MMQB Notes

HI roving reporter/Correspondent IbaHawk72 checks in with his notebook from Monday's event in Iowa City.

First question was about the kicking game and Kirk Ferentz basically said that Eric Guthrie was going to be a good punter in the NFL. He said that Mossbrucker has his confidence back and has had a really good camp. Meyers has been steady and if Meyers and Mossbrucker weren't kicking so well that Kroehn would play. They are hoping to be able to red shirt him.

Coach was asked about players being listed at multiple positions with Hyde as an example. He said that it had to do with trying to find the best group of players.

Tanner Miller missed spring ball but has looked good and they feel comfortable with Hyde and him at FS. They would like to be able to keep Hyde at FS but that is/was dependent on finding a corner opposite Prater.

Sounds like they feel comfortable with Castillo and Lowery there (acknowledged that Lowery is hurt). Also said that Jordan Bernstein may be playing the best football of anyone on the team right now and is at strong safety but could play any of the 4 positions.

Kind of said in his self-deprecating way that he kind of figured out that Hyde might make a good punt returner. There concern there would be if they felt comfortable with the depth in the defensive backfield where they could do that. He said they feel good about it and he is returning punts. (Sounds like they feel comfortable with Miller's development is at this stage).

True Freshman - Said the two most noticeable will probably be the RBs but didn't mention any names specifically although he did acknowledge that Cooper is in the mix at DL although he has been dinged up. Also said that WR and TE are two positions where we could see a true frosh play. Other than that he said they are looking at ST contributors.

When asked about Derby he said that he could probably play a couple of different positions but for this fall at least he is a QB. Said that if AJ came to him wanting to make a switch they would be able to find a position for him. If they played tomorrow Derby would be the first QB off the bench. (Editorial: I think that the spring is going to be a make or break time for Derby at QB. I think they like Rudock's skillset however he is not physically ready to play Big Ten football yet. If Rudock makes a move in the spring, I think Derby will have a choice of switching positions or rarely seeing the field as a QB).

DL is going to be a rotating group with about 8 names thrown out. Carl Davis has been injured and may not be ready to go this Saturday. Going to rely heavily on Binns, Daniels and Daniel. Did mention Tom Nardo as a guy that really impressed them last year in game preparation on the scout team. The other guy being Sleeper.

Kick Returners right now would be Keenan Davis and Jordan Bernstein.

Other than Shane Dibona said that there wasn't anyone that had a really long-term injury to deal with.

Told a funny story. Said that LeVar Woods ran a football camp up in his hometown and that Stanzi and Moeaki were up there for it. At one point Moeaki and Stanzi were playing catch and Jake Rudock stepped in next to Moeaki to throw the ball back to Stanzi for him. Moeaki kept throwing the ball himself because Jake was so skinny that he thought he was a team manager. Said Rudock has a youthful look to him not unlike Vandenberg when he first came into the program.

Said that they were going to be giving up part of their practice fields later in the fall which will mean losing the field turf section eventually. They have been practicing in Kinnick a lot more because it is safer for the video guys when it is windy. Plus, with the new indoor facilty going up they will have to utilize Kinnick and that means they are going to install lights at Kinnick (the impression I got is that these will be permanent ones that they can use for games) so they can practice at night there. Said that is part of project this fall. Expects the phase 1 of the indoor facility (sans the weightroom and offices) to be done by next fall.

Was asked about the challenges faced with the recent news out of Miami and what tOSU dealt with this summer. Rattled off about 3 or 4 current situations including LSU's QB, the AD at Georgia a couple of years ago, etc. Said they are constantly talking to the players and using examples and giving them information to try and minimize the chances of something similar happening at Iowa.

Offered unsolicited prediction that he thinks people need to watch out for Ohio State. Said they still have good players, their coach is young but is a good one (said he had someone in the business tell him to hire the guy if he had the chance when he was still coaching at Akron) and that they may benefit from what they have to work with at QB this year.

Said that Ed Podolak and Norm sit at practice and it is like Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. A lot of football knowledge with pretty strong opinions. Said Ed has been through a lot of surgeries and is ready for football.

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