The Shadow Gets Ready For Summer

My Dark Friend has been picking up some tidbits of information as the Hawkeyes prepare for summer. He was relaxing on his deck Monday, sipping an iced tea when he called me with his report.

1. Sean Considine has been a workout warrior. Conditioning Coach, Chris Doyle, has done wonders with Sean's body. During a recent test period, Sean recorded a 42" vertical jump. Steve Alford has many basketball players envious of Sean's jumping prowess. Should Glen Worley be on the same training regimen as Sean?

2. The Shadow has been informed from a good source that Norm Parker feels that the defensive line will be better this year than last. The emergence of Jonathan Babineaux at DT plays more to his strengths than DE did. Jared Clauss at the other tackle is capable of an All-Big Ten type campaign. In addition, don't rule out the possibility of the "Big Human" receiving some playing time as a true freshman. Another plus is the ferocious rush that will be provided by Matt Roth at the flank opposite All-Big Ten DE, Howard Hodges. Roth, at times, was literally unblockable during spring practice.

3. Don't look for Jermelle Lewis to be on the field this fall. The staff will not take any chances with Lewis that could affect his career. He will not play until he is 100 percent. Therefore, look for Jermelle to apply for a medical red-shirt year.

4. Marques Simmons, the former Davenport North star running back was in Iowa City on Friday. Simmons has blazing speed as evidenced by his 10.26 time in the 100 meters while in high school. However, at 5-8, 195 his body fits the wide open Iowa offense better than the ground pounding between the tackles attack that is required of a Nebraska I Back. The irony here is that Carl Jackson predicted two years ago in a staff meeting that Marques would come back to Iowa after leaving Nebraska.

5. The staff has not yet fullydecided where Champ Davis will play. However, a lot of signs are suggesting wide receiver, and it is a very good possibility he will start fall drills at the position. At 6-3 and 218, Champ would have excellent size to overpower many cornerbacks. A year with Coach Doyle could have Champ looking like an NFL H Back. Davis has a lot of talent it's only a question of where he best fits into the offensive scheme.

6. Most Hawk fans know about the recruiting prowess of Coach Ron Aiken. His success in recruiting has been through perseverance and hard work. One name that has now appeared on the Hawkeye radar screen due to his efforts is DT Dorrel Scott, a 6-4, 315 pound specimen from Columbia, South Carolina. After a near commitment to South Carolina two weeks ago, Scott has decided to look around and meet some other staffs. Dorell would be by far the most impressive catch that Aiken has gotten at Iowa. It would be incredible to get Scott not only out of SEC country, but also away from the hands of either Lou Holtz or Tommy Bowden. But then Aiken wasn't named the National Assistant Coach of the Year for nothing. Scott already has offers from Nebraska, South Carolina and Clemson in addition to Iowa.

7. The Hawks have caught the attention of two top pro style quarterbacks in Chase Patton and Anthony Morelli. However, they have also caught the attention of more athletic quarterbacks in Brent Schaeffer and DJ Hernandez. Hernandez, from Bristol, CT is the latest to be offered by the Hawks. The best part about having this plethora of QB candidates for the Hawkeye staff is that all will be using their official visits before making their respective decisions. The staff hopes that one of these top flight signal callers will land their way.

8. Despite what most believe, Steve Burch will not be a defensive tackle. He is currently playing defensive end at 265 pounds. Burch has not shown the ability to gain the weight needed for the interior defensive line, but has the explosiveness and quickness needed off the line on the flank. Burch could emerge as the #2 DE behind Matt Roth with a good summer of conditioning. However, he has to improve his work ethic and habits. Steve needs to work more on his conditioning to get himself in top-notch shape.

9. The search for a basketball coach at Iowa State is on going, as the Chattanooga Choo Choo doesn't run to Ames. Memo to BVD: Kurt Kanaskie is available and living in the area.

10. Is it a coincidence convention in Vegas is held the same week as The Shadow's planned vacation? Plenty of goodies could be shared this time next week!

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