Recruiting Roundup: Offense

Iowa has enjoyed success the last two summers in receiving verbal commitments. Hawkeye Insider takes a look at the Class of 2012 offers, interest and outlook for the Hawkeyes. In this installment, we break down the offense.

Back in the winter, I wrote about the 2012 recruiting class as it pertained to Iowa - offers, interest, etc. I broke it up into offense and defense because, well, it made sense.

Now on the brink of summer camps and a slew of unofficial visits from prospects, I revisit Hawkeye recruiting for '12. I'll update the offers, interest and chances I believe Iowa has at nabbing certain targets.

At this time last year, Iowa had picked up three verbal commitments - Marcus Grant, Austin Blythe and Jacorey Sheperd. Sheperd ended up signing with Kansas.

The Hawkeyes have obtained one verbal in the current class - legacy, Mitch Keppy from Illinois. He pledged to Iowa on April 6.

Keppy might soon have some classmates. Recent history tells us that Iowa makes hay in the summer.

Last year, the Hawkeyes received 11 verbal commitments from June-August, including five in June and four in July. For the previous class, seven recruits verbally committed during the summer.

So, let's take a look at how things stand with recruits on the offensive side of the ball in the Class of '12:

(Note - You can click on a player's name to see his profile page. There, you can view other offers, previous stories on him written by, film and more).


  • Known Offers to Uncommitted Players:
  • Gunner Kiel, Devin Fuller.

  • Other Possibilities:
  • Wes Lunt, Robert Gregory, Brian Blackburn, Kyle Brown, Steve Donatell, Ryan West, Zachary Terrell.

  • Outlook:
  • Iowa is holding out hope that Kiel,'s top-ranked signal caller for '12, says yes to the Hawkeyes. The competition, as you would expect, is stiff. I think it would surprise a lot of people if he chose Iowa City, buy it's not out of the question.

    Some scouts question Fuller's ability to play QB at the next level, but he thinks he can do it and wants a shot at it. He would get that look at Iowa, but again, he has a nice list of offers.

    If Kiel were to choose someone other than Iowa, I think Lunt is next in line. He's a solid recruit from the region with plenty of good opportunities in front of him.

    I wonder if the Hawkeyes will get a serious look from the players on their second tier while waiting for Kiel. Lunt already holds offers from Big ten rivals Illinois, Michigan State and Wisconsin. It's a calculated risk by the Iowa coaches, but one that could come back to haunt them.

    My guess is that Iowa feels good about the depth of the prospects on its board. Maybe the staff views guys like Brown, West and Terrell on the same tier as Lunt.

    My guess is that Kiel goes with a "name" school and Iowa picks up a commitment from someone it has yet to offer. I don't think Fuller sees himself as a pro-style QB.


  • Known Offers to Uncommitted Players:
  • Greg Garmon, William Mahone, Drew Harris, Cyrus Jones, Dami Ayoola, Tevin Coleman.

  • Other Possibilities:
  • Drake Johnson, Malachi Daniels, Brandon Hall, Marcus Horne, Martez Walker.

  • Outlook:
  • Iowa probably is going to want to sign at least two guys at this position. It will know more after it gets a look at Rodney Coe's grades and his ability to play the position at the Big Ten level.

    Garmon, a four-star from Erie, Pa., recently announced that Iowa was in his Top 5 with North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois and West Virginia. He planned to visit all of them this summer.

    Iowa made the Top 10 of Mahone, a four-star from Youngstown, Ohio. Penn State, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Northwestern also were among the other schools he put in there.

    Drew Harris and Cyrus Jones also are a four-star prospects. Like Garmon and Mahone, they're ranked in the Top 25 nationally at this position by

    It will be interesting to see in what direction recruiting at RB goes for Iowa. The above mentioned kids likely will take some time making decisions. They'll look to see how the Hawkeye depth chart shakes out.

    Behind Marcus Coker, there are plenty of unknowns. If a Coe or Mika'il McCall proves to be a strong No. 2 guy, that could hurt Iowa's chances at the big names. But that would be a win for the Hawkeyes.


  • Known Offers to Uncommitted Players:
  • Dorial Green-Beckham, Durron Neal, Amara Darboh, Brandon Sheperd, Cameron Wilson, Canaan Severin, Jehu Chesson, Demitrious Davis, Chris Davis.

  • Other Possibilities:
  • Adam Bungum, Danny Larkins.

  • Outlook:
  • I think we can tell from the offer list that this is a position of need in this class. It doesn't even include several kids who have already verbally committed to other instituations.

    The ship on Green-Beckham has for all intents and purposes sailed. He's been ranked the No. 1 WR for '12 and can pick any school he wants.

    I also don't feel very good about the Hawkeyes' chances with Darboh. I'd be surprised if he didn't end up at Notre Dame.

    Iowa has a good relationship with Neal. I just don't think it's good enough to pry him away from Missouri let alone schools like Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame and USC.

    I think Iowa stands a decent chance with the rest of the guys on its current offer list at the position. It's hard to say on the Davis twins. They seem to like the process and I'm not sure Iowa is a big enough name for them.

    A legitimate chance exists that Sheperd and Chesson end up at the same school. Iowa does well in St. Louis and a big year from native Marvin McNutt could help the Hawkeyes' reputation in that area. Still, Missouri will be tough to beat.

    I like where Iowa stands with Wilson and Severin.

    The Hawkeyes could use at least three receivers in this class. There will be names that emerge down the road.

    They wanted three or four WRs in the last class and ended up with two. If that happens again, that could be a tough pill to swallow.


  • Known Offers to Uncommitted Players:
  • None.

  • Other Possibilities:
  • Undetermined.

  • Outlook:
  • This is a shallow class of TEs nationally in the Class of '12. Good thing it's not a need for Iowa.

    I still think the Hawkeyes could take someone at this position, but it's more likely they search for a walk-on like Sioux City's Dillon Godfrey. They'll stagger the three incoming freshmen.


  • Known Offers to Uncommitted Players:
  • Jordan Diamond, Jonah Pirsig, Ryan Ward, Jim Cashman, Ryan Watson, Alex Kozan, Evan Boehm, Ty Darlington.

  • Other Possibilities:
  • Wes Rogers, Chase Deback, John Ferguson, Sam Lee, Bradley Steger.

  • Outlook:
  • Like receiver, this is another position of need, particularly at tackle. With their reputation, Iowa usually has a shot to land big names at this spot.

    Diamond is the biggest prize if you go offer rankings, but Pirsig and Ward would be very nice acquisitions. Cashman isn't far behind.

    Watson, Boehm and Darlington all are quality guys on the interior. Kozan could end up inside or outside.

    I think Diamond will end up at a bigger name school. I think Iowa stands a good chance with each of the rest with the possible exception of Watson.

    I believe Pirsig will come down to Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Iowa probably will have to win Ward away from Northwestern, where his older brother plays.

    Boehm seems like a Missouri lean while Darlington probably favors Oklahoma.

    I think Iowa sits real well with Kozan and time will tell on Cashman.

    If you made me pick, I would say Pirsig and Kozan are Iowa's best shots. But there's time on the others and getting them in on visits would help.

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