Bucs Claim Clayborn

A look at Adrian Clayborn's big night in New York when he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Adrian Clayborn broke down in tears when he received the phone call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers The NFL franchise was informing him that he was its first-round draft pick, the 20th overall player to be taken in the process

Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik told the team's official website that Clayborn was the unanimous choice of the decision makers in the team's draft room

"It's about toughness," Dominik told the site "It's about the football player, the mentality in terms of how hard you play He's a relentless football player He will go full-bore on every play, as long as he can, as hard as he can

"I'm looking forward to our fans seeing this guy play in pewter and red because he's going to be a guy that really attacks the football field, attacks the runner He has some very physical hits, he's a very good runner, has good change of direction We're really excited about him He's going to be very productive player for us and I know he's going to make us a better team up front "

Bucs Head Coach Raheem Morris agreed with his GM

"He's a guy that's going to go out there and hunt, not only the quarterback but anybody that has the football," Morris said to the team's website "Also, he falls right into the line of doing whatever's best for [quarterback] Josh Freeman I know he's on defense, but the more times you stop people and get the ball back, the more for Josh That immediately helps He's going to be a force on the football field and that's what we want That's why we went out and got him "

After the selection, Clayborn received a phone call from the team's 2010 first-round pick, Gerald McCoy, a defensive tackle

"He said he was excited," Clayborn told the team's website "He thought that they got a great pick in me He's excited and I'm excited to be there and work with him a little bit That's one thing that [McCoy] talked to me about He said that he was going to guide me the right way through this whole process I'm excited to have a guy like that to help me out "

Take a look at Clayborn's night in New York:

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