Offensive Backfield & Receivers Recruiting Notes

While the offensive lineman might receive the most attention this summer, the Hawks will look for the other pieces to fill the offense. With a handful of prospects at quarterback, running back, and receiver listing the Hawks, gives an in-depth report into what action the Hawks may take.

It was a safe bet last week to say the Hawks will be signing two running backs this next Feburary. Now with the transfer of RB Marques Simmons, the Hawkeye staff is deciding how much interest they have in Marques. There is no certainty of a scholarship offer, but the Hawks may ask Marques to earn one in practice next fall.

Meaning, his performance would likely determine whether the Hawks take two running backs. The Hawks have their eyes set on landing at least one of the in-state gems, Greg Coleman and Jason Scales, and also are looking nationally. Even if Marques was to transfer and receive a scholarship, the Hawks could end up signing two with the possiblity of one switching positions.

Like earlier noted on, the Hawks have offered Tony Temple, whom hears about the Hawks all the time from his math teacher. Delbert Ferguson and Quaron Barge are two other prospects to keep an eye on.

Iowa has offered three quarterbacks, Chase Patton, Anthony Morelli, and Brent Schaeffer. The Hawks would love to land any of three with all of them likely to be the biggest talent brought into the position since Coach Ferentz arrived. However, at this time Schaeffer may be the most realistic and logical. He is also the most athletic. But, both Morelli and Patton have the potential to be special pro style quarterbacks, and have the mobility to move around the pocket. The Hawks expect to gain visits from all three.

Adrian Arrington is the biggest receiver prospect to come through the state of Iowa since former Hawkeye Khalill Hill. Arrington has a better attitude and work ethic than Hill. Adrian is impressive enough he is the only receiver to be offered by the Hawks at this point. In fact, he might be the only receiver signed this year unless a need develops this fall or the staff encounters a can't miss prospect in summer camp. It also likely means Champ Davis will begin his career at receiver.

The Hawks will be on a national search for a tight end this year. A few in-state possibilities remain, and the Hawks will look to see how they all fare in summer camp. If they are not satisifed, look for them to dip into Arkansas for Marc Winston and Jamaal Anderson, and also possibly into Indiana for Ryan Baker.

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