Defensive Tackle Shifts Gears to Right Guard

The Iowa Hawkeyes entered spring practice with a good amount of offensive line depth. However, at the conclusion of drills, the decision was made make some changes. A defensive tackle has now shifted gears over to the offensive line now leaving an opporunity for someone at defensive tackle. confirmed with sources this past week that Fabian Dodd has now moved to the other side of the ball. It appears this move took place at the conclusion of spring drills, and Dodd will begin two-a-days at right guard.

The reason for moving Dodd is pure speculation, although over the past two years many sources have raved about the strength of Dodd. While it appears the Hawks will be looking for quicker, more explosive defensive tackles in the future, Dodd provides the needed footwork and strength at guard.

Who will likely take over as the #3 defensive tackle, you may ask? It appears Derreck Robinson will swing between DE and DT to increase his playing time and also give the Hawks the versatility needed in pass rush situations. This should prevent many teams from doubling the outsides because the Hawks would have proven pass rushers at DT with Jon Babineaux and Derreck Robinson.

It also appears that with a good fall and continued increased size, Robinson could make the move full-time as the starter opposite Jon Babineaux. This also will be dependent on the progress of Bryan Mattison and Kenneth Iwebema at DE in addition to recruiting class of 2004.

One possibility not to rule out is Dodd potentially playing center. With inconsistency still holding Eric Rothwell back, and Brian Ferentz coming off an ACL tear, that position is the most unproven of any on the offensive line. This, my friends, is purely speculation on my behalf as I not yet heard the possibility from any source I condeem trustworthy.

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