Hawekeye Camp Review

The Iowa Hawkeyes continue to bring more and more top notch talent in for camp every summer. This year was no different with several top notch athletes making the trip to Iowa City. Here is the latest on all developments from the camp!

It took the Hawkeye coaching staff only a few plays to know what they had in DB Brandon Underwood. With an offer in the mail, the Hawks stand an excellent shot at landing the talented cornerback. It is likely he will make an official visit for the Arizona State game, and at this time I believe the race could be among Penn State, Iowa, and Ohio State for his services.

How hard does Phil Parker work the defensive backs? Even the stars do not receive easy treatment. That was never more evident than with Underwood. Reportedly, Brandon walked in yesterday barely walking with his legs so sore. Now, Brandon has to gear back up for Notre Dame camp this weekend.

Tom Dance and Michael Wright stole the show for wide receivers in attendance. The duo are both similar players with Dance having the edge in athleticism. The Hawks will keep both players in mind as they will only likely sign two receivers, at the most, in this class. If Adrian Arrington does leave the state, these two most likely could be the next in line for an offer.

Weston Dacus almost ended his recruitment with Arkansas last week while in camp, but was very pleased he waited when arrived in Iowa City. His decision is now being put off the fall, and don't be suprrised to see him make an official visit for the Michigan weekend. This could end up becoming another story much like Herb Grigsby's of last year!

The Hawks reportedly hosted an oustide linebacker prospect from California at camp. While there has not been an offer yet, the linebacker was extremely impressed with his visit. I received the last name "Manser" for those who would like to check into it, but I will do some further digging of my own soon.

Lastly I have a non-camp tidbit to provide. The recent troubles of Greg Coleman have led to many's speculation on whether the Hawks will leave their offer on the table. Apparently, sources have informed me that the Hawks have put a halt in the recruitment until they see improved character.

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