Hawks After Top-Notch WR

One of the premier WR's, not only on the east coast, but in the nation is Maurice Stovall (6'5 210 4.4) from Philadelphia (Archbishop). Maurice is not your classical big-time prospect that only admires the schools he reads about in the paper all the time. Maurice has been taking his time to fully research schools.

Many have compared Maurice to Randy Moss, and thats a fair assessment looking at Maurice's potential.

"Randy Moss has for sure been Maurice's favorite football player to watch the past few years," said Maurice's mother.

Maurice is also a talented man in the classroom supporting a 3.0 and he is waiting for the arrival of his test scores.

"My two top factors are going to be finding the right type of offense, preferably wide-open, and finding a good business school," claimed Maurice.

"Right now my top two schools are Georgia Tech and Virginia. I like their programs mainly because of the atmosphere, coaching staff, and academic support staff. I've also taken visits to UNC, Maryland, and Penn St."

"I'm probably going to visit Notre Dame and Iowa in August. Florida is another possibility, but that is probably more likely an official. I like Iowa because they seem to have a good upcoming program and plan to have a wide-open offense. However, I need to do more research into them."

"Football starts in the first week of August for me, and only one thing will be on my mind.

Whats that, you may ask?

"I want to win another championship."

Its that kind of winnning attitude that has translated Maurice into one of the top WR's in the country. He'd be a welcomed and much publicized addition to the Hawks.

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