Q&A with Wilson

Hawkeye Insider spoke with new Iowa verbal commitment Cameron Wilson on Monday. Here's a question and answer transcript from our conversation.

When did you make your decision?

Cameron Wilson: I did probably over the past week, but this morning I actually committed officially with coach.

What made up your mind that it was time?

Cameron Wilson: I think that I really couldn't ask for much more in a program than what Iowa was offering. I love the coaches and the campus and the facilities. So, I figured now was the time to make the final decision.

What is it about the Iowa coaches that drew you to them?

Cameron Wilson: I love Coach (Erik) Campbell, the receivers coach. He's just real easy to talk to and it seems like he knows a lot about the game. Coach (Kirk) Ferentz is a real family guy. He tries to stress the importance of family in a football team and program. I really like this aspects.

When did they offer?

Cameron Wilson: They offered me in January. The first guy I talked to was Coach Ferentz. He's the one who offered me.

What did they say they like about you?

Cameron Wilson: They told me they like my play-making ability and my versatility on the field.

What do you feel your strengths are as a wide receiver?

Cameron Wilson: I think I'm just a play maker. I make plays a lot. Sometimes I make plays off the ball like blocking. I do whatever I can to help out the team; kick returning, punt returning. I just make a lot of plays from a lot of different spots on the field.

Would it be tough to classify you as a specific type of wide receiver?

Cameron Wilson: I think that I'm elusive as a runner with the ball. I run good routes. I can be a possession receiver, too. At the same time, I can get yards after the catch. So, I don't know if I can classify myself as a speed guy or something else.

What type of 40 do you run?

Cameron Wilson: I run a 4.5.

Did you have a few schools you narrowed it down to with Iowa?

Cameron Wilson: Boston College and Illinois were probably a close second.

Did you look at Iowa's depth chart and see an early opportunity?

Cameron Wilson: Definitely. I definitely didn't want to come to college and ride the bench. I definitely looked at the depth chart and the receivers they have. I kind of evaluated my opportunity like if I'd have a chance to play or not. I liked what I saw.

How much did Coach Campbell's history with coaching top receivers play into your decision?

Cameron Wilson: It just speaks a lot to him as a coach. Obviously, I respected him more knowing the guys he's coached.

Did you follow Iowa at all growing up?

Cameron Wilson: I wouldn't say I followed them. I was aware of them. I've always had respect for them. They pulled out some big wins over the years. I recognize them. I haven't followed them closely.

Did you grow up a fan of any college?

Cameron Wilson: I always liked Ohio State. That's just because I'm an Ohio kid.

Did you talk to them much during the recruiting process?

Cameron Wilson: Yeah, they recruited me a little bit. Coach (Luke) Fickell has been through my school a couple of times. I didn't talk to him much. They didn't offer me.

Do you think about what it's going to be like to play at Ohio Stadium as an opposing player?

Cameron Wilson: Yeah, I thought about it a few times. I guess the time will come and I'll get that feeling. It's definitely something to look forward to.

Do you know what you're going to study?

Cameron Wilson: I'm thinking business.

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