The Shadow Knows Erek Hansen

History is a great teacher that all of us should use more in our daily planning. You can apply it in the stock market, business, relationships or maybe even NCAA basketball. Remember the Michael J. Fox movie, "Back To The Future"? let's go back in time. Are you ready, H.G. Wells?

Last night The Shadow was watching a classic movie,"The Thin Man". Nick and Nora Charles were solving mega crimes in the movie just as they did later in the subsequent TV series. Oddly enough, this return in time made my dark friend think about Iowa Hawkeye basketball. The thin man that he was thinking about doesn't solve crimes, have a dog Asta, or even coach basketball. This thin man is playing basketball and has a lot of what coaches and recruitniks call ‘upside'.

Erek Hansen, at 6-11 and 207 pounds, certainly fills the billing as Thin Man. However, maybe the Mad Stork conveys a more appropriate image. Few basketball big men can run and block shots like this Hawk freshman from Texas. Most inside players, however, would appear to have more experience with metal than Erek. This metal can come in the form of free weights, eating utensils or both. Erek has shown he has the quickness and shot blocking ability that all coaches want from players in the post. He lit up the PTL for 46 in a game last week. In addition, his box score is reminiscent of the Big Redhead, Bill Walton, playing for UCLA against Memphis State in the NCAA finals. Who could forget Walton's 22 of 23 performance in the title game? Last week in the PTL Hansen threw in 21 out of 25 from the field, while being 4 out of 7 from the foul stripe. He also had 23 rebounds! Those are huge numbers in any league. Obviously the level of competition and pressure don't approach the NCAA tournament championship game but Erek has served notice to Jared Reiner and Sean Sonderleiter. Get your games in order gentlemen, because in the fall of 2002, after a year of lifting and eating, Erek will probably be 235 pounds. That should be enough weight to throw around in the middle to garner significant playing time in the Big Ten.

That's my take, but what do I know?

The Shadow


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