Thursday Night Chat Transcript

Hawkeye Insider's Rob Howe and Josh Harvey spent some of Thursday night chatting with members of the site. A lot of the discussion centered on this weekend's game with Wisconsin and football recruiting. Find out what was said in this chat transcript.

CubHawk1237 How good is that Sioux City WR? He was in "faces in the crowd" in SI today.

RobHowe good

iowahawkeyes89 Too small

iowahawkeyes89 Quenton James is a good HS WR, but I just don't think he projects much at the D1 level. Could be wrong...

RobHowe he's a good football player from some folks up that way.

CubHawk1237 does he have grade problems? I thought he may head JUCO

iowahawkeyes89 Thoughts on Wisconsin?

iowahawkeyes89 Big OL worries me

RobHowe I think his grades will keep him from that level for at least a while

CubHawk1237 Wisconsin's mammoth D Line worries me, but not as much as our suspect tackling

Prhawk So two weeks ago, I predicted Miller would commit on his visit, how am I doing?

dexhawk4 but their big ol is slower

dexhawk4 lol lil off pr

iowahawkeyes89 PR, not very well considering he doesn't have an offer

RobHowe We rushed 39 times for 65 yards against them last year

dexhawk4 he coulda but the coaches told him no

iowahawkeyes89 Wow...Rob I didnt realize that

RobHowe I didn't either until looking at the notes today

Prhawk If we throw the ball, we will beat wisconsin, if we dont, we will lose

iowahawkeyes89 They didn't lose a lot from last years team

CubHawk1237 I hope like hell we start the game with a pass instead of run, run, pass, punt

dexhawk4 they have some key players banged up

CubHawk1237 who's banged up?

dexhawk4 toon

dexhawk4 their te

iowahawkeyes89 Cub I agree...I like it when we go with 2/3 step drops right away

RobHowe Bielema said Toon and Kendricks will play

dexhawk4 and a dl

iowahawkeyes89 Toon and Kendricks played last week dex

dexhawk4 oh theyll play but still a lil banged up

wayzatahawkeye we seem to be in pretty good shape injury wise

Prhawk It will be a war up front

dexhawk4 thats when they got hurt

iowahawkeyes89 BB will be on ESPN at halftime of the Oregon UCLA game

RobHowe I'm not too worried about this one. That worries me.

JoshHarvey yeah, but we do that three times and punt then people are complaining why isn't Ken not establishing the run

CubHawk1237 It would be nice for Clayborn to have his 2010 coming out party against Carimi Saturday

JoshHarvey> Cub- I'm predicting he will...on a big national stage

iowahawkeyes89 Rob I'm extremely worried about this you should feel good.

iowahawkeyes89 I'm always wrong

CubHawk1237 The only game the rest of the year I"m not worried about is Minnesota

dexhawk4 i think its sashs comin out party

Prhawk I hope so, our safeties have been underwhelming

CubHawk1237 dex, a INT and blocked kick return for 40 yards isn't a coming out party?

Prhawk Bad angles, yards after contact, and no wrap up

iowahawkeyes89 I think Tolzein is VERY over rated. Very average QB IMO

CubHawk1237 Hyde could go a game without getting completely burnt too. That would be nice

dexhawk4 im thinkin 2 ints n forced fumble kinda ordeal

iowahawkeyes89 He benefits from a great OL and above average WR's...pretty weak arm

Prhawk cub, I am in the minority, but I dont get excited about interceptions when you are not within 10 yards of a defender.

CubHawk1237 Tolzien looked horrible against us last year. He has good stats because their running game opens up some very easy passses for him

RobHowe Mike Meyer will probably need to grow up a bit more this week.

iowahawkeyes89 Hopefully we worked on tackling this week...

CubHawk1237 how good is wisconsin's kicker?

Prhawk I was laughing last week, more people in the stands than in Dubuque

RobHowe Three-year starter, Cub CubHawk1237 James White is very impressive

wayzatahawkeye Meye'r kick last week was big

RobHowe Their punter is also a 3-year starter

Prhawk Yep, kicking in the big house is just like playing senior high

CubHawk1237 Giants scored....3-2 Phils in 4th

iowahawkeyes89 My one really big worry this game...Wisconsins OL dominates our DL like they did early in the game last year. They ran the ball at will until Clay wentt down. If they do that all game, we might be in trouble.

Prhawk 89, we dont have two nfl lbs behind them this year either

iowahawkeyes89 True

RobHowe They run behind Moffitt right at Klug

dexhawk4 i think after last week the d-line plays with a chip on their shoulders

CubHawk1237 We made an unreal defensive halftime adjustment against Wisconsin last year. Will we be able to do that without Norm this year if need be?

dexhawk4 still worried though

iowahawkeyes89 How many starters did Wisky lose from last year? The DE Schofield and...

Prhawk I am worried this week and MSU is better than Wisc

wayzatahawkeye I hope MSU does not slip up this wek

CubHawk1237 Rob, you think Clay will go pro after this year?

Prhawk MSU is a BCS team, cuz only Iowa can beat them

iowahawkeyes89 Don't sleep on NW vs MSU this weekend...thats a trap if I've ever seen one

Prhawk cub, it will be interesting cuz is risk to go pro if there is no agreement

JoshHarvey I really think this whole gam could rely on our secondary. I know you think I have it backwards..but hear me out. If Iowa can stop Tolzien and force them to go one-dimensional with their running game, Iowa will find a way to stop the run

RobHowe He might, Cub. I don't think he's going to be anything special as a pro.

CubHawk1237 MSU is hard to figure out. Watching the Iowa-MSU game last year had me thinking that was one of the hardest hitting, fastest defenses I'd seen in awhile. And then the rest of the year they got torched

wayzatahawkeye Is Clay really going to be a great pro?

iowahawkeyes89 He stamina is awful..

iowahawkeyes89 his*

dexhawk4 clay wont be a good pro

Prhawk So Rob, who is our next commit?

wayzatahawkeye does he have the speed NFL looks for

iowahawkeyes89 French

Prhawk I predicted Miller and was a little off

RobHowe French

CubHawk1237 When is French announcing?

Prhawk You got some inside stuff there?

RobHowe End of the month, beginning of next

wayzatahawkeye seems like more recruits have emerged 'late' this year than ever before

iowahawkeyes89 He's visited Iowa this weekend

Prhawk does iowa have a position in mind for him?

iowahawkeyes89 visiting*

RobHowe You guys do know he's officially visiting this weekend?

RobHowe WR

CubHawk1237 With all the talk about how raw French is, would you say it's safe to say he probably won't see field prior to RS Jr year?

RobHowe I think he could play before that.

Prhawk Rob, dont we need to recruit another corner and 2 safties, I dont see that many offers out or hear too much about those positions. We dont have many scholarship bodies there

RobHowe We sit pretty well with Carter at CB

CubHawk1237 I would love to see Wegher come back next year and move to safety

Prhawk that would be nice

Prhawk Miller looks like he is already more physical than Sash or Greenwood

CubHawk1237 Tamani Carter? Is he from Ohio? When is he making a decision?

RobHowe Who knows with Kirby?

RobHowe Yes, He's from Pickering, Cub.

CubHawk1237 thanks

RobHowe He still has visits.

RobHowe I think the rest of the class will trickle in.

iowahawkeyes89 Kirby wants to decide by end of November. I like our chances if we can get his teammate.

dexhawk4 thatd be huge

CubHawk1237 Who is Kirby's teammate again?

iowahawkeyes89 Sucks we didn't get Byrd

CubHawk1237 I wanted Byrd bad

iowahawkeyes89 Sucks even more that he said the track program put SC over the top...that blows...

RobHowe Yeah, my gut was wrong again. :)

iowahawkeyes89 It sounded like he liked Iowa, but SC's track program gave them the final edge.

wayzatahawkeye sounds like we were very close

dexhawk4 he had iowa first

wayzatahawkeye are there any MN commits we want?

dexhawk4 ill be honest, id rather have a guy 100% dedicated to football in this day n age

iowahawkeyes89 Rodney Coe isn't deciding until Army All American bowl

RobHowe Armstead Williams is Kirby's teammate

wayzatahawkeye deciding or announcing?

CubHawk1237 There's a QB from here in KC that is committed to Minnesota, but I don't think he had an Iowa offer

RobHowe Couple of good teammates coming in this weekend in Jackson and Simmons.

dexhawk4 no minnesota commits have iowa offers Rob, did you see Gardner, KS is on ESPNU tomorrow night? They're the team with Bubba Starlin

iowahawkeyes89 What happened to Quinton Jefferson and that Price kid

wayzatahawkeye not a great year from MN high school prospects

JoshHarvey I'm very intrigued by Jackson.

Prhawk I have heard next year is decent in MN, maybe we can get in early

RobHowe Cool. I'll watch that.

iowahawkeyes89 Rudock is on ESPNU tomorrow also

Prhawk Josh, where do you see Jackson end up

RobHowe Nice

CubHawk1237 I'm heading to the game with 2 buddies. If you see 3 guys in Iowa gear, that will be us

JoshHarvey it sounds like the coaching staff has been working a little overtime on Jackson to establish a relationship

JoshHarvey position wise pr? or what school?

Prhawk sorry, what position do you see him at?

JoshHarvey DE

JoshHarvey I think he ends up at Iowa or Tech

RobHowe Quinton Jefferson and Ejuan Price still haven't announced. We're still in there.

Prhawk Will we take a JUCO DT?

wayzatahawkeye What is your sense on Coe?

RobHowe The Coach at McKeesport told me that jackson and simmons are leaning towards going to the same school.

iowahawkeyes89 How about Armonze Daniel eliminating schools that haven't even offered...I found that very odd.Really wants Auburn

CubHawk1237 We don't need kids like Daniel in our program. What a putz

JoshHarvey Coe doesn't talk much guys, he gets bombarded with requests, but it sounds pretty god for Iowa.

CubHawk1237 Do "experts" still assume it's Arkansas or Iowa for Coe?

iowahawkeyes89 Thoughts on Norm Parker chant?

wayzatahawkeye would love to see a couple 'speed guys' whether WR or DB

Prhawk giving up computer to homework--take care guys

RobHowe It's a good idea. I wish the U would have stepped forward to get involved a little sooner.

iowahawkeyes89 I like the idea...but part of me doesn't like the idea of 70,000 chanting Norm rather than yelling really loud on 3rd downs

iowahawkeyes89 I would rather do it on the 1st 1st down

RobHowe I think it's Iowa or Arkansas for Coe.

JoshHarvey Coe has named Arkansas and Iowa his favorites, but I don't think he has necessarily said everyone else is done

iowahawkeyes89 Coe suffered a pretty serious concussion

iowahawkeyes89 Season ending

RobHowe His season wasn't going well

CubHawk1237 football concussions are getting out of control

RobHowe First-year coach there.

JoshHarvey> sounds like the o-line isn't the greatest either.

CubHawk1237 Are you worried about Melvin Gordon at all? Or is he 100% a Hawkeyes?

RobHowe I've heard some people from down there question his commitment.

JoshHarvey 100%

RobHowe Coe, that is

CubHawk1237 Coe's commitment to the game of football or Gordon's commitment to Iowa?

iowahawkeyes89 Melvin is a Hawkeye

CubHawk1237 my bad....just saw your post, rob

iowahawkeyes89 But the Wisconsin mod, earlier this week, was trying to make it sound like there was more to it...

RobHowe The Wisconsin Scout mod?

iowahawkeyes89 Then Andy Hamiltons story came out

CubHawk1237 is it fair to say Melvin's running style is different than ARob and Coker?

iowahawkeyes89 Yeah

iowahawkeyes89 On their recruiting board

RobHowe Wishful thinking up there

iowahawkeyes89 I'm sure his post is still there. It sounded more like him trying to get some $ for new premium members. wayzatahawkeye how does our board rank vs other B10 Scout sites?

iowahawkeyes89 #1

RobHowe Melvin isn't as thick, but taller. He's going to need to learn to run a little lower when he gets here.

CubHawk1237 he does kind of run standing tall like Charles

iowahawkeyes89 I think Gordons a WR, I've said that for a while too.

dexhawk4 cut n slash kinda back

iowahawkeyes89 He would get killed running like he does in high school in the Big Ten. He runs very upright

RobHowe He reminds a bit of Jackson from the Rams

dexhawk4 this commercial has this dang song stuck in my head

iowahawkeyes89 Shonn Greene captain this week

iowahawkeyes89 Fitting

CubHawk1237 I love me some Shonn Greene. Bought his authentic Jets jersey two weeks ago

wayzatahawkeye any chance we take another QB, especially if it is a kid with multiple position potetntial?

JoshHarvey> i can't see them doing it wayzatahawkeye

RobHowe There's always a chance, but I doubt it.

CubHawk1237 Cardale Jones still have an Iowa offer?

RobHowe No

CubHawk1237 I was pretty impresses with Cardale when they were on ESPN a few weeks ago

iowahawkeyes89 of our current commits, Walsh and Blythe are the two I'm most excited about, especially Walsh. THat was a shocker.

CubHawk1237 did we pull his offer when Rudock commited?

wayzatahawkeye any more talk on the Derby position change?

RobHowe Pretty much in that time frame.

CubHawk1237 A guy from my hometown coaches at Williamsburg, and said Blyth isn't only a great player but works extremely hard

JoshHarvey Everytime I have talked to Blyth I have gotten that impression

RobHowe Haven't heard any more on Derby. He's the scout team QB this year. This spring will be huge for him

CubHawk1237 This is really dreaming....but how sweet would a Wegher-Derby safety combo be?

wayzatahawkeye any talk about the redshirts?

dexhawk4 I think ruddock plays b4 derby dexhawk4 it

iowahawkeyes89 Derby will be a LB

wayzatahawkeye what about DE?

dexhawk4 eh i dont think wegher returns

iowahawkeyes89 Doubt it

CubHawk1237 Josh, I'm just thinking he would make a good safety if he comes bacck

wayzatahawkeye what happened to the SD rumors?

CubHawk1237 Derby could be the white Taylor Mays

dexhawk4 but smart cub

iowahawkeyes89 I was shocked they pulled Shumperts redshirt

neshawk Can Iowa pull Wegher's schollie and give it to someone who wants to be a Hawk?

dexhawk4 yes

JoshHarvey Sure Nes

RobHowe Kirk said last night that they might pull more

iowahawkeyes89 I can't think of anyone else they would pull...Carl Davis?

JoshHarvey i don't think you mess around with him a safety

wayzatahawkeye they need some of those guys to contribute next year

neshawk I mean for the spring semester

JoshHarvey he is either a running back or not on the team

iowahawkeyes89 I'm out guys...Be loud Saturday

iowahawkeyes89 Go Hawks!

CubHawk1237 he definitely has the ability to make the move to WR or safety

wayzatahawkeye Will Miller be ready to start next year?

CubHawk1237 I wasn't worried about the Wisconsin game going into the year, but I'm real worried all of a sudden

RobHowe Tanner?

wayzatahawkeye yes

JoshHarvey iowa is getting to the point they don't have to experiement like that. It's not as easy as everyone thinks to move to a new position. It's not NCAA 2011 on Xbox 360. Especally if he is coming off a year where he didn't play.

RobHowe I think so. He'll have some bumps, but the kid is solid.

neshawk Jared Ebert 6-5 285lb dt from IWCC by way of Ia City West. Offers from PSU, Ore and Okie St. Any chance Iowa offers?

wayzatahawkeye KF's record with guys like him who he steals from UNI in the last 3 days is amazing

RobHowe Not sure on Ebert. I've not heard his name as a possibility but we'll see,

wayzatahawkeye DL is a big concern in 2011

JoshHarvey I'm out guys. Have a 10P.M. spotscast to produce. Happy watching Saturday

RobHowe See ya Josh

wayzatahawkeye with our line and skil players QB transition should be smooth

CubHawk1237 Daniels and Binna will be a solid nucleus, but no doubt the DL is a concern. Coach K is a great d line coach

CubHawk1237 I like Vandenberg, but I'm not as high on him as most. He really needs to learn when to put touch on the ball

wayzatahawkeye hopefully one of the redshirt DLs is a stud

RobHowe Carl Davis is a load. Donovan Johnson is large. Lebron Daniel is pretty good. Alvis is an up and comer. We'll be OK

CubHawk1237 Rob, you think Carl Davis and Daniel start next year along with Binns and Daniels?

wayzatahawkeye I was surprised they redshirted Davis and Johnson since they may need one to play next year

CubHawk1237 Is Lebron Daniel undersized or does he just appear thay way on TV?

RobHowe He'd be my choice. They also have Ferguson and Hardy in the '10 class

wayzatahawkeye I thought Hardy was supposed to be an OL?

RobHowe He's working with the DL right now.

CubHawk1237 Is Hardy a Bryan Mattison type player?

RobHowe I think he's more athletic.

wayzatahawkeye I love our OL for next year

CubHawk1237 Gettis steps in for Julian....Vandenberg should have a lot of time to throw

RobHowe Should be solid with good depth

wayzatahawkeye what ever happened to Digger? I don't see him on either site. Loved his commentary.

RobHowe I'm out, guys. Time for my baby shift. Thanks. Go Hawks!!!

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