Sunrise Coach Clears Air

There has been a lot of talk about what will happen with Sunrise Christian talent Gabe Olaseni and Eric Katenda. Their Coach Kyle Lindsted clears the air on some rampant rumors.

With the late basketball signing period cruising along at a rapid clip, rumors are running rampant. Sunrise Christian's Eric Katenda and Gabe Olaseni are caught up in the speculation.

A couple of common beliefs are that Olaseni is waiting to jump on an Oklahoma offer and Katenda is opening things up beyond his final three of Iowa, Notre Dame and Wake Forest.

"I'm not sure where these people come up with some of this stuff," Sunrise Coach Kyle Lindsted said. "They must just think this stuff up."

The rumor mill reached Iowa Assistant Andrew Francis, who called Lindsted Wednesday night to get the story. The Hawkeyes have offered scholarships to both Sunrise players.

"I told Coach Francis that I'm not totally convinced that if OU offers Gabe that he'll take it," Lindsted said. "There's a risk at OU where as Iowa has declared that he's their guy and they've been working on him for a long time.

"Gabe knows I feel this way. He's enamored with OU, but there's more that goes into it than that. He has to see where he fits on the rosters."

Lindsted believes that Olaseni wants the option of going to Oklahoma.

"All kids like to have choices," the coach said. "What people need to understand is that he's giving Oklahoma a chance. He's not made up his mind that he's going to pick them.

"He's intrigued. The previous staff had offered him. The new staff is just turning on their computers. They've only seen him twice and are evaluating him and others. He wants to see how that plays out."

Olaseni also holds offers from mid-major schools. Lindsted said it's not out of the question that his center would look that way.

"You have to look at all the options," the coach said. "He could go to a mid-major and be the man for four years."

As for Katenda, speculation has him looking for something outside his finalists. Kentucky and Kansas are schools that have popped up in the rumor mill.

Lindsted laughs.

"He's not visiting anywhere else," the coach said. "At one point, there was something with Texas and Kansas and a lot of other stuff thrown at him. He's going to pick from those three schools."

So, which way is he leaning?

"Well, my feeling is that he's pretty perplexed right now," Lindsted said. "It's a tough decision. But I think he's close. I'll let him let the cat out of the bag when it's time. But I honestly couldn't say I know where he's going."

Lindsted thinks Katenda's announcement could come as early as this weekend and probably will happen by early next week, at the latest. Olaseni is probably at least a week away from ending things, the coach said.

"I don't buy the rumor that if Oklahoma offers he takes it," Lindsted said. "He likes it a lot and it's intriguing, but he has to figure out the position he would be in on that roster. I think they'd have some convincing to do even if they offer."

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