Shoff Still Waiting

Mike Shoff almost committed to Iowa earlier this summer but decided against it. The 2012 NE DT finds himself in a tough position as he waits for an in-state offer he desires but runs the risk of losing something already in hand.

Recruiting can be a game of chicken. A prospect can wait on committing but runs the risk of the scholarship offer being scooped up by another player at his position.

Nebraska Defensive Lineman Mike Shoff knows he's at risk right now. The 2012 prospect holds an opportunity (Iowa) that he really likes. But he doesn't want to pledge to a program before finding out if the school (Nebraska) he favors will offer him a ride.

"It would just be really tough if I committed to Iowa and then Nebraska came along and offered," the 6-foot-6, 290-pounder said. "I wouldn't change my mind, but that would be…I don't want to have any regrets or anything.

"I know Iowa is only maybe taking one or two more linemen. That's something I'm looking at, for sure."

Iowa and Florida International have offered Shoff scholarships. He's received recent interest from Wisconsin, Baylor, Memphis, Colorado State and SMU. They've asked for tape.

"I'm open to new schools coming in," Shoff said. "If they start showing lots of interest and offer, that changes things a little bit. You have to put them into consideration.

"Wisconsin called my coach and said they liked my film."

The Huskers have not closed the door on Shoff as they did with Drew Ott, a Nebraska player who verbally committed to Iowa in June.

"As of right now, they told me they wanted to see me play a couple of games and get some senior film," the Sutton Secondary High product said. "They'll make a decision on that as to whether or not they'll offer. I think I sit pretty good with them. They need to take maybe two more linemen. They have one who is hovering on whether or not to come.

"I feel like if I do play well, I could get an offer. But it's not a for-certain thing."

Shoff said he was leaning towards a Hawkeye pledge earlier this summer.

"There was a week there that I was sure I was going to commit to Iowa," he said. "They're sitting really high in my book. I kind of know the couple of places where I'd like to end up. I know the coaches and I know the programs and I know the traditions.

"I'm just sitting here waiting and deciding what I want to do. I know there will be one day where I know where I want to be."

The Hawkeyes offered Shoff a scholarship when he was a sophomore. has ranked him as a three-star prospect on its five-star scale. The serviced pegged him as the No. 42 DT in the country for his class.

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