Just too good???

Iowa commitment's Mike Orloff and Marcus Grant have a problem. Their school, Lawrence Academy is just too good.

Iowa commitment's Mike Orloff and Marcus Grant have a problem. Their school, Lawrence Academy is just too good.

The Spartans cruised to a 9-0 record and a state title in 2009, often not being challenged. Through two games this season, Lawrence Academy has outscored their opponents 73-14. On Friday night, the Spartans will register a win, they won't even have to score.

News broke yesterday that the Spartans opponent Friday St. George, has forfeited the game. Rumors immediately started to swirl that St. George was forfeiting due to the disparity between the two teams.

"I met with our headmaster and the decision was made not to play them," stated John Mackay to the Boston Herald. Mackay is the head coach and athletic director for St. George. "As for the reasons why, you can draw your own conclusions."

It's been no secret around Massachusetts that football coaches are unhappy with the size and skills of Lawrence Academy.

"I honestly just laughed. Our league is a prep school league and you can draw your own conclusions about how some people feel about football," said Iowa commitment Marcus Grant to HawkeyeInsider.com. "Especially since our team is good and superior to most teams in the league. No one wants to see us win, never mind blow everyone out. So I just try to focus on what happens on the field and let my coach handle the off the field issues."

Through two games, Grant's transition to the "X" wide receiver from the slot has been going smoothly. He has resisted five catches for 129 yards and three touchdowns.

"I have gotten a lot better since last year. I really worked on my route running and getting the timing down with my quarterback (Iowa commitment Mike Orloff)," said Grant. "Right now I'm raw at the position. At first they would just throw the ball up to me and I would make plays. Now that the seasons progressing, I'm working on all aspects on my game to make the transition smoother at the next level."

Grant became the first Iowa commitment in the 2011 recruiting class back in April. A few weeks ago, he was able to take in his first game at Kinnick Stadium. An experience he will always remember. It was also his first Iowa/Iowa State game.

"It was unreal. I was at the BC/Notre Dame game this past weekend, the atmosphere wasn't even close to the same," said Grant.

Calm down Iowa fans, it wasn't an official visit.

"I just went to the game with some of my teammates. Iowa is the place for me," said the wide receiver. "Most schools have backed off because I simply tell them I have no interest. My life has been a lot less I bleed black and gold now. My whole family does. Everything is Iowa."

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