Pryor High on Hawks

The son of former Iowa DE Richard Pryor attended the team's spring practice on Saturday. Richard Pryor Jr. continued to strengthen a bond with the Hawkeye Coaches. Read what the legacy had to say about his dad's alma mater and the rest of his recruitment in this update.

Former Iowa Defensive End Richard Pryor made a name for himself by chasing quarterbacks. His son, Richard Jr., has worked towards earning a college scholarship by protecting them.

The Class of 2013 offensive lineman from Georgia visited Iowa with his father over the weekend. It served as another building block in his relationship with the Hawkeye coaches.

"With my dad playing there, that was one of the first schools I was introduced to," Pryor Jr. said. "Iowa was the first school where I was slowly able to learn the coaches names and recognize their faces. Right now, it's one of the higher schools that I'm interested in."

Pryor Jr. (6-2, 250) still is awaiting his first scholarship offer. He reports interest from Iowa, Oklahoma, Penn State, Duke and Kentucky, all of whom he has visited.

"Coaches want to get me in their team camps, especially Iowa," said Pryor Jr., who plans on camping with the Hawkeyes and Duke to start. "They want to see me in their camp so then they could truly evaluate."

Pryor Jr. said his recruitment was stunted by him being listed in some data bases as a Class of 2014 prospect.

"I'm not sure how and why it happened, but it did," he said.

Pryor Jr. helped Grayson High (Loganville, GA) to a state championship in the fall. overall No. 1 prospect in the '13 Class, Robert Nkemdiche, also played on the title team.

"Most of the film that has gone out has me at tackle," Pryor Jr. said. "They need to have a strong person that can down block with the pulling that my team does. I have played center, though. I think I can play where ever the team needs me on the O-line, but I'm aiming to be a center."

Pryor Jr. said his college choice will come down to more than just football.

"It matters a lot how they feel about academics," he said. "Graduation rate is important and how they treat their players in terms of letting them major in whatever they want. I want to major in engineering. Iowa is a school with a good football program and a good engineering program."

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