10 Reasons Ferentz Stays

Rumors rose up Monday that Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz is a likely candidate for the same position with the Kansas City Chiefs. HI Publisher Rob Howe doesn't see it happening.

Iowa CITY, Iowa - There have been few Decembers during Kirk Ferentz's 13-year tenure at Iowa where there hasn't been talk of him being a candidate for an NFL coaching opening.Many of us that have followed the program during that time have become numb to the speculation.

I mean, Ferentz has turned away opportunities to move up a level. Still, rumors have persisted that he'll leave.

Hey, he should be flattered. It's not something that negatively affects recruiting much, if any. The banter, for the most part, reflects positively on the Hawkeyes skipper. He's a wanted man.

Ferentz's name popped up again on Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs fired head coach Todd Haley. General Manager Scott Pioli has worked with Ferentz and they've become good friends.

On Monday, Ferentz was dubbed a candidate for the KC vacancy by national media outlets like Sports Illustrated and the NFL Network. The Iowa Coach hadn't squashed the rumors as of early Monday evening and the talk was sure to continue unless he did.

I don't see it happening.

Sure, there's always a chance. Coaches move all of the time. Ferentz has too much going for him in Iowa City to bail on the Hawkeyes at this stage of his life and career, however.

Here are 10 reasons why he stay a Hawkeye:

1. Kirk's second youngest son, James, will be the starting center on next year's Iowa team. His youngest son, Steven, is expected to walk on according to what 2012 running back recruit Greg Garmon told me he was told by the Hawkeye coach.

2. Ferentz is hauling in almost $4 million this season. As one of the Top 10 highest paid college coaches nationally, money won't factor into a move to the NFL. He would probably make less in KC.

3. Having control of his program is very important to Ferentz. He's worked hard to get it at Iowa and now has carte blanche. No matter how close he is to Pioli, he won't have that with the Chiefs or any other pro franchise.

4. Ferentz's contract at Iowa runs through 2020. You don't get that kind of security in the NFL.

5. Ferentz has spent more than 20 years of his life in Iowa City as an assistant and head coach. He's comfortable here as is his wife, Mary.

6. While Ferentz, or anybody else in their right might, could probably do without recruiting, dealing with NFL egos is equally as challenging, if not worse. 7. I think there's a sense of loyalty to his assistant coaches. I know. I know. Guys bail on their staffs all the time. It's different with Ferentz. These guys have been with him for a long time and passed on other jobs to stick at Iowa. 8. Ferentz has told recent recruits that he would be here for their time at Iowa. Again, I know coaches all over the country break that promise every year. Ferentz can keep his word because it's not a money grab. He won't have to look those players and their parents in the face and say he's going back on his word. 9. The media definitely has worn on Ferentz through his 13 seasons here. But it's been soft in nature to what he would face in the NFL town, especially one as crazed as Kansas City. He doesn't need that headache. 10. Ferentz doesn't like change. It's the same offense. It's the same defense. Assistants stay. Fans are loyal.

He also said last Sunday that he would be at Iowa next season as long as the school would have him.

Five reasons he might listen to KC:

1. The challenge of testing himself against the best in the world.

2. Rids himself of high school recruiting, dealing with academics, players getting in trouble off the field and I-Club tours.

3. Chance to hire son Brian, now tight ends coach in New England, onto his Chiefs' staff.

4. Feels like he's taken Iowa to its ceiling.

5. All of his kids are about out of the house. Timing is right for the move.

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