Pre-MN: Ferentz OTS

Transcript of Kirk Ferentz's additional session with the media from Tuesday.

(Picking this up late, talking about Jordan Bernstine in the return game)

Some guys seem to do it better than others. He has really done a nice job all season long, not just Saturday. He was getting teased in a locker room by a few players afterwards about his speed. But he is doing a good job.

Is there a back story with him returning kicks, or was he always a guy out there

We always had an interest in him back there. We thought he had returnability but it was a matter of getting him there.

Will Canzeri be the option at kickoff return if Davis can't go?

It could be Canzeri, it could be Bullock. Kevonte is another candidate, those are our top three guys after Davis.

What are the memories you have of the other receivers you have coached. Kevin Kasper seemed to be a self made kind of guy

He was better than any walk on here. Kevin, I think if he had stayed healthy, he was an NFL caliber guy. Quick and really fearless. I would rank him with Bob Sanders as far as being fearless and nitty gritty. He was a dynamic player on a team that we couldn't protect. His yards per catch numbers were low, we were dinking it to him. We asked him to be a blocker against big guys. He did everything. I remember having a high ankle sprain and he was back the next week. There was another time he was in the hospital midweek and he played Saturday. Just a tough guy. C.J. Jones was good. These guys were more productive. Kahlil got drafted, he had a chance to make a team. Jones, I am still surprised he never made one. It;s tough to make an NFL roster at any position.

When Marvin breaks through in the NFL will it help recruit receivers here?

I think that is overblown. The guys I talked about are all good players. On the recruiting front, it's like a running back. You can run for a 1,000 yards out of a shotgun but no one in the NFL does that. Our receivers run the routes the NFL receivers run and our running backs run out of a pro set, our quarterbacks take snaps. If they are good enough they will make it. It's not like we are going to change what we do to worry about recruiting. You sell what you have. Marvin has had a good career and hopefully it gets better.

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