Schlatter Getting Noticed

Iowa produced a strong AAU class for 2012. Iowa Falls-Alden F Casey Schlatter helps makes up another impressive group coming for '14.

Casey Schlatter tries his hardest to keep things in perspective. It's not always easy with the amount of attention he receives for his basketball skills.

"I'm just trying to be a regular high school kid as much as I can," the Class of 2014 Forward said. "(Iowa Barnstormers Coach) Greg (Stephen) is someone that helps do that. I have a good group of friends in high school.

"I can go to the gym and work out with them and they won't talk about all that stuff. I don't talk about it unless it's brought up to me. I just can't over think it."

The 6-foot-7, 185-pound standout at Iowa Falls-Alden High already holds scholarship offers from Creighton and Northern Iowa. BCS schools are showing interest before he even takes the court for his sophomore year.

"Iowa and Minnesota are supposed to come in and watch me work out this fall," Schlatter said. "With me being so young and (college coaches) not being able to call me, it's hard to tell where things are at with those guys or with anybody else."

While recruiting is on Schlatter's mind, he really is taking things how they come to him.

"I'm just trying to find the right fit for me," Schlatter said. "However long that takes is how long my process will take. If I find one and I know it right away, I'm not going to hold out. I would make my decision then. But I'm just trying to enjoy it."

Schlatter said he plays all five positions at Iowa Falls-Alden. With the Barnstormers he's mostly at the two forward spots.

"I think my shooting is my strength," Schlatter said. "I think my IQ also is pretty high. I think I know the game. I think that helps a lot.

"I've really been working on getting in the weight room and improving strength. I also have been working on my athleticism and my ball handling. I'm also trying to improve my mental game. When I go into a little bit of a shooting slump, I need to keep my head up and not get taken completely out of the game."

Schlatter turned 16 on July 8. That left more time to get taller.

"It's hard to tell," he said. "I could grow a few more inches. That wouldn't surprise me. My uncle is 6-10 and both sides of my family are fairly tall."

Schlatter plays on a Barnstormers team loaded with talent. Seth Bonifas holds an Iowa offer and his teammate at Dubuque Senior, Kyle Haber, unofficially visited the Hawkeyes over the weekend.

"It's awesome," Schlatter said. "It makes me a lot better because every time we practice or we play against each other, it's me being pushed by someone who is just as good or better.

"That's hard to find at a 3A high school because not everyone focuses just on basketball. Everyone on our team, it's their main sport or close to their main sport."

Iowa Falls produced one of the better high school players in the history of the state. Nick Collison went on to Kansas and then to the NBA.

"I hear about (him) a lot but I try to ignore it," Schlatter said. "Me and him aren't similar players as much as people try to compare us."

Schlatter also doesn't seem to hold preconceived notions about the in-state colleges.

"I grew up a Kentucky fan," he said. "When Tubby Smith was there, they were always good. That was part of the reason I liked them. When I was in second grade, I knew who the coach was and they were always good. I stayed a fan."

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