Spears Ready To Face USA Today No. 1 Team

Free: Allen linebacker and Iowa commitment Melvin Spears has a big test in front of him on Saturday night. Can the middle linebacker hold the USA Today No. 1 Euless Trinity running game in check? HI's Josh Harvey talked with the senior about Allen's upcoming match-up.

Fort Worth, TX - In the last five years, Euless Trinity and Allen have won four of the five Texas 5A Division 1 state championships, the largest classification in the state. The two will square off against each other on Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, with the winner being one of the favorites to win the championship in 2010.

"I'm pumped," said Allen linebacker and Iowa commitment Melvin Spears to HawkeyeInsider.com.

The Allen Eagles and Euless Trinity Trojans are no strangers to each other. Last season, the Eagles defeated the Trojans in the regular season, but Euless Trinity went on to win the state title.

In 2008, Euless Trinity won their regular season match-up, but Allen won state, defeating the Trojans 34-21 along the way in the playoffs.

It's safe to say, when these two teams square off, a good game is about to be played.

"Everyone really gets excited for this game. We are licking our chops. I think we are ready. We are trying to not treat this game any different," said Spears. "I think we are at a top level right now. We can't just settle. We have to keep going and keep watching the tape. We can beat them."

Allen better hope to be at their top level on Saturday. Euless Trinity is currently rated the No. 1 team in the United States by USA Today. The Eagles are 11-0 while Allen is 10-1.

Unlike many Texas 5A teams, Euless Trinity's offense is centered around running the ball. Instead of running out of the spread formation, they use their running attack to set up the pass. They are currently averaging 386 yards a game on the ground.

"To be honest, I love teams that run the ball. Since I'm in the middle, it's my dream to play teams like this," said Spears. "They are pretty much a run team. We have to focus on it. If we can stop it, we can have some success against them."

Cowboys stadium can hold over 100,000 fans, so finding a ticket will not be hard. The Texas high school record for attendance is 49,953. While many predicted this game could break that, it's highly unlikely a second round match up will create enough hype to break the 33-year record. Currently the expected attendance is around 30,000 to 35000 people.

"Everybody gets a little nervous playing in there, Cowboys Stadium is big," said Spears who played in the stadium last year. "But once the game starts, everyone just forgets about it and it's just a football field."

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