Time Will Tell

Three Iowa juniors filed NFL paperwork to get advice on where they might be taken in April's draft. Two of them, Marvin McNutt and Tyler Sash, spoke more about their process after Tuesday's Insight Bowl.

TEMPE, Ariz. - Juniors Marvin McNutt and Tyler Sash didn't expound much on comments earlier this week that they would look into leaving school early for the NFL. They said they'd spend some time with family, talk Ferentz and research the paperwork returned to them by the draft advisory board.

"I'm going to handle it just like I was going to college," McNutt said. "This is a decision you make. Right now, we're going to see how the cards fall and see where it goes from there."

McNutt said he's not leaning one way or the other. He's half and half.

"It's really my decision," McNutt said. "I don't want to put it on my family because it's not their life that they're going to be living. It's really a decision I choose to make."

McNutt's girlfriend has a son. He considers himself as father. But, again, it's not a hardship case for McNutt.

"They're OK with me coming back for another year," McNutt said. "They told me it's up to me. And like I said, it's like when I chose Iowa as a school, they maybe would have liked another decision more. But at the time, it was always up to what I wanted to do."

Juniors have until January 15 to enter their names in the NFL Draft pool. They should receive the paperwork from the advisory board shortly so they can than assess the situation and make a decision.

"I haven't yet (made up his mind)," Sash said. "No decision has been made yet. I'm going to sit down and talk to Coach (Kirk) Ferentz again. I'm going to have a couple of weeks here to spend some time with family and friends, talk to the coaches a little bit more and then I'll make a decision."

Sash said he has a cut-off for what round he might go in the draft for leaving or staying. He didn't say what it was.

"There's advice there," the safety said. "But I have to look at it and make the best decision for myself depending on what they're telling me. It's common for guys to test these waters."

Ferentz said on Monday that defensive back Shaun Prater also applied for guidance from the advisory board. I did not get a chance to speak with him after Tuesday's game.

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