Iowa in It For Long Haul

Alex Kozan ranks as the top player in Colorado for 2012. While the offensive lineman is looking at in-state schools, he also likes programs from outside the boarders. Find out how things are going with his recruitment, including his thoughts on Iowa, in this update.

The recruiting process wears down many a high school football players. Alex Kozan is taking steps to avoid that pitfall.

The standout offensive lineman from Colorado sets aside a bit of time each day to research potential colleges and their programs.

"Sometimes it can be overwhelming unless you keep it in check," the 6-foot-4, 295-pounder said. "It can be whatever you make it. Coaches can only call once. After that, I decide if I want to initiate contact. You need to be able to live your life.

"You have to keep up with your school work and other sports. You have to have priorities."

Kozan has researched Iowa, one of the many top schools that have offered a scholarship to the Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO) product. He visited Iowa City in March.

"Iowa is a great program that has done a lot," Kozan said. "Coach (Kirk) Ferentz knows what he's doing. The Tippy Business School is one of the Top 25 in the nation. It's just a solid program with solid people. Whenever I think about them, I think about the people."

Kozan has unofficially visited Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Colorado State, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Kansas State. All have offered scholarships as have Arkansas, Duke, Syracuse, Utah and Vanderbilt.

"I'm looking to cut (the list) down to a Top 5 by fall unless I find a place that I know I absolutely want to go to or spots start to fill up at a place I really, really like," Kozan said. "At that point, I'll want to take some officials because a lot of the schools are aways away. The things is, there are no bad schools or programs. I'd just like to get it down to about five that I know I'd be happy at."

Kozan said that quick feet are is calling card on the field. He also boasts long arms and a dedication in the weight room. He believes he can get to 320-330 pounds at the next level without losing his best assets.

"Some (schools) see me as a guard and others say tackle," Kozan said. "I've even had some say center. I'll play whoever. I think they do like that I'm versatile enough to play anywhere."

Kozan said that all of the schools that have offered him are "pretty even" to this point. Separating the schools will come down to his relationship with the coaches and the players and the environment at the school he chooses. He also wants to play early in his career.

"Based on everything I've seen, Iowa will be in it (the recruitment of Kozan) for the long haul," he said. "You look at the business school, the strength and conditioning and the program, they have it all. They could end up being the one I choose. I just don't know yet."

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