Iowa Sitting Well

2012 offensive lineman Ty Darlington has collected an impressive list of scholarship offers. The Florida product has seen some of the schools in the group, including Iowa. See what he had to say about the Hawkeyes and his recruitment.

His name brings to mind bull riding or NASCAR, but Ty Darlington is all football player. One need look no farther than his impressive list of scholarship offers. National Champion Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Iowa, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech are among the schools to extend opportunities to the Florida lineman.

"I feel like I've received pretty much all of the ones I'm going to get," the 6-foot-4, 270-pounder said. "I don't have a Top 5 or a Top 8 or anything like that. But I need to start trimming down the list."

Iowa stands a good chance of making the cut.

"They just have a great history with the offensive line," Darlington said. "They put people in the league and have had a lot and draft picks. I think of all of the schools that I'm looking at, Iowa does the best job of developing offensive linemen."

Darlington visited Iowa last summer with his father and coach at Apopka Senior High, Rick Darlington. The latter attended a coach's clinic and his son used it as an unofficial trip to check things out.

"They treated me great," Darlington said. "We got to see a practice. There's just a lot of intensity and a great atmosphere there."

Darlington recently attended junior days at Florida and Miami.

"I really felt comfortable (at Miami)," he said. "There's a great dedication to turning around the program there."

On his trip to Iowa last year, Darlington stopped at Oklahoma for a camp.

"I really like Oklahoma,' he said. "My mom was a cheerleader there. I have a lot of family in that area."

Darlington also has seen Florida State, Georgia and Auburn.

"Auburn was like a family," he said.

Darlington said he could make a decision in August before his senior season starts. It also could go into the campaign if he feels like he'd like to use some official visits.

Winning seems to be the main draw for Darlington.

"But most of the schools I'm considering are winning quite a lot," he said. "I really want to be at a place where I fit; where I get along with the players and coaches."

Most schools are recruiting Darlington to play center at the next level even though he's mostly played tackle at Apopka.

"I also think I can play guard," he said. "But I like center. I like being in charge out there and making the line calls."

Darlington believes that his athleticism is the reason so many schools are interested in signing him.

"I think if you look at my tape you see me doing things a lot of guys can't do, like pulling from the center position," he said. "I can be out there at the front of a sweep. I also pride myself on playing through the whistle, perhaps after it at times."

Playing close to his immediate family in Florida would be nice, Darlington said. He doesn't, however, feel like distance from home will be the deciding factor in his decision.

"Where I am (in the Orlando area), we're like 4-7 hours from Miami and Tallahassee," Darlington said. "Oklahoma and Iowa are out there, but when you play football at that level, you don't have a lot of free time. It's football and school work all year round anyway, so I don't know how much more I would see my parents."

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