Memorial Day Six-Pack

The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is a horribly slow news time in sports. What could be more boring than the prospect of "Gentlemen, start your engines" being a highlight of the weekend? We also have the scintillating prospect of a woman competing at the Colonial Golf Tournament. Yawn, she only trailed Tiger by TEN in a recent practice round. Which steroid assisted MLB player will belt the most homers over this traditional holiday weekend? Bored already? Let's talk Hawks!

1. The staff would like Marques Simmons to walk-on. Although I'm unaware of any timetable set for this decision, I would look for an announcement soon. After a semester of proving himself on the field, one would assume that Marques would receive a scholarship.

2. Steve Alford has been a hit on the rubber chicken circuit this spring. He has answered all questions in a politically correct form and has taken the high road in response to any questions about the problems in the Iowa State basketball program.

3."Jared Reiner will be the best center in the Big Ten this year, and will go high in the 2004 NBA draft", said Alford. Steve added, "Nick Dewitz will be an instant fan favorite as he is an accomplished shooter and passer". Ben Rand is a great shooter and will help in the improvement of our three point shooting percentage. Pierre is doing tremendous in the classroom, receiving high marks in his courses. He is a dedicated young man and I'm looking forward to having him on the team this fall", added Alford.

4. Defensive Coordinator Norm Parker is usually good for some great quotes and this year is no exception. Do any of the following get your motor running?

5. "Chad Greenway, Abdul Hodge and Grant Steen may be the best line backing trio in the country", Parker stated. "The defensive line will be better than last year with better speed at the flanks and an interior that will be just as strong". However, the topper was "The offensive line will be on a par with last year. Robert Gallery could be the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft next year. He will be the leader of a much under rated group of linemen", added the sage veteran defensive leader.

6. Speaking of the offensive line, a member of the staff told a friend of mine (a stockbroker in Waterloo) that "David Walker may become the best run blocker that Iowa has ever had. David has a mean, nasty disposition that is an asset to any offensive line. His explosiveness off the line and 500-pound bench press need to be supplemented by more lower body strength and better pass blocking technique. However, the latter is a sure thing as he is learning from the best in the business. If you don't believe me, please refer to this archived story about former NFL All-Pro Jon Alt:

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend.

That's my take, but what do I know?

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