Midlands Wrap-Up Notebook

The Iowa Hawkeyes finished fourth at the Midlands Wrestling Championships in Evanson on Thursday. Check out a quick wrap-up from the even here.

Ty Clark and Ethen Lofthouse were the only two seeded Hawkeye wrestlers to finish at or above their seed for the tournament.  Clark was seeded #11, and finished #5.  Lofthouse was seeded #9 and finished #5.  Aaron Janssen was unseeded, but wrestled his way to a fifth place finish.

Missed Opportunities
The Hawkeyes had plenty of opportunities early on in the tournament to secure bonus points and close wins.  Those slipped to decisions and losses.  That's part of the maturation of a young team, and should come as the season goes on, but is definitely an area that needs work.  Overall, the team didn't seem agressive, especially early on in matches.

In and Around the Arena
Several recent former Hawkeyes were in the arena, either on the staff of other programs or as spectators.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but over the course of the two days, I spotted, among others, Brent Metcalf, Ryan Morningstar, Alex Tsirtsis, Joe Johnston, Mark Perry, Rick Loera, Jared Frayer, etc.

During most of the Hawkeye v Hawkeye matchups, the Hawkeye coaching staff left both coaches corners empty.  Tom Brands sat in one corner during the second Clark/Ramos match, but he was silent and uninvolved, wanting a closer look at his two 133-pound options.

Small Bits of Improvement
While the team outcome was quite disappointing, overall, there were some small bits of improvement out of individuals.  Early in the season, Luke Lofthouse had trouble finishing single-leg shots.  He's become much more adept at whipping that leg across, rather than letting his opponent hop around to safety.

What's Ahead
The Hawkeyes are in action against SIU-Edwardsville at home on January 7th before traveling to Stillwater, Oklahoma on January 16th to meet the second-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Iowa has won 68 straight dual meets, dating back to January 12, 2008, when the Hawkeyes lost to Oklahoma State.  That is their final non-conference outing before Big Ten competition begins with a home dual against Ohio State on January 22nd.

Final Standings
1. Missouri - 103.5
2. Wisconsin - 95.5
3. Lehigh - 93.0
4. Iowa - 91.0
5. Pittsburgh - 82.5

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