As Harvey Sees It: Iowa's Big BCS Weekend

Teams traditionally make their biggest moves in the BCS weeks two and three of the rankings. There are still teams barley into conference play that are likely to lose. HI's Josh Harvey explains how the Hawks could move all the way up to the Top Ten this weekend.

With the debut of the first BCS rankings, Iowa finds themselves at No. 15. A national championship appearance now seems completely unlikely, but the Hawks could still find themselves headed to a BCS game at the end of the year.

Teams traditionally make their biggest moves in weeks two and three of the BCS. There are still teams barley into conference play, that are likely to lose.

Iowa should move up very quickly if they continue to win and even have a chance to crack the top ten after this weekend if certain things fall into place.

Let's break it down:

1.)A win over Wisconsin is a must... It really goes without saying, but they will get bounced from the Top 20 if they lose this weekend to Wisconsin. There are still too many teams with one loss around the country that would jump the Hawks.

Iowa has won six of their last eight against the Badgers and a win over No. 13 in the BCS would give the Hawks the credibility they need.

Many voters around the country are waiting for Iowa to have that breakout performance. A win over Penn State was nice, but at this point they aren't a Top 25 team. Voters need to see more and with back-to-back ranked opponents, Iowa should have the opportunity starting this weekend to climb in the polls.

2.)Missouri will fall to Oklahoma... The Tigers have actually yet to play a quality opponent with a winning record. Oklahoma has won seven straight over Missouri and it should continue.

The Tigers are No. 11 in the BCS. A loss against the No. 1 team in the country won't hurt them at much, but it will definitely drop them below Iowa.

3.)LSU or Auburn... One of them has to lose when they meet on Saturday. Which one? I'm not going there. A blowout by one team should move the other down quite a few spots. Both have wins against ranked opponents. If this game is close, the loser won't fall that far. Iowa needs to hope for a blowout by someone.

Other possible variables that could have Iowa heading up this week:

A.) Oklahoma State is No. 14 in the BCS rankings. This weekend the play No. 16 Nebraska. The Cornhuskers will look to bounce back after getting beat by Texas last week.

B.) If Iowa beats Wisconsin, Ohio State's loss last weekend to them because a little harder to swallow. The Badgers would have two losses at this point, which will hurt Ohio State in the long run.

C.) Arizona needs to keep winning. A win over Washington won't help that much, but with other teams around them potentially having tough games, there is a chance for the Wildcats to move up.

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