Clark Reflects on Iowa Trip

Trace Clark felt like he got a lot out of his official visit to Iowa during the weekend. The '12 DE from Wichita talked about what he saw on the trip and what's next in his recruitment in this update.

Trace Clark spent a lot of his official visit to Iowa during the weekend doing unofficial research, He spoke with as many current Hawkeyes as he could to get a feel for what it was like to be one of them.

"On Sunday, they scheduled a players' panel for us," said Clark, a Class of 2012 Defensive End from Wichita. "The coaches weren't in the room. We could ask any question that we wanted. I think that I was able to get a lot of good information from them."

That session followed up a more informal meeting.

"We got to ask (Iowa players) questions during the time they were taking us around on a tour," he said. "We sat up in the dorm, me and some of the other recruits, and just talked to the guys and asked them questions about the coaches and how the school was socially and academically. They gave us honest answers."

Iowa became Clark's second official visit. He used his first to see Purdue. He's set to check out Stanford this coming weekend.

"I'm going to try to get out to Oregon after the season," said Clark, whose brother played for the Ducks last season.

Clark also has caught games this season at his other three finalists - Kansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. He said he was probably not going to visit those schools officially because of their close proximity to his home.

True freshman linebacker Marcus Collins played host to Clark on his Iowa visit.

"I really enjoyed it," Clark said. "I like the atmosphere with the fans that were really into it."

Clark said he also formed an idea of what it meant to be a Hawkeye player.

"They work hard," he said. "They work hard in the weight room. They work hard in practice. The coaches will get on you when they need to. But they're going to pat you on the back and tell you good job when you do things right. They work hard not to let their coaches down and build their team up. I think that's a good attitude to have."

Iowa Defensive Line Coach Rick Kaczenski sat down with Clark before Saturday's game.

"He told me I'd be playing D-End," Clark said. "He showed me the depth chart that they projected for next year and how I would fit into that. He said I'd have a fighting chance at some playing time my first year.

"He also talked to me about some technique stuff in playing the position, what he teaches and how the whole defense works."

On Sunday, Clark met with head coach Kirk Ferentz.

"He just told me how much they'd like me to be a Hawkeye and where they were at in their recruiting," Clark said. "They weren't going to try to put any pressure on me to make a decision. He just wanted to let me know they really wanted me and they hope that I make the right decision."

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