Indiana Q&A

Is Indiana still thinking a bowl game in 2010? Is Bill Lynch worried about his job security?'s Josh Harvey talks with Publisher John Decker. Come inside for this weeks opponent Q&A.

1.) I know that at the beginning of the year, three straight wins got fans excited about a possible bowl trip. Now at 4-4, does everyone think it's still a good possibility?  At this point, most fans are hoping they can figure out a way to avoid going 0-8 in the Big Ten. The consensus was that it IU was going to a bowl game, it needed to start fast because the final month of the season was going to be difficult. Michigan, Illinois and Northwestern were viewed as the 'winnable' games early on, and that they probably needed to figure out a way to win two of the three. With how things have gone over the last month, only the most optimistic of IU fans are still thinking about a bowl trip.

2.) I know that offensive tackle James Brewer came back in limited action last week against Northwestern. He has been considered a big reason why for some struggles in the Big Ten, is he back at 100% for Iowa this week?  He's not back to 100 percent, but he's getting there. He was in and out of the game against Northwestern, and the hope is that he can up his snaps this weekend. His biggest contribution has clearly been in pass protection, where he's been exceptionally good at giving Ben Chappell time to throw. Considering how good Iowa's defensive front is, it's imperative for IU that Brewer play as much as possible.

3.) Any other major injuries to report besides Darius Willis at running back?  Quarterback Ben Chappell was wearing a boot during IU's Monday press conference and was held out of practice Tuesday. But he was back on the field Wednesday, and there's no reason to think he'll be unavailable Saturday. Chappell went pretty much unscathed during IU's non-conference schedule, but has been taking a lot more hits since conference play has gotten underway. Part of the reason is the absence of Brewer, who was originally injured in the Michigan game. But the biggest part has been a lot better competition and the fact Indiana hasn't been able to establish any sort of balance with the running game. Otherwise, Indiana has been getting a little healthier with the return of Brewer and cornerback Richard Council, who suffered a knee injury against Michigan.

4.) Has much been made this week in Bloomington about last year's contest and how for three quarters, it looked like the Hooisers were going to knock off the 4th ranked team in the country?  Not a great deal - I think most IU fans view this game as a very steep hill to climb. If there was any doubt about that fact, last week's drubbing of Michigan State confirmed it. In last year's game IU was obviously the beneficiary of some terrible throws by Ricky Stanzi, who I believe had five interceptions in the game and four in the third quarter alone. For Indiana to have any real chance it would need for Iowa to turn the ball over like it did a year ago, and that obviously hasn't been the case for Iowa or Stanzi this year.

5.) Should Bill Lynch be somewhat worried about his job security at Indiana?  There are certainly rumblings in Bloomington about what will happen at the end of the season. Certainly a lot depends on what happens down the stretch - if Indiana figures out a way to win two out of its last four and finish 6-6, whether that includes a bowl game or not, he'd certainly be safe. Even if IU were to win one of four and be competitive against Iowa, Penn State and Wisconsin, then I think people might feel a little better about the program. But if the next two weeks turn out to be ugly losses and the season continues to spiral downward, then the calls will continue to get louder.

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