Wright Visting Iowa

Stanford verbal Remound Wright will officially visit Iowa this coming weekend. The four-star back from Fort Wayne started looking around after the Cardinal coaching change.

It sounds like window shopping, but the stakes are much higher for Remound Wright. Passing on a new pair of sneakers is trivial compared to choosing a college.

Wright will officially visit Iowa this weekend, said the four-star running back's father, Remound II. The Fort Wayne, Ind. product verbally committed to Stanford

"You don't want to walk away without taking a look," Remound II said. "You don't want to think down the round of what might have been. You check it out and make sure you have all the facts when you make your decision."

Remound III committed to Stanford before head coach Jim Harbaugh left the school to coach the San Francisco 49ers earlier this month.

"I wouldn't say that had a huge impact (on Remound III)," his father said. "We knew when he committed there that Jim wasn't going to be there for all four or five years. We weren't that naive.

"The thing for us was who was going to be the next coach. Remound committed to Stanford, the school, not the coach, but who the coach is still is a factor."

The Cardinal and former Iowa Athletics Director Bob Bowlsby hired Harbaugh's offensive coordinator, David Shaw, to replace him. It was in the interim that the Wrights decided to look around.

"We just decided to take a look at a few of the schools that were in consideration when Remound chose Stanford," the father said. "Iowa and Northwestern were in there until the end. We've had quite a few other schools try to jump in recently but we didn't want to make it wide open."

It's now down to Iowa and Stanford, Remound III said. The family will visit Iowa City this weekend with hopes of making a final decision shortly after that trip.

"I want people to realize that (Remound III) still is committed to Stanford)," his father said. "Sometimes kids take a look just to reaffirm that their original choice was the right one. He did commit to Stanford, the school."

The Wrights would not be visiting Iowa this weekend, however, if the Hawkeyes didn't have a realistic shot to gain a commitment, Remound II said. The door is open.

"Sure it is," Remound II said. "Definitely."

The Wrights just are trying to make sure they gather all the information necessary to make the best decision for Remound III.

"This is a choice that impacts the next 40 years of his life," Remound III said. "These are 17 and 18 year old kids making these choices. They all think they're going to the league. They need to be prepared for the real chance that won't happen."

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