McDonald Opens It Up

Andre McDonald felt like he had found his college when he verbally committed to Minnesota in February. The native of that state has had second thoughts since that announcement and now is looking around. In addition to the Gophers, the 2012 receiver is talking to Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan State and Illinois.

Andre McDonald admits he might have "jumped the gun" a bit when verbally committing to home state Minnesota in early February. He says that pledge is now soft and he's looking at other schools along with the Gophers.

"I did it because I thought it was where I wanted to be and what I needed," McDonald said of his early commitment. "I just didn't figure out that there might be some things I need that aren't there. It's not that I'm necessarily going to go somewhere else for those missing things. I'm just going to look around a little to see if it's where I want to be."

McDonald said that he and his coach made a list of things they felt like he needed and might not have at Minnesota. He declined to share those thoughts publicly.

"I've talked to the (Minnesota) coaches and they understand," the 6-foot-2, 190-pound wide receiver said. "I think they're a little upset and I understand that. But this is going to be my life for the next few years and I have to make sure that Minnesota is where I want to be."

In addition to Minnesota, McDonald holds scholarship offers from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan State and Ohio State. He's considering all of them with his recruitment opened up.

IOWA - They were my first offer and I really like it there. I went there for a junior day, but there were 100 other guys and I really didn't get a chance to know the coaches. I'm getting to know them now.

I talk with Coach (Eric) Johnson a lot and I'm just trying to get to know how they do things. Coach (Kirk) Ferentz sends me personal letters. I'm also in touch with Coach (Erik) Campbell. I'm going there for a visit at the end of the month.

Ohio STATE - I've always liked Ohio State ever since I was a little kid and before I started getting recruited. There's a lot of stuff going on there right now that I have to take a look at, but I really like their wide receivers coach (Stan Drayton). I'm just not sure how long he's going to be there.

ILLINOIS - I haven't learned a lot about them yet. I haven't had a chance. But I'm going to take a visit there. I'm talking with Coach (Jeff) Brohm. I like him. I'm getting to know what's going on there. I'll know more after the visit.

Michigan STATE - I plan to go to camp there in July. I really like their coaching staff and the program has a good tradition. I like their work ethic. They make their athletes better players, students and people. I want to go somewhere where they make me a better person.

McDonald still stay's very connected to Minnesota. He is attending a camp there today (Sunday). He's also going to Gopher senior days and just dropping in there quite a bit.

"The situation really isn't uncomfortable with them," McDonald said of the Gopher Staff knowing he's looking around. "We've built our relationship to a level where I can be honest with them and talk to them about how I'm feeling. They understand so it's not uncomfortable."

McDonald's comfort level with the Minnesota coaches is something he's trying to find with the staffs at the other schools at which he's looking.

"There's a lot of emailing and Facebook," he said. "I call every now and then to see how things are going."

McDonald hopes to study education in college.

"I'd like to be a teacher," he said. "I'm really into history so I'd like to teach that and coach. I've gotten so much help from my teachers that it motivates me to do that."

McDonald said he's not putting a time limit on his recruiting process.

"I'm going to let it play out and I'll know when I know," he said. "I'm just trying to hang out and let it happen. The first time around, I really got stressed out. I didn't see a lot of it coming. I don't want that this time."

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