Udeogu Camping at Iowa

Oge Udeogu is new to the game of football, but that's not keeping colleges away from the Nigerian. Scouts see upside in the 6-foot-5, 325-pound class of 2013 product, including the Iowa Hawkeyes.

If Oge Udeogu were a painting, the canvas would be nearly blank. College scouts like that about this Class of 2013 prospect from Illinois.

"That's what a lot of coaches are saying," the 6-foot-5, 325-pound offensive lineman said. "I'm not an all-American or anything like that. They see the huge upside in me and how good I can be with great coaching. I'm sure with my work ethic, I can really be a great player."

Udeogu came to the United States from Nigeria two years ago. He's played one season of high school football.

Udeogu has shown an aptitude for his new activity. College coaches have stopped by his St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL throughout the spring.

"Boston College, Northwestern, Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, Illinois State, Cincinnati and Toledo all came through," he said. "I have no offers yet, but I'm getting a lot of interest."

Udeogu said he visited Iowa, Indiana and Michigan State this spring. He was impressed with what he saw from the Hawkeyes,

"I met with Coach Lester Erb and talked with him," Udeogu said. "He's probably going to be in the school sometime in the next month. I talked to the O-Line Coach (Brian Ferentz). He really wants me to come over there for a camp. I really enjoyed my time when I was over there. I'm pretty sure I'll go there and camp this summer."

Udeogu said he will also camp at Indiana, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin this summer in addition to others.

"I'm looking to go where I'm sure I'll be looked at," he said. "I only want to camp somewhere where I know I'll have a chance and the school is interested in me and I'm interested in them."

A former Hawkeye Offensive Lineman, Mike Jones, is working with Udeogu at Core 6 in Chicago.

"This is my first year playing football and I have a lot to catch up on," he said. "I've been working with him every week to get better. I feel like he's really helping me."

Udeogu said he'll likely major in science when he arrives in college.

"I have a strong interest in chemistry and biology," he said.

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