Caldwell Debating

Robert Caldwell is feeling the pressure of both sides, as Iowa and NC State push for his services. The '12 JUCO LB-DE looks like he has a tough decision to make.

Robert Caldwell is stuck in the middle. Iowa and North Carolina State coaches are pushing hard for his services. The 2012 JUCO defender is torn.

"I would say that's a fair characterization," College of the Desert Assistant Coach Demond Littles said. "It's a tug of war right now. This kid can play the game, so it makes a lot of sense."

It was reported earlier on Wednesday that Caldwell had pledged to the Hawkeyes. Minutes later, reports came out saying that he was undecided.

"He's just a kid going back and forth right now," Littles said. "He's a great student and an excellent football player. He wants to go where they give him the best chance at making it to the next level, and that's not an easy decision.

Littles said that it's up to Caldwell to make the choice. The coach just provides the player information and then asks for the process to be done in a way the school feels is right.

"We would like him to make the phone calls and talk to the coaches," Littles said. "And when the time comes, he needs to make the calls and turn someone down. It's not easy. Someone is going to be jilted at the alter."

Littles believed that Caldwell (6-foot-3, 248 pounds) will visit one of his two finalists this weekend. Before Iowa offered him a scholarship on Tuesday night, he was headed to North Carolina State on an official.

In addition to the schools being in different parts of the country, they're recruiting the versatile Caldwell at different positions. The Hawkeyes see him as a defensive end, while NC State wants him as a linebacker.

"That's a big thing, too," Littles said. "It's a tale of two positions. He knows he can play at that level, but where does he fit best."

Littles thinks the school he decides to visit this weekend ultimately will be the one he chooses to attend.

"He's 19, so it's not easy to pin him down on anything," Littles said. "I was saying that he was an Iowa lean and I still would say that. But the process has to play out."

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