McKinzy Getting Out

2014 Dimonic McKinzy is an intriguing prospect from Kansas City. The dual-threat quarterback is heading out this week on a tour of camps that he hopes nets him scholarship offers. He will make stops at Iowa, Missouri, Ohio State and others.

The national trend shows football recruits committing earlier to colleges than ever before. For quarterbacks, the process is speeding up even faster than other positions. There are only so many opportunities available on rosters.

Dimonic McKinzy, a 2014 signal caller from Kansas City, is being advised not to wait to long to pick a program.

"My head coach (at University Academy, Damon Paul) tells me that the best thing for a quarterback is to make an early decision," the 6-foot, 196-pound McKinzy said. "That's what quarterbacks do now a days. They commit early so they can have a spot."

McKinzy is hoping to get a feel for some of the interested colleges this month. He said he will be at camps at Missouri (June 5 & 11th), Nebraska (8th), Iowa (12th), Minnesota (16th) and Ohio State (23rd).

McKinzy reports hearing the most from "Missouri, Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa State, Northwestern, Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Arkansas and a few other SEC schools."

The Hawkeyes have been recruiting McKinzy, who still is awaiting his first scholarship offer, for a while.

"I'm just learning about how their coaching philosophy is," he said. "I talked with (Assistant) Coach (LeVar) Woods with my head coach and he was talking about the academic part of Iowa. That's a big deal for me.

"Mainly we talked about if I was to go to Iowa, the only position I will go for is quarterback. I'm not going for no other position."

McKinzy said all of the schools recruiting him envision him at quarterback.

"The best part of my game is elusiveness," he said. "If I run, I'm not going to go down on first contact. They're going to have to try more than once.

"In the passing game, I'm able to look off the safeties and corners so I can hit my receivers on target."

McKinzy also plays basketball and runs track at University Academy. He reports running a 4.6-second, 40-yard dash.

"The most important thing to me is the family feel of the college and especially of the team," McKinzy said of selecting a school. "I have to feel close to the other players. I also want to fit in with the other students. I don't want to feel isolated."

McKinzy said he prefers working in a spread-option offense but feels like he can fit into any system.

"My training coach trains me in different types of offenses," McKinzy said. "We work on under center, shotgun. pistol, everything like that. We work on pro-style formations."

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