Pre-IU: Ferentz OTS Transcript

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz speaks some more with media members after his main press conference concludes.

Q: Did Nielsen have surgery Sunday?

Kirk Ferentz: We have a lot of guys with bumps and bruises. No one has been ruled out and we'll see what happens during the week.

Q: Sunday, the post game altercation in the Lions-Niners game, you have been around both coaches. What was your reaction?

Ferentz: I saw it late Sunday night on Sportscenter laying in bed. I don't have much reaction, but it's getting a lot of air time on several stations this morning driving into work. It gave everyone something to talk about. In our league, it would be Coach Paterno starting a controversy like that. I can see him as a candidate. Outside of that I don't think so.

Q: Do you practice the post game handshake?

Ferentz: No. No. I have been around both of those guys. Harbaugh is a spontaneous guy and Schwartz is pretty reserved guy. Guess it was a hot front, cold front deal. The talk show people are loving it.

Q: Bruce Davis left the team and you are running out of linebackers, is that door closed?

Ferentz: Yeah, he left the team. He is going to graduated and things are in good shape and we wish him the best. But we will be fine.

Q: After Tom Donatel, what are some of the options you might have at linebacker?

Ferentz: We are OK. We are doing OK. We will get Hitchens and James back, two more in the boat. We had a lot of practice at this last year. Two of our top three were out quick last year. It seemed pretty quick.

Q: Is there an interesting back story with the recruitment of B.J. Lowery?

Ferentz: Not really. It seems every year we have a few guys we kind of like...I think we offered BJ in season, early in the season. I think he had one MAC offer at that point. We offered him and he accepted and there we go. That was it.

Q: Had he not been injured in August, where would have been?

Ferentz: He was right in the thick of things. It would have given us another options perhaps. It's possible Micah would still be at Safety, but we didn't have that option. He has really improved in a year's time, which is what you hope when you play a freshman. You hope it gets them game ready for the next year, like Tanner.

Q: Who is the guy that played MLB with cast, was it Humpal?

Ferentz: It was Klinkenborg. It was a part of the deal. Their outside linebacker had a cast the other day, BJ had a cast.

Q: Were you surprised to see how well McNutt has done moving from quarterback?

Ferentz: No. We thought he was capable of doing other things when we recruited him. If a player changes positions, they have the requisite ability and it comes down to their attitude and work ethic. Those are the two biggest components involved. Marvin has worked hard.

Q: What do you remember about his only appearance at QB in 2008?

Ferentz: Quite frankly, nothing. It could not have been too memorable because I didn't know he was in the game.

Q: He was 1-3 with a pick

Ferentz: The only guy I remember is Vandenberg throwing the ground ball in Ames in whatever year that was, 2009 right? It was his first pass attempt and he missed the receiver by about 10 yards...short about 10 yards. That was memorable.

Q: Talk about Gaglione, Bigach and some of the development going on and coaching going on because everyone seems ready

Ferentz: You coach who you have. That is football at all levels. The guys have worked hard. They are not there yet, but at least they did some good things. Joe did some good things, so did Steve. I thought Steve did some good things at Penn State, which is hard to imagine any of us did anything good there. That is encouraging. The key thing for us right now for all those guys is to build on the good things they might have done.

Q: He was a big building project, came in at 220 pounds

Ferentz: He was an undersized DL guy and played linebacker in high school. We thought he might have a chance at the line.

Q: Gaglione missed a year and a half with a shoulder?

Ferentz: He and Alvis, going into this year have missed more than they have practiced, that is fair to say. that is a concern. Side note, Jared DeVries, what a phenomenal guy...I got to know him here a bit in camp and Saturday I got to spend some time with him. He is just phenomenal. I asked him what he weighed his first year here, he said 213. I guess we didn't recruit Meister because he was too skinny. You might want to look at that one again. Karl Klug was in this weekend...get guys that are good football players.

Q: Tanner's injury and surgery, was that a big setback for him coming into this year?

Ferentz: No surgery is routine, unless it;s someone else's surgery. The good news is what he had repaired was a predictable outcome. They had the procedure down. But the bad news is that it's four or five months out of your development...strength and conditioning, 15 days of spring practice. That puts you back. You are either putting it in the bank or your are not. That deters development and makes it that much tough for a guy to get ready. Edds had the same surgery his senior year but he was a two year starter. But these first few years are really important when they are learning. That is as credit to him as he has been playing catch up an doing a nice job.

Q: Are you surprised by what you are getting out of him?

Ferentz: Not really. I think we saw enough last fall that he had a chance to be a good football player. He has the ability and a good head on his shoulders, so what is he going to do with it? He is working hard.

Q: Wasn't he a late offer?

Ferentz: Real late. He was on a bus from Fairfield when I spoke to him. We do OK with these. Reisner, Myers, Elgin was a three year starter.

Q: Now you have cursed that guy now

Ferentz: It seems to be going OK. Dom Alvis was one of those guys too. He was going to grey shirt. Julian Vandervelde was going to grey shirt too.

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