Kyle Williams Interview

Kyle "Bonecrusher" Williams was interviewed by James Hale, publisher of the Oklahoma Insiders website. Will Bobby Stoops and the Sooners make a big impression on the Bolingbrook, Illinois linebacker?

JH: Who have you visited this summer and how is your summer going?

KW: "I took one unofficial visit to Iowa two weekends ago. I have been working out very hard to just get ready for this upcoming season. I want to go out with a blast for my senior season."

JH: What did you think about your trip to Iowa?

KW: "I love it up there and it was just great. The people up there are great and the coaches were just great people. I went to lunch with two current linebackers at Iowa — Abdul Hodge and Chad Greenway — and that was great. They seemed like two players I could play with and form a great relationship with. Coach (Kirk) Ferentz was a great guy to and just seemed a natural guy to me."

JH: Are you going to take any other trips this summer?

KW: "I am going to Miami, Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Purdue, Wisconsin and possibly Michigan State starting this weekend through July. I will probably go to a couple of other schools in August. We get two weeks off after our football camp in August and that is probably when I will see Purdue and maybe Michigan State."

JH: Early on you seemed very high on Oklahoma, but now have you dropped the Sooners off your list?

KW: "Oklahoma is still in my top five, but I am not going to get out there in the summer, but I do plan to take an official visit there. I have talked to Oklahoma during the May calling period, and this month I called them and talked with Coach (Brent) Venables and Coach (Bob) Stoops a little bit. That conversation went very well and both told me that I was a great linebacker and how I could fit into their system. They told me how their defense was known for linebackers and how I could fit in there very easily."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

KW: "The Hawkeyes are my leader at this time, but I am still going to take my time. I definitely going to take at least three of my official visits, and if everything is still very close after that then I am going to take all five."

JH: Using that formula, would Oklahoma be in your top three or would they fall into the fourth or fifth slot?

KW: "As of now it would be hard to be in my top there, but if I go to five then I will definitely visit Oklahoma. My top five schools are so close right now, and when you consider Oklahoma is on that list you have to go to check them out."

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