Kenny Follows Feelings

John Kenny felt great after his recent visit to Iowa City. On Friday, the '13 Indianapolis area linebacker announced that he verbally committed to the Hawkeyes. Read what he had to say about the decision in this story.

John Kenny drove home from his Iowa visit a few weeks ago lost in thought. He sat in the backseat of the car as his father and a friend chatted away not really paying much attention to the conversation.

"I was feeling like I just left the perfect place for me," the Class of 2013 linebacker said. "Everything was just great - the coaches, the players, everything. It felt like that's where I should be."

Kenny tested those feelings on a recent trip to Arizona, the first school to offer him a scholarship. That visit made him pause…but only briefly.

"Iowa was just the best place I could see myself," said Kenny, who verbally committed to the Hawkeyes Friday morning when assistants Eric Johnson and LeVar Woods visited his Carmel High School in the Indianapolis area.

"They seemed to be as excited as I was," Kenny said. "I'm looking forward to talking to Coach (Kirk) Ferentz." ranks the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Kenny as the 36th-best outside linebacker in his class and a three-start prospect on the service's five-star scale. He is believed to be the Hawkeyes' seventh verbal commitment for '13.

"They see me coming in on the outside, as a LEO (linebacker)," Kenny said. "They think I can play all three linebacker positions for them. They said I could grow into a middle linebacker eventually."

Iowa's first commitment '13, David Kenney, also hails from Indianapolis (Pike High). He and Kenny are friends and should keep Iowa play-by-play man, Gary Dolphin, on his toes if they end up starting on the same defense.

"DK and I have been talking a lot," Kenny said. "It's comforting knowing I'll be going to school with a friend from the same city. I'm looking forward to it."

Kenny became the fifth verbal on the defensive side of the ball out of the seven its received in '13.

"I really think I fit well into their defense," Kenny said. "I love playing over the tight end. That's what I do in high school, so I'm real comfortable with that.

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