Junior to Watch: WR Michael Wright

When thinking of Des Moines, you look no further than Valley or Dowling for the state's most prestigious programs. However, as far as top prep honors go, this upcoming fall there will be a battle among five Des Moines preps, including Hoover WR Michael Wright. He will also be splitting time to choose the program of his choice.

Name: Michael Wright

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 6'3 190

School: Hoover High School (Des Moines, IA)

Schools Showing Interest: Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, Illinois

Early Word on Michael:
Viewing Michael at the beginning of last fall, Hoover Head Coach Brian Tate did not feel as confidently he would be a division one prospect. How the times have changed.

"At first, I thought Michael might be best suited as a WR on the D1-AA level, and at best a TE prospect for a school like Iowa State," Hoover Coach Brian Tate stated. "Michael worked very hard this off-season, and plans to run track this spring, to increase his speed. I am starting to firmly believe he has what it takes to be a division one wide receiver. He does everything asked of a wide receiver, including running crisp routes, blocking, and catching the ball over the middle."

Michael will be in attendance for this spring's Nike Camp held in Blacksburg, Virginia while he visits family. Michael is already qualified with a 3.2 GPA, and 19 on ACT, although he'll be re-taking it.

"I'm looking very much forward to the Nike Camp. In high school in Iowa, I've never seen or heard of the other top prospects out east and down south," Michael stated. "I will get the chance to go up against those guys and prove myself."

Michael caught 41 receptions, including four touchdowns, for 600 yards. He also returned a kickoff for 92 yards and a touchdown. He has been timed at 4.65 in the forty yard dash.

Michael has already view one college that has left him with a better judgment on what he will want from a school in making his selection.

"At Iowa, the coaching staff is just so sincere. They really care about you as a person; I liked them very much. Coach Ferentz even turned down an opportunity to coach in the NFL to stay for all his players."

While Michael will be fighting for the top prep honors in the Des Moines area, he will also try to earn the rights as the receiver in the state alongside Adrian Arrington. It is easy to see the determination Michael holds in earning what is his.

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