Raymon Not Coach K Fan

John Raymon Still is searching for a new college after leaving Iowa in October. Perhaps he would have been in this position if he knew then what he knows now.

When John Raymon decided to leave Iowa in October, he cited home sickness as the main reason for the exit. Turned out, another factor was making the freshman defensive lineman feel unhappy.

Raymon did not connect with then-Hawkeye line coach Rick Kaczenski, who recently took the same position at Nebraska.

"He was not the same coach that I thought I was going to come out to see," the 6-foot-5, 240-pound Raymon said. "That kind of affected me. That was probably the major part of my downfall there.

"I don't want to blame it all on him. There were obviously things that I did that caused me to not be successful in Iowa City. One of the major problems was the relationship between me and my defensive line coach, though."

Raymon said the Iowa coaches tried to keep him from transferring throughout the fall. The Newton, PA native eventually decided it was in his best interest to leave.

"When I found out that (Kaczenski) was moving on to Nebraska, I second-guessed whether or not I should have left Iowa," Raymon said. "I heard that he might leave to go to Tampa Bay or something earlier in the year from some teammates. I was going to stay, but decided to leave.

"Now that he's gone, I'm kind of mad that I left. I see myself as someone who could have been successful at Iowa. Several things had to change for me to be successful there."

Raymon's personal life also changed dramatically in the last week.

"I was thinking about going JUCO, to Iowa Western and then going back to DI again," he said. "But I just had a baby a couple of days ago. That kind of changed my plans. I can't go as far now. I need to stay close.

"I hadn't talked to Iowa about going back there. I was just going to go to Western to get back to a Division I school."

Raymon is looking at Temple and West Chester as potential landing spots for him to continue his college football career.

"Temple is the better education and they had two good years of football with Al Golden and then Coach (Steve) Addazio came in and kept it going," he said. "They won their bowl game against Wyoming. I like the city. They need defensive linemen.

"I'm looking for a waiver and a scholarship. (The Owls) offered a scholarship in the fall, like every other school. I kind of want one in the spring so I play right away and be a scholarship player. I don't want to be a walk-on kid. But beggars can't be choosers in this kind of situation. I'm just trying to take whatever I can get right now and then get my scholarship later.

"I would have gone to a Towson or a Maryland or an NC State and West Virginia, but those schools weren't contacting me back. We kind of gave up on them. But I may still call them."

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