Chesson Close to Decision

Jehu Chesson wrapped up his official visits with a stop in Iowa City this weekend. Find out what the '12 MO WR thought of the tour, his three finalists and when a decision might be coming in this recruiting update.

Jehu Chesson looked very much like he'll fit in as a college student. At Saturday's Iowa basketball game, the 2012 wide receiver got involved with fan participation.

He even took part in the burrito lift, a promotion for a local Mexican restaurant. Fans raise their hands above their heads and it looks like their supporting the burrito on the video screen.

"I enjoyed it," the Missouri product said. "It was a pretty fun visit. I liked being able to hang out with the guys and being able to talk about it (Iowa)."

Chesson's Iowa official represented the last in his process.

"I am taking finals this week," the 6-foot-3, 175-pounder said. "At the end of the week, I'll probably have a decision."

Chesson will choose between Iowa, Michigan and Northwestern. He said they're all even right now.

"I'm just going to sit down and think about where I felt the most comfortable," Chesson said. "It's also about what I can accomplish academically at the school if football doesn't work out. I think the three schools are similar.

"It's college football with strong academics. I'm going to have to perform at an exceptional level to be successful."

Chesson, who plays for Ladue (MO) Horton Watkins High, liked the family atmosphere exhibited to him by the Iowa players. Kevonte Martin-Manley played host to the visitor.

"He just told us what the every day schedule is," Chesson said. "It was a lot of the basics. He said from there that it's kind of a blind decision that you make. You have to make the decision for yourself. Once you get there, you just have to play college football. That's all it is."

Chesson said connecting with people on his visits is most important to him. He also wants to mesh with the head coach and position coach at the school.

"(Kirk Ferentz and Erik Campbell) both are exceptional guys," Chesson said of Iowa coaches. "Coach Campbell is a real honest guy. He's nice. He calls his wide receivers - The Crew. That means you're out there with each other. You can make each other look good or you can make each other look bad. You represent Iowa.

"Coach Ferentz is just a friendly guy. Meeting him several times now, I can understand that."

Campbell likes the versatility of Chesson as a receiver.

"When I sat down with Coach Campbell to watch film, he told me that I would be playing all positions across the receiving board; the X, Y, Z, flanker, all those different positions," Chesson said. "I feel like where I can help them the most is that I'm open to learn. Wherever they put me, wherever they see fit, I'll do my best to learn that position and play it well."

Chesson has not decided on a field of study in college.

"I'm probably going to go in undecided," he said.

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