i like it Pr

Zstatman - How about Tabb and Gregory

Josh Harvey - but doubting it as well

HawkeyeJim75 - so who is the next to commit

Prhawk - No feeling, but if Iowa leads as he said, and he had been in trouble, and Iowa only takes 1 more TB

Josh Harvey - I bet they would be willing to take two backs

Rob Howe - Tabb's first official. He's for a ways to go.

Josh Harvey - Miller and Coe

Prhawk - I would but have no offer

Rob Howe - Marcus Paige just tweeted that Bill Self was at his open gym tonight.

Prhawk - I can kick an extra point though

HawkeyeJim75 - Is the big OL Cyrus K. making a visit soon

Prhawk - Who is the last national recruit that Iowa got in BB?

Rob Howe - I gotta run, guys. If Josh can and is willing to hang in, you guys can keep rolling.

Rob Howe - Don Nelson

bltnazah Quit (Web Browser closed)

Rob Howe - Have a great night. Go Hawks!!!

Josh Harvey - yeah, I'm willing to stick around

Josh Harvey - striking out calling recruits...

Josh Harvey - LOL

HawkeyeJim75 - I watched him play so that isn't film but seeing the 3 from either live or film I just like the mechanics Rudock brings

Josh Harvey - I'm really high on him....I was very impressed with what I saw down here in Texas.

HawkeyeJim75 - Who recruited him again

Prhawk - Time for me to hit the hay-thanks and good night

Josh Harvey - I think it was Kaczenski

Josh Harvey - but, you would have to ask Rob...he was the one that handled all of his recruiting....

Josh Harvey - I came on right as he was committing.

Josh Harvey - well seems that everyone is taking off...so I"m closing it down..

Josh Harvey - I hope everyone has a great night....GO HAWKS on Sat.

HawkeyeJim75 - yeah my daughter just fell asleep on my arm out too Go Hawks

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