Pre-MSU: Ferentz OTS

Transcript from Iowa Coach Kirk Ferent'z press conference after his main press conference - On The Side.

Q: Here is a name from the past; Joe Uselman. Are you looking for that guy this year?

Kirk Ferentz: It was a great story and a name from the past. Was that 2002? 2003? Joe is that kind of guy. He is like Joe Forgy...he just dropped in here, a Wisconsin native. I am not sure how he got there. Ron Aiken had a connection and he did a good job. It;s all hands on deck

Q: You have to blow past pedigree now

Ferentz: We did that about 10 years ago.

Q: You are asking a lot of guys to do things for the first time ever. Is that a theme for this team this year?

Ferentz: If someone can help us we are all for it.

Q: Why were you successful last year against Kirk Cousins?

Ferentz: You know, I can't answer that. It's just one of those games that does not happen often, as we know. All of the sudden, we look up and there is a lead. It happened fast and it wasn't...if you look at the statistics, it wasn't a game where we had 500 yards and the opponent had 200, it was almost an even game but it got out of control. Big plays here and there. It's kind of the way it went. It was not indicative of the teams. We were fortunate

Q: What has CJ done the past few weeks to move him along?

Ferentz: I don't think it's anything particular. We evaluate all of the guys weekly and they have been even throughout the season and we felt like he was on an upward climb and responded well last week. He will continue to be our starter and see where it goes, but we count on all three to help us.

Q: Point about Marcus over analyzing the game beginning year, is it more of a challenge for him because there are not a lot of astrophysics majors playing he cerebral naturally?

Ferentz: Everyone has a different personality and some people tend to analyze to much or be too hard on themselves. He leans in that direction, I think that is fair to say. He is his own worst critic. Sometimes, it's paralysis by analysis. He has some of that going maybe. But younger players, most running backs out of high school try to make too many cuts as opposed to reading a key, making a decision and go. GOing back to basics helps. But practice and playing helps you more than anything.

Q: How has Coker used the fullback, because it was absent without Rogers.

Ferentz: I don't know if as big a story as you are trying to make it. When Brad wasn't in there, we leaned more towards our tight end groups. It's a nice thing to have a fullback in our offense. Michigan State and Wisconsin are the same way. We had that with Brett Morse and we graduate a three year starter. We thought we had the answer in December, and then it was gone. We lean left or right based on who the healthy personnel might be. There is a chemistry there and they are friends. They are a lot alike, soft spoken guys that have a good presence on the field. We had a first snapshot was at Michigan last year, I thought Brad played like he was a veteran in a tough circumstance. He won me over that afternoon really

Q: 10 years down the road when you are asked about Paterno, what will you say?

Ferentz: Come see me in 10 years.

Q: If they ask you now?

Ferentz: I am just thinking about Michigan State. I don;t know what anyone can say right at this moment.

Q: What is his legacy?

Ferentz: Right now I don't know what anyone can say.

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